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Original title: Be in in Wu Qian ” floodgate bridge ” hind came home? Wu Moli’s behavior answered a half only “Dad, mom, the Beginning of Spring come back, come back to build a house to you ” this is the 2 consent below Laoxu give when the home leaving in Wu Qian, when still be being written down so that come home in Wu Qian, he is taking a boat to taking the home that the ashes of the dead of elder brother Wu Baili returns, at that time, he still is in the smooth and steady life that experiencing hard-earned. Never want to command together, leave home again in Wu Qian.

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Be willing without parents oneself children leaves home fight, but this battles must hit again however, if they are not hit, of below one generation hit even. Be in in Wu Qian ” floodgate bridge ” hind came home? Wu Moli’s behavior answered a half only ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” inside too much company is very miserable finally intense, 7 going up somehow repeatedly be lucky, still left at least alone seedling, some company still number off finally do not have a person.

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Knew actually, what didymous parents was not over in Wu Qian is affirmatory, he is done not have living come back, do not have saw with one’s own eyes to witness the course that builds a house to parents more, and all these also gave Wumoli. At the same time Wumoli appears to also going again at the outset the road in Wu Qian, he also a thousand li of elder brother five ” ashes of the dead ” brought back the home, but came home really in Wu Qian?

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The ending in Wu Qian appears very solemn and stirring, he resembles an ignition cigarette probably, what stay after combustion is cindery, also be probably ” candle fire becomes grey tear only then dry ” , serve a safe path for the little brother with final blood and water, it is as complete as has fought land be in harmony probably more for an organic whole, to finish the job, spent he all hold read aloud.

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Between a few appearances with last movie, one part earth was taken away in Wu Qian, right now season still is in the winter, speculation should be bridge of 3 blast floodgate hind before long, should not be the hour that all battles end apparently. The injury on the body in Wu Qian just is wrapped up to go up, very why should it’s hard to say take earth to come home in Wu Qian, dare not guess actually, fear Wumoli is burned so that did not leave even ashes of the dead really, bring back this earth only the elder brother that goes commemorating sacrifice.

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Water of long ferry lake wheres today, great Wall pleasant to see comes! The film that Liu Huan sings ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” theme song, among them libretto that is to say returned the home with Wumoli in palpability five a hunderd li, Wu Qian, no matter they are the homes that with why be being planted means returns, they fulfilled peaceful wish.

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Wanted to beat back the enemy only, had guarded dad Mom, so the home is in certainly, the way home also can have certainly. Can say, be done not have actually in Wu Qian and Wumoli comes home together, just in Wu Qian ” fetch ” accompany him to come back together. Very good really at that time, the children in the home is much, total meeting has a children to use up filial piety beside parents.

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Hope each soldier can come home very much actually, can be brutal sex of the war, no matter be imagination or drama of movie and TV cannot thoroughly reductive come out, some people are destined to be about to be an organic whole with the land be in harmony of battlefield. Also not be the one share that each person can leave the body, see the final result in Wu Qian, it is from beginning to end idea is bad smooth, but see be taken in Wu Qian in jar, after seeing Wumoli comes home in the illusion, it seems that the heart calmed again come down.

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There was jar to return the home in Wu Qian, caught the soil that gets on battlefield, the illusion after coming home again saw Wu Qian in, the behavior of all these also is made a kind of reply to coming home in Wu Qian, although have an in part only, still saw the land of country still is in in Wu Qian at least, parents enjoys peaceful time. Probably only Wumoli knows in jar is earth or ashes of the dead, or the ashes of the dead of the earthy in part that is a half.

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Although the film gives out without the front this answer, actually the answer is the cerebral sea mile of each audience, believe to be able to forget these soldiers without the person, do not have a person to be able to abandon them more, in every case has one man to nod a hope, be willing to pay the hundredfold, effort of 10 thousand times to bring back these martyr the home comes. The jar of ashes of the dead that still writes down so that there is Wu Baili in Wu Qian comes home, after parents sees, the mother is about to faint in the ground almost, this, wu Moli is carrying the jar of ashes of the dead in Wu Qian, the meeting after knowing parents sees is what occasion.

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” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” also alluded a truth, not all leading role has a ring of light, their unripe with dead actually not important, important is some kind of mind that conceals inside them and fetch. From each 7 connect, 9 even and even inside whole team, did not see a person shrink back, know perfectly well some tasks to want to finish must want sacrifice, they can stand as before fearless. Assault, flat, the pack of dynamite of person pick up from the back follows charge again, topple again, each martyr is the motherland of backside and people to seek a longer peace and tranquility with their life namely, they did not kill the person that is afraid that death does not fear to fight, can be them most fear parents does not have happy life, posterity does not have peaceful future.

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In Wu Moli, Wu Qian, Mei Sheng, Yu Congrong, smooth river, Lei Sui is unripe etc, they also are one of delegates of countless martyr, they are each snowflake before comprising triumphal avalanche. Did not make amaranthine soldier, hit amaranthine soldier honor only! Look ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” later, are you right in Wu Qian feel a pity to death? Why can you arrange Wumoli to you can live to be of the victory finally?

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