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Original title: New theatrical work of beautiful of the Song Dynasty ” full-dress ” will sow, deduce duty field female strong person, with Yuan Yong appearance makes fun of with Tai Biao Song Jia is 80 hind in rare ” acting is sent ” , her shell is beautiful beautiful, individual character is free and easy, clever have power of understanding, very accurate to the understanding of character nature, always be good at taking hold those complex parts, resemble clever and outstanding ” subterranean party ” , amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds ” barbershop daughter ” , sparkle ” authoress ” etc, she goes out up to now work has won the many large award such as 100 flowers, flying Apsaras, Jin Ying, acting suffers affirmation fully. Next Song Jia brings theatrical work of field of a duty ” full-dress ” , perform duty field again female strong person, reincarnate magazine chief editor, with Yuan Yong appearance is the same as Tai Biao play hotspot is dye-in-the-wood, partner male advocate be 80 hind person of actual strength comedy.

20220203125310 61fbd036a4f46

” full-dress ” it is theatrical work of field of duty of vogue of a city, by 500 hold guide, what Lei Zhilong holds the position of playwrite to make is former achieve a play, director 500 had filmed many exploding paragraph suspense drama, picture ” psychological blame ” ” white night is chased after fierce ” ” the bureau in antique bureau ” etc, sit solid hard nucleus directs a course. This theatrical work of field of attempt female duty lets a person find everything new and fresh, what place of this kind of subject matter needs is professional hold harder, is the ability that this can develop him adequately. Dragon of playwrite thunder annals ever had worked for some time in fashionable magazine, can write a pure duty field play, the quality that is this drama raises very big safeguard.

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” full-dress ” cast is very powerful, Pi of Die of appearance of Song Jia, Chen He, Yuan Yong, Zhang Chao, Wang Yaoqing, king, Gong Bei, these main actors each is actor of actual strength clique, song Jia is 80 hind acting takes on, chen He is 80 hind the comedian with masterly acting, the Yuan appearance that chant is female star of actual strength of Hong Kong old brand, wang Yaoqing is 70 hind acting sends a delegate, king Die is 90 hind the new Jin Xiaohua with very strong plasticity, still 95 later generations enrage floret Song Zuer, lin Yongjian of old show bone, Li Chengru join in, these strong actual strength main actors can seek whole department theatrical work, this leaves viewing rate need not anxious.

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” full-dress ” it is playwrite Lei Zhilong the play of conscience duty field of elaborate burnish, can let hard nucleus direct 500 the same night to look, fondle admiringly. Complete theatrical work does not have emotional line almost, only a dark line concerns feeling. This drama is with fashionable magazine the company is setting, homonymic magazine ” full-dress ” in transition when be faced with chief editor vacant caused a series of complex cruelty professional duty field story, main focusing is like Gongxue and Chen Kaiyi these two of the duty field between subeditor contend for.

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Song Jia is in ” full-dress ” in personate daughter advocate ” Chen Kaiyi ” , one is having the fashionable magazine subeditor of solid industry setting, beautiful and her complacent, able, work with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, the duty field that is a model female strong person, this goodwife is set suit Song Jia very much, she herself is the outstanding female star that a sureness respects course of study, know a thing or two, and in fashionable bound also be the existence like the cosset, can saying is instinctive quality goes out acted. The Song Jia before this has shaped the part of female of similar job field successfully also, ever was in ” children is raised hard ” the lieutenant general works Jian Ning of female strong person deduces decisive and in perfect order, determined duty field incisively and vividly, believe to perform this kind of part this to be met surely again do a job with skill and ease.

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” full-dress ” in another female advocate ” be like Gong Xue ” have Chinese Hong Kong famous appearance of female star Yuan Yong goes out act, she is in drama chief editor of personate new Ren Zheng, as special as the identity of person of part itself Hong Kong accord with, appearance temperament suits to perform duty field very much female strong person. The Yuan appearance that chant and beautiful of the Song Dynasty have many adversary to make fun of, the Bo Yiyi on on-the-job field decides female heavenly body of group of two actual strength very wonderful. The acting of the Yuan appearance that chant is beyond question, ever obtained the honor of optimal heroine for many times, though work is not much in last few years, but show strength is very solid still, good those who expect this to Yuan chants appearance is wonderful deduce.

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Chen He is in ” full-dress ” in of personate male advocate ” Lu Binbin ” it is an advertisement chief inspector, he is person humour humor, be good at innovating, although always encounter all sorts of challenges but he is not light character abandons. This male host is set should not challenge a gender to Chen He, he has comic talent extremely, have sense of humor very much, acting is masterly take comedic move oneself. See from inside stage photo, chen He is wearing vaulted hard hat, gules T-shirt is built inside blue business suit, still wearing glasses, it seems that quite the solid materiality of elite of fashionable duty field is resembled.

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New theatrical work of beautiful of the Song Dynasty ” full-dress ” predict to logged onto east to defend on Feburary 6 inspect, broadcast in actor cruel video, song Jia challenges duty field once more part of female strong person, the duty field that deduces cruelty with the appearance of Yuan of harbor elder sister that chant lives law, the director is hold had guided explode paragraph suspense drama ” white night is chased after fierce ” 500, solid muscularity Ga gathers, look advocate start group and battle array, the feeling is professional very strong duty field play, song Jia, Yuan chants appearance, Chen He, you most which deductive part to await? The welcome writes down your view in comment area!

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