Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Li Yifeng new theatrical work ” lens twin city ” not good-looking? Li Yifeng new theatrical work ” lens twin city ” not good-looking? Mood of easy peak of near future plum ” lens twin city ” go up line, gross 43 collect, replace 16 part today. I also am be chased after for a short while. The Li Yifeng that performs leading role after all, Chen Yuqi, Zheng Yecheng is the actor that I like very much. And to the origianl work of this story I also like to look very much. Did not think of those who sow to just left ” lens twin city ” differ actually on the network be like,judge wet. Tell the truth novel correcting teleplay is to should follow origianl work discriminating for certain. Basically had not seen with novel plot exactly like teleplay. But this kind of demon changes letting origianl work pink be overcome also is should. After all before half paragraphs little Su Ma is miserable the apply colours to a drawing of one’s life experience, second half paragraph black change a bit abrupt. And the acquaintance process of Su Ma and Bai Ying is different also. As to Zhen Lan, that with respect to prep let alone, the person is set be weakened a lot of.

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Returning somebody to be judged to difference is to cold-shoulder grow stout of elder brother Li Yifeng, do not suit to perform Su Ma’s role. Tell the truth, li Yifeng’s age is not a teenager really, but grow stout is returned unapt. True after all person cannot follow move free than, li Yifeng’s Yan Zhi still can control of this part. As to him ” aspic colour ” acting, I feel to see him act ” Gu Jianji Tan ” when suited, because,that moment likes him also is not such. Everybody has his color.

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Elder sister of Miss Chen Yuqi I like very much all the time, from ” samite not ended ” princess, arrive ” sweet honey ” medium demon a group of things with common features princess, I like very much. This makeup look and acting are passable also.

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Although the Zhen Lan of Zheng Yecheng personate was weakened, but of Zheng Yecheng’s acting or be obvious to all. Be in before him ” spend 1000 bone ” medium miscarriage, and in ” laugh slightly very bend city ” medium beauty senior fellow apprentice, I like very much. Although the play that plays the leading role alone still is not very much, but I become aware his Yanzhi and acting also conquered a lot of audiences. As the affiliation of numerous audience, ” lens twin city ” grading also is going tall stage by stage, perhaps wait to be updated entirely, also can conquer party of a few origianl work.

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