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Original title: Immortal partner deduces survive of in the future, love is unbroken in ” this life has you ” receive big final result Hear a song, reading is the job with cozy life

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Teleplay ” this life has you ” big ending, look meaning still did not use up, be worthy of is the work that Liu Junjie directs. This is an acting, film, fine actor’s lines, phonic effect, the teleplay with first-rate picture, whole department theatrical work in all 30 collect, not long not short, look comfortably, content is enough, also won’t messy. Liu Junjie is directed, taiwan is born, the teleplay character affection of his director is OK very bona fide is caught and film come out, the subtle expression that passes an actor is enthusiastic perhaps movement, can show person heart world. Picture of work of movie and TV is very beautiful, rhythm feeling is taken hold reach the designated position, still have particularly interesting dub effect, the person that watch a movie is looked at have era to enter feeling, touch heart door leaf. Still remember teleplay ” why sheng xiao silent ” , depend on this teleplay, acquire line of business of countrywide TV production, 10 beautiful teleplay is optimal the director’s award. Do not have those who had looked to be worth to look. This teleplay actor’s lines is not much, lean completely acting and a few aside, from inside the picture fine point can see love, this is the one big characteristic of this drama. See this play, do not say to say good fun is bit more beautiful by the ground.

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These two acting send respecting actor, must mention them to had cooperated, once the teleplay of fashionable ” have not enough time to say I love you ” , this drama tells about warlord a surname the love story of the Jing Wan of old young lady of ancestry of 4 little He Shuxiang, in the time of that warlord random battle, the right, country, love hates be mixed between beauty, the world that flames of war flies violently, had been to be begged hard protect oneself, the feeling that should talk about a paragraph of profundity is not easy really. Also be from this drama, can realize the tacit extent of two actors. ” have not enough time to say I love you ” adapt from homonymic novel ” have not enough time to say I love you ” , it is famous network authoress nots I consider the work that keep. Want those who know theatrical work of movie and TV to inspect, listen to the effect to engrave popular feeling easily, the life is already not easy, even deep-set pathos does not have a hope, that is honest too miserable. The process is OK very Bei relative, but should make a person hopeful.

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Respecting is small elder brother 1000 be out of shape elephantine acting, in ” this life has you ” also absolutely, in drama male a Nie Yucheng (Zhong Hanliang personate) the part that act is changeful, once because love rejection greatly, be immersed in bitter affection depressed; Get a severe disease because of father after, dying recieves orders hold the position of group controller; 7 years are lain between when, encounter oneself beloved first love once more, rescue feeling, have the doctor of responsibility to love to maintain; Still have the look that loses the undergraduate when recalling. Each part is trenchant, perform what to resemble, do not lose ” 1000 figure ” actual strength actor. Gain. Female a Tan Jing, li Xiaoran personate, in ” have not enough time to love you ” and ” this life has you ” in, the part that act is intellectual and independent, the heart is stubborn, persistent, also be hard-working female delegate at the same time. In ” this life has you ” in the part, tan Jing is a single close mother, a person is taking the son of congenital heart disease, still an all day long drinks with respect to make trouble ground ” the husband ” , although what be troubled by the thing is to protecting Tan Jing, cannot enter Tan Jing’s heart forever however, this is not the problem of money, however the person’s inner world, of the heart hand in cannot the result of photograph be in harmony.

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Tan Jing encounters Nie Yucheng again, he is the inner driving force that Tan Jing holds to to come down in affliction day all the time, but because misunderstanding thinks father Nie Dongyuan of Nie Yucheng is,kill father personal enemy, hate in spite of oneself, the kink between love and hate and but. Kiss mom because of sheet at the same time, corner of place susceptive life, torment must suffer from the mom of affection into, deductive is not Li Xiaoran to often reach the designated position. Look pitiful. Till the esteem that experiences Nie Yucheng, warm, true, after leaving the love that does not abandon as before, blossom from the heart the happiness that go out and melting, part contrast is very big, acting at any time can crossing-over. I had never stopped to love you. This actor’s lines is very classical, in ” have not enough time to say I love you ” and ” this life has you ” appear likewise. Probably this is to stem from same a the writer’s hand, say this is a paragraph of any experience probably again depart too and do not leave the love that does not abandon, must provide some power.

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” this life has you ” a few words finishs whole department theatrical work, but hide in full love in the picture, the love in detail. Similar such picture is very much, for instance: In 13 collect, late night time, tan Jing sufferred from chill to make an a bit in the hospital, she fatigue was asleep. At this moment, the Nie Yucheng that is worth evening shift discovers the a bit has been hit, blood is in circumfluence, he gently mouth of processing infusion needle, tan Jing is alarmed open an eye, look at Nie Yucheng, slowly answer a god. At this moment Tan Jing is clever, enjoying the appearance that is caressed silently. After Nie Yucheng is handled, raise the eyes to look at Tan Jing, tan Jingqing woke, said sound is thanked, the expression of two people very Mu Ne, nie Yucheng is all the time in those days Tan Jing says to be done not have had loved him and doubt is heavy, must do clear. Think Tan Jing had the man, not dare wanton ask a question, compulsive, depressive, cannot bear again however do not care Tan Jing, pattern is very sad. And Tan Jing because in those days help sb to fulfill his wishes, deep love fears to affect each other again again however, that cautious love is revealed from the eyes, let popular feeling ache likewise.

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Nie Yucheng hesitated a little while, still cannot help asking about the matter that why leaves in those days on board, tan Jing says: “Go so long, ask this significant? ” Nie Yucheng heartens say: “I want to know you namely why. ” ” hate you when me. ” Tan Jing two showing tears in eyes, pretend to be calmingly answer however. Right now picture, it is good that Nie Yucheng looks at Tan Jing all the time a little while, overcautious respecting: “Now? Still hate me? ” ” hate even if love, had you loved me? ” Nie Yucheng continues to say, continue to look at Tan Jing all the time. However, tan Jing dare not face up to Nie Yucheng all the time however, look outside car window forward all the time, also do not answer his question. But medium Nie Yucheng said: “Get off ” kept tear next. Dialogue is very light, very simple, it is however in detail, see love between two people and incapable grievance, look so that make popular feeling broken. This drama, zhong Hanliang performed a few tears to go straight towards play, the man cries not be a blame, act expression completely. Nie Yucheng drives not a few paces are far, back a car again come back, the car stops beside Tan Jing, he opens door, who knows Tan Jing not to agree to get on a car. Nie Yucheng gets off rapidly, go to the side of Tan Jing, push partly hold the ground in the arms to do Tan Jing to front seat partly, help her fasten good safety belt, two are in cramped space, the breath of bilateral breath is very close, but at this moment they however because misunderstand, what the heart is lain between is very far. This one extract also is to look to come out love is thick.

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The exchange that love is not a gender is serving the means that Tan Jing goes back, tan Jing was asleep, nie Yucheng is forced to send a hotel to rest her, when the gang talks static take off your coat, talk about the case that the times reads since the memory in static brain, two people hit it off perfectly, yue of two affection photograph, she closely holding Nie Yucheng in the arms, in two people lingering during, who expects Tan Jing said soberly suddenly: “You have you to need, I also have me to need. ” after Nie Yucheng listens, astounded ground looks at Tan Jing, tear couldn’t help flowing. Nie Yucheng thinks two people love each other, is not the exchange in talking about quiet opening. He rises, anger anger ground looks at Tan Jing, leave a public house, the hand is heated up by explore implement puncture do not know. This extract lets Nie Yucheng understand Tan Jingzhen eventually ” do not love him ” , and Tan Jing reason regards sexual love as physiology exchange, it is for Nie Yucheng. “Pushing you is the thing that I can do best for you. ” because love, leave so.

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In loving to be being embraced, love is to teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution in 25 collect, nie Dongyuan contracts liver cancer, in spite of illness goes visitting grandchildren flatly, in with the home is in carelessly in amuse oneself flatly trip, after cure sending a courtyard unconscious all the time, do not be willing to leave flatly, at this moment, nie Yucheng was taken from nurse station stethoscopic, let listen to oneself and Nie Yucheng’s heartbeat flatly, tell again next flatly: “The grandfather’s heartbeat is beating, you see custody implement jumping, need not worry. ” just be willing to leave flatly at this moment. Right now, be in aside Tan Jing, see Nie Yucheng’s move all the time, by very the expression that be surprised smiles to what admire. After Nie Yucheng sends Tan Jing and son to go back, he is embracing Tan Jing respecting, father breaks out sudden thing, talk about static seasonable announcement fortunately, face such issue, the heart also fears, say to tell Nie Yucheng flatly, if fearing, let mom hold in the arms did not fear. After Tan Jing listens, said only, should. Hold firmly Nie Yucheng, and dab his hind back, without redundant dialogue, picture from arrive to be pulled far nearly deep, matching music, get the better of soundlessly right now phonic, the picture is very sweet, very warm.

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Love is the loath to part from each other when life and death is parting in the 30th collect, because hear army pa to answer,did not come flatly, one anxious heart is not propped up be sent into hospital rescue, when restoring to stabilize flatly, everybody is persuading Nie Dongyuan to answer ward to rest, right now Nie Dongyuan a hand gathers up the brim in the window, do not agree to leave, camera lens is mixed to the hand the grandfather’s angular face, pull open his hand till Nie Yucheng. Nie Dongyuan (Zhang Chen smooth personate) to grandchildren care, aching unceasingly, want to cry loudly to cannot put acoustical state of mind however, those who act is clear, look at cannot help the tear dies, actor of actual strength clique is different. Before life and death, the right, money alls gone in brain, only love just can let a person be sentimentally attached to, be reluctant to part.

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In the 29th collect, the Nie Dongyuan after emergency treatment awakes eventually, he and Nie eaves Cheng speak: “You eventually Pi far give him. ” ” if you sign, he does not win. ” Nie Yucheng replies: “He compares me more competency this position (president) . ” Nie Dongyuan respecting: “You live more clearly than me, I am inferior to you. ” yes, be informed Cheng Fangting to come when Nie Yucheng the end with far Pi , what he considers the first times is not to be afraid of by by right of half-blooded elder brother contention, think of best friend however, the means that Shu Qin can be used to love by Cheng Fangting gives deceit. Filling square front courtyard to be close to Shu Qin is to be close to Nie Yucheng, to avenge, loot Pi is far. Becoming him to be informed Cheng Fangting love Shu Qin, the acceptance that he joyfullies ever was in this the elder brother that has met in one’s childhood. Eliminated once to father, to the resentment of this accident elder brother. On the buys share agreement that can win a stratagem which ensures success completely, he abandoned sign one’s name, want to let the position of president to Cheng Fangting namely, after all the elder brother is good at management. Do not be the right, do not be money, nie Yucheng’s bearing loves love. Actually, the purpose that Shu Ting knew to Cheng Fangting goes after her before wedding is not real, choose to marry as before, also be for him implementation all the time since the deep love to Cheng Fangting, want to satisfy oneself to be able to make the earnest wish of his wife. Marriage gauze of Shu Qin is too beautiful, figure also one class club, see this paragraph of the plot of a play very beautiful, brief appearance, such wedding is too romantic, of Liu Dao work decorating is extraordinary as before.

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” this life has you ” the setting of whole department theatrical work is in old in old building, male advocate the car is homebred Fu Kang, without a person of extraordinary powers of load one’s writing with fancy phrases curtilage, the setting of car of a person of extraordinary powers, the TV of smoke internal heat always can win the self-identity of common people. This drama leaves finally with Shou Deyun see a month bright as ending. Tan Jing is in of Nie Dongyuan chase after think of on the meeting, because had not left hospital flatly, he records the word that wants to say to the grandfather in the electronic dog that Sun Zhijun sends, in broadcasting, also examine minutely Sun Zhijun a truth that talks about static father accident in those days, it is authority secretary place is entirely, still get on accusation impute in Nie Dongyuan’s body. Vanish completely eventually in the misunderstanding between a pair of sweethearts aground, love bilaterally more sturdily. And Nie Dongyuan is in mortal before, also sent one portion marriage gift to Shu Ting, hope she continues to do Cheng Fangting’s wife, do his daughter-in-law, nie Dongyuan approbated Cheng Fangting, also mean the doing that excused Cheng Fangting. So do, also be to want to let Shu Ting also be at ease.

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There is a paragraph of word before trailer ends, be our everybody probably the circumstances of lifetime, also spoke the essence of love: We hope everything is successful, but in fact impossible everything is successful, we are being gone after all the time, but always be disappointed, everything is successful the right that is others, and rather than my, love is the most beautiful thing on the world, it gives manpower the amount, let a person become firmer, did not love won’t everything is successful, I love you, because you are a what kind of person,not be, however because, I like the sense that is together with you. Encounter you, falling in love with you is the thing with my this the best all one’s life. Picture of # of diary of # the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day comes from a network, if tort connection is deleted

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