Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Yu Shuxin new theatrical work will be sowed, model skin is ruddy be like water, see male advocate Yan Zhi sucks eyeball Yu Shuxin new theatrical work will be sowed, model skin is ruddy be like water, see male advocate Yan Zhi sucks eyeball a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch people awaiting New Year of Yu Shuxin’s main actor the first drama, many premonitory inside a lot of wonderful clues, picture wind is fresh, affection is exquisite, the Bai Yueguang in making a lot of hearts and meaning were made the same score hard, will broadcast 2022 this year, broadcast this time more suffer expected. In New Year Guan Wei should go out new premonitory ” Cang Lan bid farewell ” , if place of vermicelli made from bean starch wishs to decide archives information,do not have nevertheless, it is to release small video of a pay a New Year call, and join the lead group that act to come, paid a New Year call ahead of schedule to the audience, some vermicelli made from bean starch in succession agree on archives broadcasts not far, do you feel to you can wait for Guan Wei’s welfare?

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Yu Shuxin does not say set person to set first, modelling is honest too raise a key point, with respect to the stage photo by a few pieces of temperament, the skin is ruddy be like water, be mixed all the time by the attention of many vermicelli made from bean starch and audience spit groove ceaseless, it is very good-looking really, empty, eye does not have scrutiny eyes greatly god, also can give a person the sense of a kind of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. Somebody states this is combined even if the 00 king cranes after younger brother, yan Zhiqi will also look not quite, especially toffee kiss, close hold in the arms in person, play of the kiss that spend type explodes the oar scatters candy become spouses eventually, always like a mood to erupt become haematemesis to convey, and male advocate Wang Hedi held a cold sweat, affixed on the body from now on ” walk haematemesis ” label.

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Mix besides already open stage photo new premonitory, future has a lot of to wait for sow drama, calm archives broadcasts not far, also a lot of new roles will meet with the audience, look with come-and-go, she hard Hold lives, dispute mainstream part. One is dissocial student, one is the boy that establish a department, new role deduces difficulty how, also need not fear when much department theatrical work broadcasts, will broadcast in April this year. But Hu Yitian dares to try different role in light of this, calculate absolutely going up is courage laudable. Although not be vermicelli made from bean starch, but voice is very loud still is Yu Shuxin, she still enters pit, what oneself still bestow favor on pink very much still is Yu Shuxin, have not broadcast, all these still does not have destiny. No matter be bias,still be true such, might as well first we put down criticism, wait after broadcasting, reappearance expresses him the view is not late. The person always should be in fail to progress ceaselessly to passing road, of time of the need that cross a boundary.

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