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Original title: 12 years old go out! Knew at 5 o’clock ” corpse campus ” Yin Canrong Enrage network caricature by the person ” corpse campus ” adapted horrible teleplay ” now our school ” be about to go up 28 days in Netflix this month line! This is to tell about a high school to get the descent of funeral cadaver virus, below the circumstance that nowhere can escape, the student that is stranded to live, ego of ground of try every means is rescued. The reinstate in drama a lot of Neozoic young actors, and the Yin Canrong that introduces one of leading role for everybody today!

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A path experience of 1. Yin Canrong was in 2001 a Yin Canrong that Er is born, read the histrionic division of Han Yang university now, although he is very young, he of Dan Tongxing one’s previous experience ever went out perform work of overmuch ministry movie and TV, the film, teleplay and playlet ever had been participated in. 2013, yin Canrong of 12 years old with teleplay ” Monstar ” go out formally, he is in drama of personate childhood period ” Zheng Shanyu ” . His ginseng performed the work with many hep humanness later, for example: ” when man love ” , ” 6 dragon flying Apsaras ” , ” master of romantic doctor gold ” wait, he already accumulated not little show experience in childhood period, let a person more expect he is in ” now our school ” expression!

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The Yin Canrong associate with of work of movie and TV of 2. Yin Canrong is a teenager period that performs hero mostly, because he junior behaves bright look in drama, make a person impressive so, for example: 2015, he goes out performed teleplay ” China politics ” , in the personate in drama ” big individual plant yuan ” (Xu Kangjun personate) teenager period, the about with lovely acerbity blueness lets one numerous audience wanted to be dissolved, xu Kangjun uploaded a piece at that time with Yin Canrong close according to, write: ” we are big individual plant yuan! Changed me to come on the stage today! Worked hard Can flourish ~ ” two people laugh to camera lens Can together, look really part likeness ~

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2014, yin Canrong received the first part that attributes his, he is in teleplay ” want to be you only ” in with personate of of of the Song Dynasty a pair of mothers child, this drama is the single close mother that tells about a body to contract incurable disease ” Han Shengxi ” (personate of of of the Song Dynasty) to invite a son ” Han Kelou ” (Yin Canrong personate) have a new family, and with in former days the lover’s wife becomes a friend. The performance of Yin Can flourish in drama is excellent, also be in accordingly in those days acting of the 3rd APANSTARAWARDS, MBC is big in admiring, obtain ” Tong Xing award ” , actual strength suffers affirmation fully! Yin Canrong and of of the Song Dynasty are up-to-date also maintaining good relationship, the Yin Canrong in film serves Ceng Wei of of of the Song Dynasty to answer aid dining car, and Yin Canrong sends attestation to illuminate on IG, write on: ” Mom ” .

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Age of Yin Can flourish grows gradually, he has more opportunity to receive take the part that attributes oneself. 2019, yin Canrong is in teleplay ” the doctor boasts Chinese ” personate does not have painful disease patient ” Li Jixie ” , grace of transplant of his partner Chinese hackberrya gives the same year act ” condition of 17 years old ” , this is he holds the position of hero first, personate introversion, tacit high school is unripe ” Gao Min is in ” , although this drama has 2 market only, but the good acting that can give an opportunity to let him develop him! Because wear ” the doctor boasts Chinese ” and ” condition of 17 years old ” , yin Canrong was obtained in SBS acting large award ” teenage acting award ” , and be in ” now our school ” in, he holds the position of hero again, expect he will be an audience people bring what kind of surprise!

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Of 3. Yin Canrong ” adjacent home boy ” figure

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The Yin Canrong of one’s previous experience of 4. child star

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The new work of 5. Yin Canrong was on January 28 on Netflix the anthology of drama of Korea Jing Song of the line ” corpse campus ” You Yincan flourish, Piao Chihou, Zhao Yi virtuous, the young actor such as plain Solomon acts the leading role, this is to tell about those who suffer corpse virus to invade ” high school of filial piety hill ” in, teachers and students of almost entire school was affected, and suffer tired survival student to think method to escape be born day, be afraid otherwise the person that can become violent infection, but the test that the condition that they cannot predict and human nature encountered however in the process. Yin Canrong is in drama personate to guard dark love an object ” Na Wenzu ” (Piao Chihou personate) high school is unripe ” Li Qing hill ” , his disposition sedate, judgement is fast, believing is the group is medium ” cerebral sex male ” !

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Above introduced Neozoic actor Yin Canrong for everybody, have more knowledge to him? Yin Canrong’s acting is fostered as a child, if everybody wants to enjoy his acting actual strength, must not miss what be about to broadcast ” corpse campus ” !

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