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Original title: The quadrature in the compasses in manslaughter 2(2021) is very commonplace adapt, rhythm is faster, amusement is stronger Do not know the grading that it is what so low, the bridge paragraph it is bit setter, but at least told complete the touching story that loves about great father, complete an acting is online, xiao Yang is rock-bottom to this kind of nobody part control to look in me can says perfect, the film is a kind of art originally, it is sublimate, it is Utopian, extortionary the logic of hundred also cannot, passing without intelligence quotient of audience of hard injury deceive above. Exclusive impolitic namely ought not to the name of loiter manslaughter, fasten what to thinking make it universe…

20220203133116 61fbd92432680

In the quadrature in compasses is very commonplace adapt, rhythm is faster, amusement is stronger, but of pair of medical treatment with original the greatest value and insurance biting and accuse did not have, playwrite pretended to be clever ground to take another black approach, can saying only is to have idea too, make a person special do not have the sodden end of language especially. Xiao Yang fills a so strong gas field without Danzeerhua, show the firm father with a very high reliability. Whole is not recommended

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Open an editing and rearrangement of rhythm sound effect particularly absorbing, to memory son flat partial rhythm becomes strange, feel it doesn’t matter is good-looking originally, but the eyes of the be angry when be being looked to be like effeminate A Ling to protect a son ” kill ” to, a flock of doctor stations look at children before sickbed, the transplanting box of empty sky, but whats do not do that momently, very acedia still. And, is Li Zhiting very coxcombical? ?

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Spent 9 my money! Waste my fast the time of two hours. . What thing. . Xiao Yang is the actor that I like very much hey. . The first very marvellous hey. . This what ghost, that female advocate the what that act to sow? Can learn to perform will act in a play again, female advocate also be. . Element colour does not represent acting ah hello! ! ! ! ! 9 money I feel to treat unjustly. . Actually from 1 and 2 in light of, can feel the difference that gives playwrite level apparently, same the story of a type, 2 be being told really is too poor, all sorts of logic are confused, all sorts of chaos are stirred, what plaything… pure and fresh and free from vulgarity sodden, this kind does not become the audience of the person piece, really afflictive. Look on TV, before paragraph general, hind paragraph have a feeling some, the society below environment of a classic medium is unjust story. Perhaps, arrived 2022, this kind spits groove to had been gotten to made a person faint say again by the do sth over and over again of demon unreal reality of instantly, but it is significant as before. Although logistic respect has a few flaw, but the defects cannot obscure the virtues, especially acting of a few main actors holds out a colour… although have the suspicion that be in harmony straightens, but the distinguishing feature that still also has oneself, integral rhythm holds quite well also. Support homebred suspense piece! Xiao Yang is good actor really, want to see his more movie. Two stars still have that to Xiao Yang handsome doctor. The plot of a play is a bit good, stir too abrupt, crack a criminal case is too simple also. Be next… usurious get mom was a person returned? This is cast go out to break up it is good to pat approach to do not have original film really in tip of the brow, but the style that also took oneself, but grading is unapt also so low! My individual feels this movie is very good still! ! ! Spent 6 yuan to just looked, rhythm is too slow, setting news is too big, stir too over- , the old practice is very simple and common, meaning of it doesn’t matter, remove this the name is for loiter manslaughter completely the public praise of one, regrettablly a bit be not a patch on cannot call manslaughter the 2nd times what concerns oh it is common gut inverted to be done not have ah although the first is,adapt but very pretty good also this covered a name just ah too Ga rhythm is strange also forcibly. . . . . . Gut of 2 complete edition introduces manslaughter

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