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Original title: Many like ” sleep deeply garden ” begin, get angry to rotting end has many ” sleep deeply garden ” just sowed before long, arrive all the time sow Pua case, I am chased after be no good. Plaint homebred the end at can be saved. Have intelligence quotient eventually online, the clue is online, acting is online, the men and women that is not all-round advocate.

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However, one collect has needed the drama market after Pua case one collect. Not only Zun Yan’s law case ends suddenly, is the law case of Li Yi heart to end so that let me more not by give out plaint ” with respect to this? ” . Indescribable. Case in any case of Zun Yan still gave coda constrainedly, law case of Li Yi heart drives plan to end suddenly. Li Yi heart resembles a tool person, the only action in drama is forcibly female advocate fall wisdom, let a men and women next advocate live together. Request, they still are not relations of male and female, also not be one-night standing, still be fluctuation class relation at present. This has misdirect effect to adolescent. Not all leader is Lin Shen, still be white officer likely.

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Through an effort of Li Yi heart, men and women advocate lived together eventually, bring short and concentrated one market to scatter candy to the audience, all sorts of kissing that hold in the arms in person, other whats were disregarded. The part that masterstroke case gives does not have progress and information. With respect to meeting memory, can grow when water. Wait for you to feel men and women advocate the issue that can resolve Fan Qi hand in hand, as a result they parted company! Parted company! Male advocate peace female advocate be the person that knows to love to know love, encounter a problem to part company? True cover a region? Now is not that should hold the enemy in the arms to say ” you go quickly! ” times. Most do those who laugh is, below one collect their become reconciled. Well, invalid parting company also is to see for the first time.

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Most exorbitant is last collect, also with respect to 60 minutes when long, begin is terminal 10 minutes, antecedent is premonitory 5 minutes, 20 minutes on what part ends is premonitory expand a little calculated, be as long as respectively with respect to a few paragraphs of costar after that 5-6 minute memory. (Ps. The law case costar before has scene of a few seconds, pitiful Li Yi heart does not have even camera lens)

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I think 16 volume are very short originally, the result saw the sense of 60 collect. 16 collect, spanned 2 years 3 months. Last collect still must challenge an audience to tolerate degree. Fanqina care about eldest brother, the book end of involuntary discharge of urine of eldest brother is put in him room in the book, can you see? The police can be in when facing a suspect, does one action explode first? This is the suspect that has not convictioned, not be poison is peddled, request. It is OK that doesn’t Fan Qi absolutely refuse to? How didn’t yellow far final final result say. Get through hastily. Fan Qi and Huang Yuan do Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao unexpectedly because Lin Shen is eyewitness (just) . I still think his Mom bumps into Lin Shen dead eldest brother, I do not understand this reason.

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Abrupt with respect to a year hind, get receipt of attend in a advanced studies suddenly. Female advocate attend in a advanced studies is the application when parting company before New Year, one year time examine and verify is done not have and male advocate say. Male advocate after seeing the announcement is believed, say ” I support you ” , female advocate also do not explain falling is not 3 months, however a year 3 months. Let a person catch really urgent. Fan Qi is abrupt ” I love you ” Xiao Xiao. One runs to hit Lin Shen and do not help Xiao Xiao’s person, can you have much love? The gut before also did not reflect Fan Qi’s love, too abrupt. Fan Qiru says if really ” I am sorry ” or ” thank you ” , I feel justifiable, “I love you ” too convention.

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The drama of a 16 collect, because the festival adjourns,have twice send out, not any premonitory, a week calculated 2 times, can you be weekly does not feel too beyond the mark? The Zhou Yizhou of come to an agreement or understanding 2 more, when forbidding, still do not say, I am in not more the dot went in that day page many times, see less than updating, disappointed many times. By what! ? Next door germinant so compact and concentrated still can add more, must decrease here more! Mango does not have a heart!

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Open search casing to just discover for the first time today pay fee time outside, what must my many year VIP still pay cost dibble seeding have? I am true, mmp.

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This drama, wear those who sow public praise to had been held out soon, result midway begins sodden remaining part, set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve. Garden of # sleep deeply

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