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Original title: The 6 TVB theatrical work that seeks in one’s childhood, few now rebroadcast, a few do you still remember? 1, ” daughter of the Supreme Being is spent ” ; This has looked when department theatrical work is very little, it is the She Shiman that this drama knows, still do not know what she calls the name at that time, retain part name of the actor only, grow smooth princess. So I like whole theatrical work finally that little, jiang Zhaoren put in prison of ceremonial dress for royalty of much Er of demand of long flat demand, thorough is checked killing her woman one case, although the country already was absent, but this is last thing that she can do.

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2, ” gold puts a person on the ice ” ; Happy sweet, the role that Chen Hao performs inside has safe feeling very much. The TVB that awaits in those days is ancient occasionally although very cover a region, but lively Yan Zhi acting online, it is very good-looking. Each collect has loop of small climax peak to turn, misunderstanding is solved inside two collect, acting of 4 main actors is spotless, the external form is very proper proportional, cp feeling exceeds strong.

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3, ” equestrian field magnate ” ; A drama of the Bei after be fond of first, very good-looking nevertheless, the performance of every actor is very excellent. The 4 daughters misfortune that is Yin Yang Ming at that time dies and weep. Calculate in Wei Jiahui’s work general, the write a play that sees titles be like every collect is different. Qian Jian is too noisy, big growl cries come on the stage every time, had looked at irritated. Have Cai Shaofen only that part is a bit more lovely, did not marry Li Dayou she is lucky.

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4, ” if the day has feeling ” ; From from go up formerly the gut of chart, male advocate go up simply all one’s life may be evildoing makes this all one’s life so miserable, although can be, zheng Yi face is very beautiful really, it is Yan Zhi really namely justice, final big final result has harbor drama characteristic very much, whole hold very well really on rhythm, camera lens and dub in background music are very good also, besides every time the character breaks down rain this a little bit to repeat a bit.

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5, ” god of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces ” ; The legend that tirelessly path comes to makes fun of. Like Cai Shaofen to be in play very much the role of big parent woman of the Chinese classic aesthetic feeling of the show. Sacrifice is small my achievement is familial, the person that married her regrettablly gets be not cherishinged always compunctious. The ancient costume play that had not seen TVB a lot of years, look cried a lot of times, more than the destiny ups and downs that is content of characters in a play, also use the implied meaning that heart fine suffers from because of those.

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6, ” Miao Cuihua ” ; ” Miao Cuihua ” the old practice that develops enemy of affection of kind and enmity in order to love the character Miao Cuihua with the general daughter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of defend sb against an injustice, appear having sth new. Like Guan Yonghe very much, just see her work rarely later, a few god-given basically are alarm bandit piece with ancient costume drama, the word says the theatrical work of 90 time TVB is immense, cast is powerful, see these teleplay in one’s childhood.

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The 6 TVB theatrical work that seeks in one’s childhood, few now rebroadcast, a few do you still remember?

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