Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” lens twin city ” : Su Mo is absolutely male host sets the ceiling! Hey ~ everybody is good, the fertilizer that drama love Bao is here curtilage. Had not seen newest two market today, but discuss from other side. I feel of career line and character modelling just is the place that this drama can attract me probably, set out with this.

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Su Mo, had become male host without doubt to set the ceiling in my memory. He is pure and kind-hearted, of before 5 collect deleting and change is one is short of regret probably, nevertheless we can see in special number of a eriodical Su Mo rushs about a lot of setting of rescue clansman. Illicit feel clever of Su Mo model indispensable (must say Li Yifeng is deduced first-rately, the teenager of the sort of muddled feels, the Su Mo that allows before I always am reluctant to leave extremely a few part) , be shark person gens such environment, just be this heart that sea emperor gives everything in the future; Be Su Mo such heart sex, just can make with hundred years hind the contrast of sea emperor is sharp and excusable. He is big affection cardinal principles of righteousness, for the spring first responsibility builds practice, for the prospective alliance of clansman, he can put down everything, come home to let holder only. “Everything begins at ending later ” , the Yanhe that need the of great capacity is clear, peace of the four seas when, total meeting somebody is reading aloud this world that he, the audience also is such.

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This is the glamour of old structure. He is dark only affection, pay indefinitely for the negative blame of love. His even does not understand when Bai Dazhi, it is that jumps, force his nightmare, life and death is potion fierce medicine undoubtedly. The rapture of meet again, the faintness in her collapses under the manner, however even if the real situation reveals those who change is to refuse also never blame the other side, the face also is to suspect his first questioningly to, he indissolubles cherish again, black change when just meet so anxious; The ability when disclosure truth is met so grievance, each expression, each eyes, I can numerate this mixed feeling. View and admire when become silent, touch as before. However, sea emperor is one goes up person. He probably sadness, probably alone, but he still can guide clansman calmly to finish great undertaking, the Lu Tan before the person that loves for place, person that protects has been spread swings. Leave, also be his choice. Long lead to sweet, of a such parts model need classics year the temperament of precipitation, li Yifeng is the optimal person selected in my heart undoubtedly.

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Shark person gens, battle of natural system weak not to be pooh-poohed, but his even if is to shorten life Xiu Lian prohibits tactics, also want to take everybody to come home with powerful safe sense; Love one person all one’s life, know her body to die and change for her unripe, dawn she is living hold in both hands on open-armed, half life, life of another half a lifetime, close a mouth not character, unmanned corkscrew — the lifetime that this is him. Final finally, say a word for Su Mo as spectator: Su Mo, your this lifetime, bear responsibility wrap hold something under the arm, you look those who get clansman is pungent, see those who get a sweetheart manacle, can you?

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You also are one of shark person gens, you also suffer a destiny to be manacled closely, never had enjoyed for this this responsibility even temporarily a short while, nobody protect you, nobody save you, the next time, make oneself a few happier!

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