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Original title: Afterwards ” germinant ” hind drama of another infinite drift net gives a group, this time card point becomes from explosion jump tower Before paragraph do you brush time one after another ” germinant ” this drama? Allegedly ” germinant ” only a week time went up to heat up search more than 300 times, which drama nowadays can achieve we should like to ask such achievement? So many people think of this drama explode igneous degree no less than in those days ” Gu Jianji Tan ” and ” under bright and beautiful garment ” .

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” germinant ” this drama is met fire, besides main actors’ excellent acting and play staff take change and the processing of little detail besides these essential elements, still reflect the social problem that gave instantly because of it, more accord with concept of value of a few core.

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The life appearance that this drama report gave people of social ground floor, tell gave favor changes in temperature, is not can elaborate onefold love only. The character in drama is only able to save expenditure gnaw a steamed bread to drink mineral water, still have the female articles for use that buys a schoolgirl (Wsj) also not be willing to part with or use buys a packet whole, however a few a few belts. These little detail reflect the life that gave rock-bottom people.

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Does the most teleplay nowadays have we should like to ask which be to mirror a terrestrial sufferings truly? The working people in drama of movie and TV considers much out at the elbows to still can take bubble side, gnaw biscuit, these on rock-bottom people body putting that it is luxury. So ” germinant ” can fire also is inevitable, because it can cause everybody’s resonance. ” germinant ” the hint that many people see after be over still was not used up, want to see some of teleplay of this kind of type more. Did not let everybody wait fortunately how long, afterwards ” germinant ” later drama of another infinite drift net ” flickering bright tiny spot ” also give a group because of same theme, the time card point in passing this theatrical work becomes from explosion jump tower.

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Believe everybody also can insist to be brushed on gregarious platform these days ” flickering bright tiny spot ” this drama, and ” germinant ” what differ somewhat is, current situation of society of former and main report, of latter give a lecture is love story.

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Because of the near future nevertheless everybody confuses the story clue that went up to circulate, had good opinion not self-consciously to this drama so, plus the men and women advocate the Cp feeling in this drama is very enough, the combination of belle of handsome young man is very bright eye, and full collagen albumen is on their face, make them more young, invite an audience people those who look is very comfortable also.

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Everybody knows ” germinant ” time card point is explosion, and ” flickering bright tiny spot ” check point became however jump tower. Although be a loop, but time card point is different however.

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If see before a few market only, may ” flickering bright tiny spot ” time blocks a dot to regard as is cutout information. Because female advocate cancel is before circulating many times just begin afresh after information. Although do not delete information to also cannot continue to live in high school,just discover her later however, the node that till accidental opportunity she just discovers to she circulates is Zhang Mosen jumps so tower. Prevent him to jump only she just can be in the tower all the time high school life goes down.

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A lot of people special feel distressed male advocate, saying this theatrical work is to belong to Zhang Mosen alone of a person dark love, it is silently all the time female advocate pay. If Lin Beixing does not have a loop, then she won’t know this boy that loses life to guard her forever, and male the scar that deserves to go up personally however spirit away 10 years when belong to Zhang Mosen originally.

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Do not pass good to be in female advocate can circulate, knew male advocate everything what what do for her. Although many people see this play when cannot help be male advocate peace gut feel sad, but those who believe a story is female finally advocate won’t disappoint male advocate affectionate, regular meeting gives an audience a satisfactory final result.

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