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Original title: 4 wear a book to show Yan Wen, male advocate elder brother of tender abdomen black soldiers, think only she is guarded alone! Everybody is good, I am wool caterpillar, this period share 4 to wear a book to show Yan Wen, male advocate elder brother of tender abdomen black soldiers, think only she is guarded alone! One, ” I do good popular science in recreational group ” author: 1000 red sand [be over]

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Paragraph: Wear article of book feel well, much gold is high grade and tender president male advocate value of X armed strength explodes the watch wears book daughter advocate. Hua Jin passes through become recreation to encircle cannon fodder daughter to star, the transmission that uses oneself learned the condition that knowledge encircles to current recreation to make an analysis. Cooperate with hero finally, help entertainment group travels actively energy. This this the most significant drop is the kernel opposes recreational group. Female advocate transmission has learned before wearing a book, almost every time big event can write small paper to send popular science, do not support on the spot shifts of those recreational group sale, fry Cp for instance, hit a list of names posted up to do data, net | Expose to the sun | Element person waits recreation a moment to encircle random elephant. Although a few incident have change different name, but it is the similar issue that also has produced in reality really. Seeing these flooey worry in article can have very good means of settlement also hold out bright. This book set is novel, narrative and fluent. The foot can look into the pig to happiness did not come and be paid hard for it, full text is full of energy. Be worth to look. 2, ” I rely on inheritance to be not involuntary discharge of urine to explode red ” author gentleman: Peach hill sees alcoholic drink [be over]

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Paragraph: Wear article of book feel well, after passing through ceaselessly, those who master a variety of skill that be not involuntary discharge of urine is female advocate, pass through to match into the cannon fodder daughter in a book again. Filming island seeks to live on put together art when, she shows the skill that be not involuntary discharge of urine with her laborious both hands: Structure of the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of adhesive of oilpaper umbrella, ancient Great Wall, tenon… the life that changes an isle ceaselessly, guiding everybody to experience the happiness of the culture that be not involuntary discharge of urine. At the same time each have the minor role of disposition in the book, also be in female advocate under the influence, become more capable to have take on. Of leading role and costar interactive, let person split one’s sides with laughter for many times. In the period that the world goes ceaselessly ahead, can come down temporarily slow probably, experience the culture that be not involuntary discharge of urine and craft, enjoy beautiful scenery and cate, cure tired out body and mind. Whole book is cured easily, be worth to be read. 3, ” wear die early the daughter of first wife / the first wife daughter that wears stepmother Wen Li ” author: Small fat mandarin orange [be over]

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Paragraph: Wear article of bright of book time article, aviation line of business is big fellow daughter advocate in passing through to serve as the time article of setting with 70 time end, in becoming a book die early the daughter of first wife, all sorts of exacting that face stepmother, dear father and afterwards elder sister are waited for, female advocate the highest grade that make a face, after throwing former unripe family, use on the knowledge that generation accumulates, learn assiduously, struggle difficultly hard, use up the development that can promote a trade. This book language humour is humorous, taking the taste of a forthright forceful, read the part of detail, can make a person understanding laughs, and from female advocate perspective, showed Chinese aviation industry from do not have have, to the hardships course that development expands and taking extraordinary success. 4, ” renascence of beautiful first wife ” author: Wash is like gentleman [be over]

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Paragraph: Wear a book to make a face sweet civil, take off wind happily easily. Elder brother of black soldiers of tender abdomen of Vs of aunt of appearance beauty able hamlet, female match counterattack, hit facial cruel broken bits, raise child daily, time is sweet civil, female advocate from a child ordered baby to kiss, marry a soldier male advocate, marriage have a youthful look a pair of daughters, can follow eventually after 6 years army go into town, occupy courtyard. But in at this moment she discovers she is the costar in the book, in the book, the husband is senior high-ranking military officer, also be heroine a the biggest backer, and when she is giving birth to a son difficult labor and die, two daughters serve as cannon fodder, also meet early die young, accordingly she is a stepmother Wen Li contrast group, daughters are born, it is only foil of heroine son outstanding, those who knew all these is female advocate immediately angry… this book writes in an easy and fluent style, the language is humorous, told about a pair to be in what 90 time gave birth to the daughter’s husband and wife only to raise child daily, heroine is clever and kind-hearted, hero faithful Canis sex, two daughters innocent mischievous, the article with be being given priority to daily, cate is complementary, draw the outline of the photograph of all living creatures of a pair of 90 time. Wash is like time article of gentleman to do not have what to say, each are the battleplan in high-quality goods, style of writing is very droll, in a state of excitement is strong!

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Above wears a book 4 times to show entire content of Yan Chongwen namely, the good small fairy that feels to recommend remembers a point assist and collect, we fall period adieu ~

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