Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Spring Festival archives watchs a movie, beautiful fivefold fare suffers centuple torment | is bold open wheat Hello, it is Vista views the world here [bold open wheat] the 182nd of the column interactive topic. I know you have a lot of words, hold back very long. But here, what do not fear bar choice is unjustifiable to the line, also cannot be opposite anyway line; Also do not need Internet speech ” seek to live on desire ” , you simply rational has say to nod truth according to the ground. This period topic: Spring Festival archives watchs a movie, it is the biggest mistake that my New Year makes. Choose as rot a small hotshot, I step on thunder again again again. Last year with respect to archives of Spring Festival of pitch on of with one action I of the soddenest 3 series movies sequel in the ministry, dropped the trap of literary and middleaged director again this year. Rectifying ministry film to resemble is the chaos with one rawish boiler is stewed, look be like this some to have, want what to do not have what actually. Use brief comment of valve of a beans ” the weak like one boiler few water that brush boiler, both neither resembles water, also flavour of it doesn’t matter. ” good had endured not easily from the back a hour, face pa Mom to deliver the view of doubt even. “Of first day of the lunar year, do you take us to see this? ” ” two hours that just go, produced what after all? ” at the moment, I secretly impawn: “Do not see movie of Spring Festival archives absolutely next year! “Do not see movie of Spring Festival archives absolutely next year!!

20220203133056 61fbd9107618d

Of course, the biggest mine that watchs a movie with Spring Festival archives — rebuke child comparing rises, be apt to of film content lack but Chen Dou calculates what to get to torment. Other schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater chooses the motion picture, of OK and preferential horror, suspense as far as possible avoid to be the same as with the child, arrived but Spring Festival archives avoids without can avoid. Every hall has 3 two curiosity on average to explode of canopy ” big scientist ” , in the mouth why had not stopped to the end from begin, film end is written down do not get a men and women advocate sound, however backlash child ” why ” quarter smoke sucks lung. Again a fluctuation of every minutes of minute a few ten million accompanies the business affairs personage that family sees a movie together however, a film came down to receive 3, 4 phones, need not HR interview around what two people know his business is as clear as day. Cinema of this moment incoming telegram, the likelihood that harvests possibly least of all is a good experience that watch a movie. This year movies of Spring Festival grade, do you step on thunder? Is the poorest experience watching a movie that had you experienced how? The welcome is in comment area is bold open wheat.

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