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Original title: Expect the argument of start working exclusively: Opened the play that sow Han in Feburary very wonderful, sun Yizhen, Piao Minying is returned to

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Too annual holiday is put to now, the happiest namely still several days of holidays expect to put! Although think of New year holidays ends full grief, but do not think quickly so, after holiday ends, be about to greet drama of a wonderful Han to leave sow, a lot of Han theatrical work that expecting last year, knock showed in Feburary surely. If want to say to expect the matter of start working exclusively, it is OK to have new mental food eventually namely probably crack with teeth in mouth! 1. Na Zhu conspicuous | Jin Taili TvN ” 25, 21 ” the story happened 1988, meeting at that time Asian finance storm, social situation is turbulent, hero ” Bai Yizhen ” (Na Zhu conspicuous is acted the role of) with heroine Luo Xi (Jin Taili is acted the role of) two people are mixed 22 years old in each other when 18 years old encounter first, one is optimistic the girl that does not have dread, one is the home meets great change, self-made rich home childe, had experienced countless pain, misunderstanding, be in love eventually when 25 years old after 3 years mix 21 years old. The Qing Chun below times a large ship takes the love theatrical work of the beauty that nod chilly again, add good acting of Jin Taili, make a person special expect this theatrical work.

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2.Piao Minying | Song Jiang JTBC ” the people of weather office: The love inside the company is brutal history piece ” above all, light is love comedy queen the combination of river of the Song Dynasty of male god of Piao Minying and new generation sucks eyeball quite with passing.

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3.Sun Yizhen | Tian Meidou | Jin Zhixian JTBC ” 39 ” ” 39 ” just leaving early pat with respect to the topic full, gut around be in 3 year a body of 40 years old of good sisters on, the Che Meizu of dean of famous dermatological department of group of victory of life of Sun Yi true personate; Tian Meidou is bosom star dream, have unrecognized talent to be able to become the Zheng Canying of acting teacher only however; Jin Zhixian is the Zhang Zhuxi of cosmetic shop manager that had not talked about love all one’s life. The woman with 3 individual character, family circumstances, disparate fortune, deduce a woman to be about to go straight towards the friendship of 4, love and close affection, from the change on daily and exquisite depict mood and life story, wanted to sow eventually on Feburary 16, wait really not as good as!

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4, an Xiaoxie | Jin Shizheng SBS ” date inside the company ” adapt from network caricature ” I and president are deeply attached to each other ” , bring Jiangtai connecting with the boxing skill of sansei of plutocrat of Xiao Xie personate, exterior is handsome the delegate that sex appeal is company of Jin Shizheng Shen Xiali, but because humanness is unripe too cross victory, excessive pursuit perfect, the individual character artful that brings about him is acerbity callous, actually the heart has sufferred very deep injury. Shen Xiali is ordinary office worker only, when replacing a friend to date, discovering the other side is the delegate of own company actually. The gut that strong president falls in love with me forever not be bored with, like relaxed love comedy you should be met like. 5. Jin Caiyu | Zheng Xiujing KBS ” CrazyLove ” in the Korea society that pays attention to record of formal schooling very much, fill teaching line of business also is to comparative develop, and the Han drama of subject matter change quickly, also put antenna in class of take lessons after school. Jin Caiyu is the maths with complete best Han Lu of division of filling given name is pressed down high, also be to fill the company delegate that teachs a bound GOStudy of the first an ancient folding chair, although only high school graduates, become the most outstanding teacher because of the intelligence quotient of 190 however. Zheng is beautiful his secretary plum believes brilliant criterion personate elegant, although do not have existence to feel, however because speak too be pressed down an attention too continuously in vain slowly by Lu Gao… . How can two actors of tall cold photograph talk about love? Want to look very much really!

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6.An Puxian | Zhao Baoer TvN ” army inquisitor much Bai Man ” the An Puxian that without a stop works, the show that attending dramatically recently can be encircled can nod, what can perform proud unruly is rich 2 generation, also can perform the gumshoe with brave warm blood. This time he is in ” army inquisitor much Bai Man ” in personate becomes martial inquisitor for money and reputation times 10 thousand, encounter Che Youren of official of check of new personality army (Zhao Baoer is acted the role of) , although plutocrat of her one’s previous experience, conceive animosity personally however, add army check job to avenge. What story can you produce again between two people? Most propbably can have a lot of wonderful start show to be able to look, be worth you to put the detailed account that seek theatrical work.

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