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Original title: Does All Souls’Day of water month hole act? Does Zhong Hanliang sell outside the dot? Is Luo La Wang Neng true? When you smile very beautiful 2? Thefirstquestion: 1 explode elder sister elder sister, beg ask ” when you smile very beautiful ” have likely 2 season? Informatio is impossible almost, there is pressure to sow namely when this play broadcasts, if pat the 2nd, show adventitious is spat groove is become what kind of, those representing capital also is not willing to do Thesecondquestion of the 2nd season: Elder sister of 2 elder sisters, luo La and Wang Neng can be the play is true still! ! ! Good knock good knock they! Information character brief introduction: They are some archives love the honored guest of put together art, heat pretty is tall; Reply: Also not be a play completely, just this program is in portray the sort of lone from different woman of purpose more attractive figure, can make a few male honored guests much contact Luo La so, cut CP to her more next, wang Neng can record actually did not become a pair of Thethirdquestion with Luola so far: 3 explode white beautiful of long skin of ham of elder sister bosom explodes elder sister, is Zhong Hanliang nodded outside passing, sell? Concentrated? Information does not sell outside the dot, he is responsible to him family or pretty, want to follow family child video everyday almost, this is in the play staff is semi-overt thing almost, everybody’s tacit Thefourthquestion: Ban begin there’s still time to see scenery labour block pomegranate elder sister all right 4 explode elder sister, ” day of water month hole ” main actor now how, at that time Tong Bo, tong Zhan so fire, how don’t have a message now? Information because in those days the main actor Yu Bo of battle of Tong Bo child follows Yang Junyi is ” day of water month hole ” manufacture the actor with company Zhouyi subordinate recreation, this company closed down later, the actor below the banner goes straight towards a thing with respect to each; Yu Bo of the person that act still is taking sport, oneself open a company to feed oneself; Yang Junyi of the person that act retreats a circle early, oneself opened domestic wushu school, very fat now very fat, must have many jins 200 hope everybody gives explode elder sister is nodded looking encourage

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