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Original title: Graceful plunge into, does the problem of Yang Zi, Wu Xuanyi, Yang Ying go be in? Put together art is so beautiful, be no good however in drama Nowadays ancient costume drama is the half of country that took market of movie and TV almost, thinkable female star also gives authority mostly had performed Duobugu to hold theatrical work, but ancient costume and contemporary outfit a lot of time have a wall. The female star with contemporary beautiful outfit also does not suit ancient costume certainly, it is with Dilireba exemple, a lot of netizens think her contemporary outfit wants to compare ancient costume beauty a lot of, this problem also is opinions differ from each other, each have a view.

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Also have these 4 female star nevertheless, although not be a belle in ancient costume drama, but a very beautiful ancient costume can be shown however in program of put together art. Graceful Za Na is plunged into is a lot of popular feeling in inside amusement colour is worth summit summit, but the acting addition because of pout glare, those who be put in ancient costume drama to be less than it with respect to Get having a place is fine-looking.

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Graceful nevertheless plunge into in the country wind dancing head the appearance of an actor in show is really beautiful however broke up, the frown and smile is very gorgeous, when dancing graceful plunge into be like two different people with her in drama, this dance appearance says to go up extremely beautiful.

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The appearance with Yang Zi violet poplar is to slant lovely, but she is in ” annals of high official position of kill celestial being ” ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” in the part of personate is the first belle, this is set with respect to some appearances and person did not build.

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Wu Xuanyi is in before Wu Xuanyi teleplay ” fight Luo Daliu ” in personate small dance with sth in one’s hands one horn, it is reductive that this Yan Zhi cannot say absolutely move overflow the small dance with sth in one’s hands in, should speak dress even besides, mix basically moving the fine long hair of small dance with sth in one’s hands that overflow to have nothing to do is.

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But Wu Xuanyi is in the ancient costume in put together art very give prize, a suit form is made very skirt of neat bosom Ru, deserve to go up again dish of delicate hair modelling, although whole does not say to go up extremely beautiful, but also be Qing Lijia’s person absolutely.

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Yang Ying He Na is plunged into same, yang Ying also is by acting finish beauty. Original appearance is gorgeous and dignified, should suit ancient costume very much, but unluckily the part that the dull acting of glare pout allows her personate broke a few minutes of color.

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If say ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” the nightmare of ancient costume drama that the Yang Ying in became a lot of people, then the Yang Ying in program of put together art says to go up absolutely is Jing admired the goddess of days. If this body red garment appears in ancient costume drama, be afraid light is to see a face, yang Ying’s drama should close inspect explode expressed.

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So everybody should discover the law, these 4 female star are in ancient costume drama ” awkward ” , the beauty in put together art is gotten breathtaking, the acting that follows oneself actually is concerned. Their personate person is set in bad acting addition under, again beautiful face also is not saved, these female star too make a person regretful she.

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