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Original title: ” the city of time ” Yang Xiucheng most is the abdomen black? Climb white rich beautiful Du Lanxin, do for other however marry the garment! The city # article of time of # Jing Tian / new theatrical work of Luo Xiaoke Jingtian ” the city of time ” chase after more jump over above, her fine-looking take classic temperament oneself, life of Feng of young lady of will abjection a thousand pieces of gold is intelligent really get written in a forceful hand with alert and resourceful explanation, a bit is not inferior at Si Teng, carry a beauty is formidably female advocate halo! The male expression that follows Jing Tian partner this is Xu Weizhou, the Yan Zhifei of two people often accords with origianl work pink expect, deduce jointly absolutely beautiful be in love with, blossom in the city of time excessive colour piece another ability. The Yangxiu in drama becomes this part is by the actor of Chi Jia personate, he is the sister’s son that holds a madam, family circumstances is commonner, disposition Yizheng Yi Xie, humanness social be modest about one’s skill, it is a person essence of life that knows be able to achieve success one way or another, it is Rong Dingkun’s most trustful confidential more. Although Rong Dingkun is in business circles feel just like a fish in water, mix the unboiled water that get wind to rise, but actually Yang Xiucheng just is left arm sword arm, he is installed than mood of the first month even machine of celiac black heart, climb white rich beautiful Du Lanxin later, ending is done for other however marry the garment!

20220203125636 61fbd10413531

Well-known, allowing the home is distinguished family of rich and powerful family, absolutely place is had on business field, but hiding however on Rong Dingkun body numerous unbeknown secret, and these secrets aid manage Yangxiu to know abdomen intentionally only bright. Original name of Rong Dingkun is called Qin Shuigen, it is a serpentine and pliable man, a fire lets decline of Home Feng family financial situation later, rack one’s brains in scheming replaced the position that holds master, appear vividly becomes the n/COL the head of a family person that holds the home. He likes not to know well the undergraduate of affairs of human life, indulge the field of fame and gain that toast each other, land add add married several wife later, it may be said is the rhythm of wife concubine group.

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Although Rong Dingkun passes scene is creditably, discrepancy has car of a person of extraordinary powers to receive send, living luxuriant and delicate villa, but he is known only hoggish, which woman loves not greatly. As the assistant that understands Rong Dingkun humanness most, yang Xiucheng also is double-dealing, play smooth and slick, shrewdness is like the sea greatly, the word that says usually is few, everybody is displeased easily in this house, it is an ace that understands thoroughly popular feeling. And after Du Lanxin of young lady of encounter a thousand pieces of gold, yang Xiucheng is sedate and considerate play the favour that the style gained her and approbate, after getting along gradually each other are dark strange sincere feeling.

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Bear attitude with Feng Shizhen disparate is, boudoir sweet Du Lanxin is the girl of a hedonism, compared with love itself, she more be lost in luxury and perfume bag, in one’s heart is sober and deal with concrete matters relating to work. Want to make the heart that decides size elder sister, easier said than done? Marry when chronological table aunt rich and powerful family, huang Jiagao climbed this marriage, yangxiu becomes the person that also made vested interest, he answers all sorts of relation do a job with skill and ease. Considering oneself marriage and feeling, yang Xiucheng compares utilitarian reality, after all between he and Du Lanxin family circumstances great disparity, the other side is the Bai Fumei that loves fund playing love, and oneself are the poor boy that conceals an ability everywhere.

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In emotive world, the person that holds active advantageous position from beginning to end is Du Lanxin, is not the Yang Xiucheng that low-down flattery sees hint given with the eyes, he wants to realize estate to span through marriage, even if Du Lanxin lost mind, du Jiake is not the light that saves oil. In all emotional lines in drama, the love on Feng Shizhen and Rong Jia is only well_matched, two people encounter in the best time, collective the wind storm rain of straight face life. Yang Xiucheng is actual and selfish, what he wants is interest and position, marriage is optimal gangplank, finally however the wish comes to nothing, real features is exposed left look home.

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And Du Lanxin is connected fully open-minded, what she loves more forever is him, big ending is decisive choose to part company, went up too the life that oneself like, it is the soberest queen! Wang Erde ever said, him love just is the beginning of culminating romance. Know the woman that loves oneself, mix often pretty good, no less than certainly easy Feng Shizhen, still have read laugh of affairs of human life like that open-minded Du Lanxin! Everybody is close people, you how does look upon Xu Weizhou, Jing Tian, classics exceed, the main actor teleplay such as Wang Yifei ” the city of time ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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