Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Divorce after 14 months, a charming former husband bilks great country to be exposed to the sun to propose successful, the woman ever was empty elder sister Have ” Yang Ming of cure bound king ” the country of Lai Hong of cure beautiful doctor that seals date, in March 2020 with with Tong of glad of harbor star bell (A Jiao) after ending 14 months marriage, till last year Valentine’s Day of the seventh evening of the seventh moon, country bilking great basks in a younger sister of as long as hair to celebrate unripe a photograph of whole family to illuminate for father in IG dispatch, 2 people condition is like intimate, doubt is like occurrence new sweetheart, and during the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, comfortable Feng Changfa younger sister birthday, still exploded recently go abroad Lai Hong to propose to the woman successful good news, be about to the plum opens tierce.

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Exterior bilks great country handsomely, had had two paragraphs of marriage, the first paragraph is to was mixed 2016 have ” Hua Hanglin depends on morning ” the Zhao Xiaowei that say has had marriage of short-lived half an year, the 2nd paragraph is 2018 shine with A Jiao marriage, in matrimony after 14 months, divorced in March 2020, with family of female star group course of cracked heart road, he ever sufferred in after the event visit from ridicule ” marry the knot arrives go bankrupt ” , for a time because of marriage change, add epidemic situation to affect start business before long business of cure beautiful clinic, below double blow, bring about him not feel like eating, sleep to be not written, cruel thin 12 kilograms, because of this defect melancholy low ebb.

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The seventh evening of the seventh moon bilked great country to explode last year piece after having a new sweetheart, as it is said woman name is Alice, past ever also is empty elder sister, after 2 people interact, country bilking great not only restore hale posture, now and then in the company group the website sticks a job to illuminate, illuminate with party of family, friend, the life is insipid and rich, look be like feeling to also be stabilized, be exploded now propose to cummer successful, but up to now till, have not obtain oneself to respond to. 20220203130312 61fbd2900e3d7

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