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Original title: ” floodgate bridge ” show first days of broken multinomial record, 5 big detail tell you it why can be the champion Expect long already ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” show first days of behead to win 640 million booking office, cat eye gives a mark 9.6, audience public praise applauds all the way.

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Everybody gives out to evaluate at most is: The movement makes fun of person of affection of pretty good, drama, specially good effect is distinct. . . . . .

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Besides, ” floodgate bridge ” show a day to break multinomial shadow Shi Jilu. Have the past 3 years war piece open to booking shadow of box-office record, China gut of Shichun section grade piece gut of grade of section of Shichun of shadow of record of booking office of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, China piece the 18 shadows Shi Jilu such as record of accumulative total booking office.

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Can say ” floodgate bridge ” it is Hu Nianchun ride in section grade absolutely the existence of dirt, and its expectation that behaves not negative also audience, no matter be from acting of setting specially good effect, actor, narrative still structure photogenic had very big promotion at on one relatively. So so far each data is resided firmly the first, everybody says too good-looking, too good cried.

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” floodgate bridge ” in the target of soldiers has only, that is scamper the raft of pontoons that drop water, cut off a way of escape of enemy, although this set is very simple, but in the raft of pontoons of 3 blast water in 149 minutes, tibet has a lot of detail and painted eggshell, make whole story kernel more rich and stereo. Do not know a few you discovered? 1, the gun in Wu Qian is in ” long ferry lake ” in, the peace talks in Wu Qian child encounter for first time, a pose of the handgun was compared to him in Wu Qian, did not think of from the back when battlefield meet again, talk child is those who lost a firm capture gun gives him. Talk so child the gesticulation that compares a gun to understand asks he wants a gun namely.

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This also is the gun by Wu Qian inner tube all the time on the body, when battalion commander of battalion giving artillery piece grabs artillery piece, he borrows the gun in Wu Qian, a gesture that buckles trigger was made again after be being grabbed, signal he still comes back the gun.

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Because this is opposite the gun five there is very great sense a thousand li, in last zero hour he also is the artillery shell in using this pop, turn round war situation. 2, the blinkers of Mei Sheng’s watch, Thunder God. Mei Sheng is in ” long ferry lake ” in there is a watch when coming on the stage, ” floodgate bridge ” in, mei Sheng gave Wumoli this list, let his every other blow whistle for some time disturbed enemy soldier’s morale. Be afraid that Wumoli looks not to understand, still nodded 3 on watch little red place, enjoin him must subsist.

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This watch may be very important to Mei Sheng, when he hands Wumoli the watch, had made the preparation that goes to dead.

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In publicizing placard, : Wu Moli, I can help you arrive only here. Allow item of person instant tear. ” long ferry lake ” the sacrifice of Thunder God lets be shaken tremendously 10 thousand lis, ” floodgate bridge ” in the blinkers that he also is wearing Thunder God to send him all the time, to Wumoli, blinkers is he is placed to the longing of Thunder God, also be the inheritance of Thunder God spirit at the same time.

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And this blinkers still helped Wumoli block a bullet, he wears blinkers, had shucked off at the outset babyish, more a few minutes of maturity are sedate. The change of person heart, pass a blinkers to be able to see.

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3, hold face of steamed stuffed bun not to know everybody has discovery, in the Wu Qian in drama often hold 10 thousand lis face into steamed stuffed bun.

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Brother two first time meet, say in Wu Qian: Remember what is done not have, steamed stuffed bun, the held 10 thousand lis the 2nd times face when leaving the home is the 3rd to go on the road of floodgate bridge, what a thousand li holds is his face, 10 thousand lis still gave out to respond to. It is floodgate bridge the 4th last blast, the last time in Wu Qian holds face of steamed stuffed bun, the strength that uses this is the greatest also. Every time is held is brother two affection is delivered in breathed ground, arrived last hold, it is however doing with the little brother leave finally.

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4, outstanding ascend the sentiment that mounts with lay mines to be in hostile a group of people of same interest, have a pair of good friends outstanding ascend and lay mines is ascended, ” long ferry lake ” in, two people had had a conversation one time that day in thanksgiving, outstanding ascend invite him to come to his home spend thanksgiving day next year, lay mines ascends say: If wanting to be able to go back only, go certainly.

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Be in ” floodgate bridge ” in, lay mines ascends sacrifice, outstanding ascend take out a bottle of whisky to draw out a pen, wrote on that bottle of whisky: A Bottle Of Wine To End The War. Means should come home brother, put that bottle of wine into his cadaver bag then. This one little detail can see, the battle friendship in directing people who volunteer to fight in another country of exert oneself depict and brotherly affection, connect enemy also is vivid, did not debase painstakingly, this ability is the truest war condition.

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5, red scarf is in ” long ferry lake ” soldiers go out for a battle when, a female soldiers loses red scarf to Wumoli.

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After scamper bridge is successful, this scarf appears on nearby branch, as cold wind flying, hostile commander sees can’t help sighing. The place in estimating his heart thinks even if: This is an invincible team really, if we do not rely on modern technology, ultimate impossible success pulls out. Red scarf is perforative from beginning to end, resembling is all soldiers those who do not have dread life and death is indicative.

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” floodgate bridge ” the depict that deepened pair of figure figure on the first foundation, be in story masterstroke focusing scamper bridge on such specific combat mission, those who yield a story is coherent spend the instant to rise, 3 blast bridge, have prewar and consultative decision-making capacity, also have the insecurity that acts to be battle severally separately severally intense.

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And in each ordinary detail, can bring an audience to be touched more very much, the story is very stereo also, in the gut that is as long as 149 minutes, doing not have one place is redundant. Eliminate outside these detail, each person in army what come out just entered government time is puerile, easy melt the growing line of 1000 royal seal is dot of one big tear more, each person is full role.

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Depend on these detail just about, ” floodgate bridge ” the hope that just does not lose a viewer, take the next another good achievement. In all films of Spring Festival archives, ” floodgate bridge ” showing itself is inevitable, martyr people gallant achievement is worth each compatriots engrave, the play staff also presents the environment at that time the audience to the utmost. Did not reveal a war blindly piece cover a region, however dedicated at character depict and mental itself, ” floodgate bridge ” it is one of movies that Spring Festival archives must see absolutely.

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