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Original title: ” this life has you ” big ending: Nie Yucheng removes one condition, cheng Fangting is farther, nie Dongyuan is very gratified Sun Zhijun is a castle, but ground of his be most willing to becomes a piece. The conqueror of this dish of chess is Cheng Fangting, but in Nie Dongyuan’s confess, knew another oneself son. When everything is probably late already, to the contention battle of share, why Nie Yucheng is defeated by Cheng Fangting intentionally. The elder brother that knows when Nie Yucheng Cheng Fangting is him when, nie Yucheng also did not want the resolution that contends for with the elder brother again. This is the mystical force of kin, itself of Nie eaves Cheng does not like to contend for namely strong emulative person, sortie Pi is far, because talk about the cause of static father,basically be.

20220203125238 61fbd0160c665

” this life has you ” Cheng Fangting of disappoint of stage photo Nie Dongyuan, when be nowadays late already. Since, cheng Fangting is his elder brother, also be Nie Dongyuan’s son so, so, Pi is far the home that also is him at least. So, when Nie Yucheng abandons struggling, tan Jing also chose to stop to struggle, chose to stand in Nie Yucheng this at the same time. If Tan Jing chooses to support Cheng Fangting, so Nie Yucheng should be defeated thoroughly again. Shu Qin chooses to marry with Cheng Fangting, because love enoughly,that is, ability satisfies the requirement of the other side quite.

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” this life has you ” stage photo Shu Qin is used by Cheng Fangting, without complain without regret. The trustful ability that filling square law court at the outset is recumbent Shu Qin goes Pi is far, this is the relationship that use and is used undoubtedly, but differentiate of easy musical instrument is not clear about Cheng Fangting after all is to love her, still do not love her. When Shu Qin and Nie Yucheng are together, cheng Fangting did not feel, but Shu Qin returns Cheng Fangting afresh in bosom when, we can find this love, had changed to pledge probably. When Tan Jing chooses to excuse Nie Dongyuan, do not know Sun Zhijun gives this fact for investigation however, sacrificed however oneself life. Of Sun Ping appeal to briefly beg, let Tan Jing feel to cannot describe the expression of this the real situation with utterance.

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” this life has you ” Yu Cheng of stage photo Nie and Cheng Fangting peace get along. Nie Dongyuan left, two sons can get along well, this is Nie Yucheng’s contribution. Nie Dongyuan gave Cheng Fangting and Nie Yucheng’s same share not only, this shows Nie Dongyuan’s heart, two sons are coequal those who treat. Although filled square front courtyard to had discovered family right now, but accompany those who follow a Nie Dongyuan to leave, remain Nie Yucheng only this little brother, still have Shu Qin this wife, so made Pi far namely more share, the person beside a blow that leave oneself another times and goes, to Cheng Fangting, really enough miserable.

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” this life has you ” exposure of secret of father’s younger brother of stage photo authority, sun Zhijun last wish is solved eventually. More miserable than Cheng Fangting is Sun Zhijun, quiet silence ground be murdered, and then the individual still is at large. Till Nie Dongyuan’s memorial meeting, sun Ping did not come personally, the toy dog that chooses to send him with Sun Zhijun however will express his aspiration, counterpoise especially the ambition of father’s younger brother is exposed, also be pair of Nie Dongyuan is mortal accuse comfort. All these comes a little behindhand, although Tan Jing has chosen to excuse Nie Dongyuan, but she is right Nie Yucheng, did not eliminate all the time to Nie Dongyuan’s dread.

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” this life has you ” stage photo Cheng Fangting uses authority a form of address for a man about one’s father’s age, plan is successful. In addition, of Cheng Fangting by desolate bring about the in-house contradiction with far Pi , choose everything to had vanished completely. Did not have a hand block day of authority father’s younger brother, so Nie Yucheng and Cheng Fangting’s brother two individual affirmation can get along harmonious. At the outset Nie Yucheng has an opportunity to defeat Cheng Fangting originally, but he is done not have so when doing, we knew Nie Yucheng’s state of mind. What can get Nie Dongyuan is complimentary, nie Yucheng did not I am sorry Nie Dongyuan.

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” this life has you ” stage photo

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” this life has you ” stage photo lives so that connect to appear, just be the essence of life. What match to it is Tan Jing, do not be willing again in dispute of be involved in, love the enemy that hate feeling, all have Anacreontic when. Sun Zhijun, sun Ping, nie Dongyuan, these people are talking the spoondrift that lifts in quiet life, also should restore calm. Cheng Fangting can make the same score Pi of smooth quietly catching far, those who lean is wisdom, what also lean is actual strength.

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” this life has you ” stage photo this life has you, life does not have regret. # recreation explodes this life of site plan ## has your ## this life to have your #

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