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Original title: Actor of for use of an emperor of Zhou Jielun MV, 30 years old of ability go out, nowadays by ” brave heart 2 ” circle pink countless

20220203134313 61fbdbf1d6acb

Legend big play ” brave heart 2 ” had received last big ending hour last night, teleplay leaves since sowing, each part gives a person the impression that left special profundity, especially great villain in drama Dongcunminlang, it may be said is comical good energy of life is returned at the same time exceedingly abominable, and personate the Qiu Kai Wei of this one part, also encircle pink by right of this drama and this part countless.

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First for say Qiu Kai Wei this actor, see him a lot of people are likely the MV of a lot of song that can think of Zhou Jielun for a short while, picture ” human society hotel ” , ” Lan Ting foreword ” , ” coral sea ” , ” below rain one whole evening ” , ” the music that confuse fetch ” , ” calculate what man ” and ” skyline passing traveller ” etc, among them actor is Qiu Kai Wei, simply can says is actor of for use of an emperor of Zhou Jielun MV ah.

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And speak of Qiu Kai Wei act art road, it is later that actually he gives time, the Qiu Kai Wei that was born 1976 just was joined 2006 performed oneself work of first movie and TV, 30 years old of ability give the Qiu Kai Wei of the path, be what compare evening into travel time, the expression that does not cross him and result are very right still, be in subsequently ” panda person ” , ” half ripe lover ” and ” brave heart 2 ” with type work ” young woman is offended ” inside, having very outstanding show.

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Additional besides become an actor, qiu Kai Wei is on musical road also result is satisfactory, comprised with Yang Changqing 2010 ” surfy brother ” combination, still obtained pop chart of song of Chinese of the 10th whole world to welcome new personality award finally subsequently, can saying is a person that has talent very much, go up in the performance of course very gifted also with clever gas, nowadays is more by ” brave heart 2 ” circle pink countless.

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The Dongcunminlang of personate of Qiu Kai Wei, cast character set not to say, sheet sees him from the appearance still is very handsome, when just coming on the stage, business suit of a white still is not what often grab an eye, features face Founder is stereo, head of moustache small back adds conversation, also be honest and kind even, the sense that gives a person also is the gent old handsome young man of a standard.

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And model and holding diagonal of Qiu Kai Wei is lubriciously is comprehensive and stereo more, on one hand his show Dongcunminlang’s conceited set, from begin finally, have an opportunity a lot of times obviously he is OK result Tong Jiaru, but it is conceited every time full, threaten should use his action and evidence, ground of be perfectly justifiable executes Tong Jiaru.

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Meanwhile Dongcunminlang also is very clever really, from most begin case of pop of small wild loss, arrive from the back of the person such as Ouyang Zhengde be killed in succession, dong Cunmin Lang Dou Tong Jiaru does think of for a short while, and on the analysis also really clear and logical, the conceit that casts him does not say, it is very capable that actually itself returns Dongcunminlang.

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On the other hand Qiu Kai Wei is a show more Dongcunminlang’s affectation and firm are hot, obviously oneself are purposeful have ambition, but the renown head that always making all sorts of high-sounding, and in drama part of a lot of front, especially of the goddess such as Dong Shumei and gardenia get offline, dongcunminlang is caused secondhand directly, and these make everybody right this part hate sb’s guts.

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Additionally he follows Tong Jiaru in whole drama all sorts of interacting get along, the crack with teeth in mouth in letting the course that everybody is seeking theatrical work again arrived Cp, many netizens on barrage say Dongcunminlang follows Tong Jiaru just is true love is Cp, these let Dongcunminlang this part is full and stereo, funny and relaxed one side, have annoying and abominable one side more, is what must say the performance of Qiu Kai Wei in drama is true very circle pink ah do you feel?

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