Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: ” sleep deeply garden ” the feeling after be over is watched Demit is old see the New Year in, tiger year lucky. Small make up say to had spent the New Year to everybody here! Wish everybody is in one year new li of fund is wide into, healthy and perfect, the heart thinks the thing is become, joy of the whole family, tiger year big auspicious, huhu gives birth to wind! ! Drama fire is dispute much, barrage a lot of make the end that I sought the alluring woman two years yesterday at big ending, the Gong Junlin that I expect was in a new year greatly to meet with us eventually. Barrage looks to go up what to say all the time when seeing play ” do not recollect, we remember. ” ” do not take up Gong Junlin is deep when long. ” ” female advocate how get rescued. ” ” how is Huang Yuan caught. ” here small make up want to say to everybody, a teleplay is this play staff the result that everybody tries hard, not should because like male advocate perhaps like female advocate the meritorious service that retains them only, want to see them only. Each teleplay this how editing and rearrangement, how to perform, saying what kind of actor’s lines is professional director, actor, playwrite should do, because that is their profession, professional. And we understand this drama how to should guide as audience both neither, also do not know how actor’s lines rationalize, do not take mouse in where dog, officious. With you the ignorance of flatter oneself is provoked by the person’s major.

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Resemble ” sleep deeply garden ” last collect, some of person does not know is to look not to know gut really, still take money too much, anyway namely a few acerbity chicken stamp his foot on barrage, criticize this, cold-shoulder that. I want to say those say on barrage ” do not recollect, water video, such is no good ” person, since you are so fierce, why not oneself pat a teleplay, such you want how to be cut so cut, want to match what music to match what music, come here to look for gas to suffer why?

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Ask everybody to taking brain to see play, this drama does not have very straight white ground female advocate the picture that be rescued is patted, but think our people police has arrived, female advocate can you still die? Of course, this drama is falling without a flourish of trumpets circumstance when obtaining more not bad than those a flourish of trumpets drama result, small make up me to expect, in this drama be over during where chicken of a few acerbity feet can be here for certain do a business, various beautiful type lead fight. Look so, just as one would expect, this also explained ” sleep deeply garden ” it is true fire! ! !

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Gut is cured, carry sth through to the end

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Every incident has accept wired demand for masterstroke, and every branch line has the thread that belongs to his again. Whole department teleplay burns a head to be cured again already, filter lens is natural, actor acting is online, gut is not dilatory, later period dub in background music is quite appropriate also. Whole department teleplay looks to feel very comfortable, very cure. Transfer very naturally also between every incident, do not let a person give play. In last concentration, the detail whole is integrated, let us be in flatly light ” peony ” this ended to span in love the love of New Year is sweet fear drama.

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