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Original title: ” this life has you ” big ending receives an official, tan Jing’s ending is a little regretful, perhaps she is worth better ” this life has you ” this teleplay receives an official already satisfactorily, be in before when broadcasting viewing rate all the time pretty good, but the 27~30 collect to finish end, the likelihood was to get the influence of relevant evening party, so viewing rate drops somewhat. And the final result that also can see in film heroine Tan Jing is final apparently, also be the goal that achieved herself to want actually, her son got curing, and the person that her husband also became her to want.

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But what heroine pays for other part in gut is too much really, and finally she still also is only put all energy on the family, and there was not better progress on the career, so this also is in ending when the place that regrets somewhat. Actually I remember seeming to be in origianl work, feminine lead also is expanding somewhat on the career, be in so teleplay when also can have certain expectation, want to let heroine achieve a satisfactory final result on the family not only, also can have a cause that herself can create on the career. Also be I am written down not quite clearly likely nevertheless, also do not know to whether there is such development in origianl work. Heroine is being paid for other continuously, in the main gut line of gut, it is in the son that is her place is paid all the time.

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Want to see this role particularly so, she can have her space, have the happiness that he himself wants, or the sort of thing that herself thinks to expression goes out. Because the main gut line of teleplay itself tells about this one namely,may be of course 3 are how to become a 3 old practice, but to heroine itself modelling is to have a little however so regretful. The likelihood also is pay from what leading lady sees all the time for audience perspective, also hope she can have a more perfect final result so, and can become more good. The ability of heroine oneself also is not poor actually, after all she is propped up hard all the time so long with respect to the specification her itself has a kind of tough power, and she also can have her capacity entering rank go learning, also can let oneself get a few promotion so, have the development on more careers thereby.

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And the son that she wants to protect all the time, also be in eventually big ending when, this body ah also recovered then eventually. Perplex her feeling all the time, also had time of a finished eventually. But big ending when the have a meal setting that just presented a 3 buccal warmth, and after this kind of change that did not present heroine, whether can have deeper opinion to his life. Going up from this angle is to feel this story line is in heroine big finally ending when OK also more plump, have more development, also can present a few window of this part itself at the same time. After the disengagement in allowing the business that heroine is perplexed all the time from her comes out, next can the more lightsome life that goes facing oneself, also had new career way at the same time. Likelihood I am to expect heroine itself has a such big final result.

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Of course this drama also let a person have deeper understanding accordingly, because see heroine is being paid for other all the time, but cross oneself without better reflection however. It is so in this process, also be a hope she can more reflection that what to oneself want, because be paid to others,be a very tired thing from beginning to end. Big ending also gives a person the sense of a kind of hasty ending really, because of heroine and hero this one 3 play the portion is not particularly much instead, also give a person a kind of more regretful sense.

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