Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Turn play of these 5 horrible beauty by force, missing is really too regrettablly 1, ” hunt demon person ” ; The first season is better than the first season, but good finite, even if take no account of the problem with the narrative multi-line like nightmare of the first season, the gut of the first season is even a few more wonderful than the 2nd season. What the 2nd season had better look still is edition of person of demon of hunt of the first collect ” belle and beast ” , other from the back 7 collect the quadrature in the compasses in can calculating. Leading role takes gut together eventually, small princess is really fierce, mad hunt appears, expect the gut from the back quite.

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2, ” discovery is sibylline ” ; Turn the right into game finally, matthew’s Yan Zhi is quite enough. Sensory daughter advocate hairstyle is held out all the time bald like that, not too Jing is colourful. Have the bloodsucker family of love, still have other the live thing that has love. In front of matting so big, final villain in drama people grey flying smoke destroyed between an a snap of the fingers, can say just goddess ox only. Since,be like ground convention and nod without gut, but I like, the Yanzhi of whole department theatrical work is honest too tall.

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3, ” American thearchy ” ; Have a place without below one season regrettablly. Ao Ding this is old thing, still have where to feel at the beginning not the world gentleman of be to one’s liking, be opposite as expected cheater people be to cannot have any expectation. 3 season come down, true tussle setting is few, major while is in taletelling. These all sorts of gods also not self introduction, look in the mist in the cloud. Last collect still is not big ending apparently, did not pat actually?

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4, ” akin ” ; Window of complete theatrical work is the design of big long tongue, stimulate the appetite of original force, especially hacker of German fellow kidnap female that collect, he should do a thing with the tongue, do not have regrettablly. Kun Lan of not reconciled to was done not have so easily, since bloodsucker can be played to suffer a defeat by the nucleus, that predicts the person that be born what say only can kill hematic ancestor to be overthrown completely.

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5, ” enchanter ” ; It is better and better really, logic is so confused still, look at look at do not know he wants what to convey, look at next look at seem to hold out again interesting, the four seasons is in before had not when sowing, said the 5th season is final season. . . Why to return so much person enigmatic be foul-mouthed, story also this be over, what masterstroke goes is about the same, straighten manage of a few branch line went.

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Turn play of these 5 horrible beauty by force, missing is really too regrettablly!

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