Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Tonight ” RadioStar ” direct seeding! Li Junhao should wear imperial robe to jump eventually ” MyHouse “

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Still have today ” sleeve red edge ” ! Early before ” sleeve ” lead the end with 17.4% TV, achieve MBC3 year inspect drama with the incoming telegram best achievement. Li Junhao Ceng Chengnuo if viewing rate exceeds 15% , will go out again act ” RadioStar ” , he also is abided by convention and one numerous ” sleeve ” actors go out act. Broadcast last week a collect special number of a eriodical hind, drive ” RadioStar ” close inspect litre to 8.3 % , now (2) Li Junhao of this one collect wants evening eventually cash convention dress imperial robe jumps ” MyHouse ” !

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Above all, jiang Xun told about a dream to become the actor’s expect to be less than a reason, and my person has play the peacock had experienced fervent love, outstanding eloquence, let MC people surprised. Zhang Huizhen expresses ” RadioStar ” it is her since going out, go out first perform put together art, say frankly know in acting institute when Jin Shu of him He Xiaoxing is 19 years old, two people are close kin relation.

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Wu Daihuan is filming publicly the spot because of magical ability initiate the old practice of behind the curtain that touch and blames sound at the same time. Li Junhao recollects the appearance that has Wu Daihuan to be touched because of special ability, contrary, li Minzhi says the reason that gave to be fed up with. What is the ability that Wu Daihuan takes great pride after all, caused everybody’s curiosity.

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Most most the most important is, tonight key link, li Junhao is performed as imperial robe of dress of viewing rate convention ” MyHouse ” arena, plum Dai and God Li Junhao mix send out double glamour, allegedly still can special member comes on stage.

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