Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Desolate of life of singer of the later and decadent stage of a school of thought, the purpose lends 28 incident rapid advancement in one’s career, outsmart oneself make fun of by the person

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Respecting performs the La Mao in art bound, believe known person is not much, but the La Mao of make a profit in troubled situation of the purpose in respecting incident, with respect to your netizens reverberate like thunder. La Mao lives in the capital, like to act art career, , the hope is borrowing act art the career earns a bowl of meal to eat. But in this industry, without talent, or talent is insufficient, can never win authority approbate, desolate of life of blue wool of singer of the later and decadent stage of a school of thought. After wrong substitution gives birth to exposure, la Mao does not have the ground hard to act heply in oneself art the deep ploughing in the world, act in business at the same time however in be on one’s last legs, comment on wrong substitution to be born 28 years at the same time case, the purpose is borrowing wrong substitution to give birth to the heat of the case 28 years, make oneself act art career rapid advancement in one’s career. Aunt this name can not be informal style, doing not have allied relation is absolutely cannot such appellation.

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As the woman of a vivid, la Mao however Du Daniang of address sb respectfully is aunt, do not know the aunt in blue burr from what why speak of? What do Lamao and Guo Erbai have allied relation? La Mao is right Du Daniang an appellation of an aunt, still regard oneself as a person? Where do La Mao’s blood and meat running? Check blue wool does the strange flower thing that pass, du Daniang sues a lot of having to Beijing of conscience advocate sow and when the person such as Li Lv. Blue wool whole journey is recieved, of appropriative Du Daniang direct and bodyguard. Careful of 918 front courtyard when, the blue Mao Yueyue that regards Du Daniang as staunch proponent is about to try, plan to unseal attend front courtyard careful, but as a result of some kind of reason, la Mao was not able to take spot of front courtyard careful finally, this makes Lamao very regretful. Regard the later and decadent stage of a school of thought as the singer, and more professional perform actor person photograph to compare, what doesn’t the talent of blue cat calculate, but be born 28 years in wrong substitution in the case, the talent of blue cat is far get more by force than the person such as Tian Jing, Xiong Lei and Du Daniang much. Blue Mao Ye is to capture god-given talent to show a chance, sang in pairs of a husband and wife to return the home with Du Daniang.

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Hearing La Mao’s song, sing although not very is professional, but unapt also too offensive. But La Mao’s song does not suit night to listen, elder brother of inside reason Cui does not make a comment here. Most those who let netizens be accepted hard is, the netizen explodes makings blue wool actually Wang Zhihe of bespatter nation brand, the true and false of this message still is waited for confirm further. Hundred years brand, ethical pride! Allow the bespatter of person ill will such as La Mao. Never mention it blue cap the singer of such the later and decadent stage of a school of thought, once provoke numerous anger,be a lot of big wrist star, act art career also can come here terminative, what is more,the rather that small La Mao. Jump below the leap up on blue cat, the purpose is lending the heat of 28 incident rapid advancement in one’s career, the result fell however the loneliness of one ground, netizens also got a joke just.

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