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Original title: Cervine Han true person has much goodness, make square shirk responsibility to safeguard staff member angrily rebuke, too bully gas Lu Han from go out to begin because appearance is comely, facial features is delicate, because be,go out in order to love fabaceous identity in Korea again, the makeup hair in those days is a bit more powerful also, so that a lot of people are to his impression,slant soft beauty, think his disposition also is the sort of very tender, undemonstrative type.

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But the Lu Han below its illicit is not everybody in the imagination in that way effeminate, his itself is Beijing big boy, disposition is optimistic and lively, and have take on. A lot of love beanses collapse nowadays after the room is discovered, still dare not admit oneself talk about love, and in those days Lu Han fills period in the vessel, make public love immediately, to sufficient cummer safety feels, also gave vermicelli made from bean starch one is explained, did not cheat vermicelli made from bean starch, pretend oneself are lone, this true circle pink, so that arrive,everybody still is plainting now in those days he is too brave really.

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Actually his have bravely take on, more than expression is on amour, also be on the job. Once allegedly he is taking a group to record put together art, and a bit issue gave in the process of transcribe. This problem is created originally, but make just do not want to admit one’s mistake, push all these on body of a of group of cervine Han work female staff member instead, they feel this female staff member is new personality, just can carry boiler on the back.

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Everybody thinks this thing went so, unexpectedly Lu Han cannot bear the sight of them such behavior that swing boiler, do not think the staff member that invites oneself is bullied more, condemned odd for her immediately make this kind of square conduct, and still quarrelled for this one, returned oneself staff member innocence, let make the employee apology that just gives oneself, have such boss, everybody can feel set one’s mind at and be touched very much. A person can be occasionally so red very long, not be a kind of a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties, however his bearing is worth everybody to go really pink.

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