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Original title: ” discriminate is passed ” because love of Yu Zhen giving birth to hate,install birdie mediumly, why is Li Zhen still aided to avenge before on one’s deathbed Everybody good evening ah! The closest Spring Festival was brushed again again in the home ” discriminate is passed ” , be worthy of is the summit summit in Gong Dou drama, brush the meaning that discovers every detail has it to exist again, not allow to miss.

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An Lingrong is to get a part with audience the largest controversy really, at the same time small make up special also abhor she, although she has her have to reason, but also reacted from flank the actor’s acting reachs the designated position. An Lingrong regards other people of a poor as the county advocate daughter, can get father’s attention for his mother and enter beautiful female election into palace, the An Lingrong that enters Gong Qian also is the eyes clear, like having little girl pure.

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When entering Gong Houxuan because did not take care to hit Xia Dongchun, the Xia Dongchun of rampant aggressive ranks perch as a result of father, undertook humiliate naturally to An Lingrong, the beautiful female knot that right now the rescue sb from a siege of discriminate and eyebrow village makes these 3 isolated do not have aid for good sister.

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Clever and sagacious discriminate is in hind An Lingrong gives rescue sb from a siege for many times in palace, but the heart that sensitive and suspicious Anling allows existence of incorrect discriminate to be thankful, arrive instead from the back one and again again and the of discriminate of do harm to of 3.

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Of standing of two families life different, think all the time plus An Lingrong him inferior to others, wait for impossibly also with two sisters sincerity so, and eyebrow village and discriminate from little friendship also not be any person meet partly temporarily can insert come in. This part also belongs to An Lingrong solid the dark side that is a human nature developed acme, feel in An Lingrong discriminate is not open-armed him help, with oneself either after a kind of person with respect to go and seek refuge with sb empress, after empress of go and seek refuge with sb installed birdie altogether to kill discriminate 3 times. It is to be in for the first time after be informed discriminate to be pregnant, the cat of abrupt when imperial garden admires the beauty of flowers empress appears claw discriminate , right now An Lingrong gave discriminate gum of an easy mark, dispel scar effect is very good, still wait for the discriminate that An Lingrong is a sister to believe her right now, be at ease then used boldly, actually inside contain many muskiness, so that China the wife of a prince punishs discriminate genuflect later of the discriminate after half hours aborted.

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It is discriminate abortion the 2nd after temporary disfavor, already the An Lingrong of empress of go and seek refuge with sb combines family name of melon Er beautiful one case the father of circumvent discriminate , after her father put in prison, evil-minded An Lingrong still puts mice in jail, make the father of discriminate got the plague, this makes this sad discriminate more sad.

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It is discriminate answers palace hind to suffer afresh the 3rd bestow favor on, an Lingrong wants become reconciled of He Zhen , family name of melon Er beautiful is in before the emperor at the beginning of defile discriminate and Wen Shi have catch, an Lingrong borrows engine leak to give the top margin of a page that is about to produce the bank, kill the sororal eyebrow place of business with discriminate best dead secondhand thereby, make discriminate injury appeared a heart.

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Fortunately An Lingrong still has a few to regain consciousness but character, after knowing oneself are empress uses a piece that copes with discriminate only, be in finally him on one’s deathbed during, told discriminate ” empress, killed empress ” .

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Classical be worthy of is classical, role of each character in drama is very bright, the Spring Festival also can be weighed in the sister with dull home brush rise!

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