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Original title: Lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down bottom to be able to be encircled can nod, if Zhou Zhi changes the month is old, is Cheng Kun the greatest villain in drama? Before remembering 29 years ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” a with Zhao Min ” I am waiting for you mostly ” kept suspense to everybody, and all previous classics after 29 years, wang Jing is being taken ” lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” regression, according to his meaning, this ” lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” it is cent fluctuation two parts, that is to say, this story can have a final result.

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But after the plot of a play of on the course half part pulls hip, major person is not right ” lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” below half hold a hope. What let people did not think of however is the on half part that photograph comparing gathers at big Ga, this below half share that is expected by people place is to be able to be encircled however can nod rise, just fail to escape as before adapted destiny, and of this part adapt the biggest hotspot in also making this theatrical work, how is this to return a responsibility after all?

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If Zhou Zhi changes the month is old because be in of new edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” in, ought because of marriage of Zhang Moji regret, and the Zhou Zhi that hates his to the marrow if, the month that became Zhao Min and Zhang Moji in the last moment actually is old, the gift that once gave oneself Zhang Moji not only is handed in in Zhao Min hand, also still gave her the person, this can be the play code that never passes in other version, accordingly, this is so called ” Zhou Yue is old ” , everybody is in breathe out continuously adept ah.

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Cheng Kun is the greatest villain in drama in other version ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” in, cheng Kun although with part of villain in drama, but his show share is not very much, and because the armed strength is worth not quite enough relation, always with scheme famed, of course, what became famous most among them still is his schemes and intrigues, if do not have his rearward,play tricks after all, xie Xun also won’t get into trouble, as to the Zhang Cuishan from the back and abundant element element dead, presumably namely another version. That is to say, cheng Kun this part is to belong to learn bully kind, accordingly, want to rely on armed strength value to seek hegemony basic unlikely.

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But this Cheng Kun was to break this demon cuss however, if the Zhou Zhi that will learn claw of 9 shade bones of the dead not only is hit abandoned, the Zhang Moji that return and has big eater of heaven and earth and meritorious service of 9 open looks was hit, most important is the hand grasps He Tulong of sword leaning on a day he of the knife, still learned King Kong actually result of not bad god, make those who gave output and fleshy aegis to coexist become elder brother the most by force, also let at the same time history go up to be born the most by force into elder brother.

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Hang the lion king of machine woke and become strong as Cheng Kun, abolish originally its gest, stamp its are binocular the ground that was not Xie Xun to also do not have use force, then bright the of one Jin Maoshi king of king of taught 4 old laws, since was saved by Zhang Moji, became a whole journey hanging the existence of machine, be defeated by Zhang Moji till Cheng Kun, just like as if wakening from a dream from hanged plane position to wake, drink like a fish, began oneself work.

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Comment area is wonderful and clinking lion king this wakes, comment area instant is lively rise, of Man Bing ” lion king is not hanged eventually machine ” , those who look is namely true interesting. And besides this bit besides, all sorts of wonderful comments are to emerge in endlessly more, this shows, although everybody feels this drama alters some are much, but still be toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself looked! Most on at least comparing half for, it is good too much, does everybody feel?

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