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Original title: Huang Jingyu accepts CCTV to interview, response ” ace army ” gut is redundant controversy is spat groove! Army brigade drama ” ace army ” had received an official, still did not interrupt to the discussion of acting of gut, actor, actor’s lines. Recently, one of main actors are yellow Jing Yu is accepting CCTV groove is spat with respect to the audience in barrage when 6 princesses are interviewed ” amative gut is very redundant ” the view that talked about oneself, he says: “We are a work that have feelings, height is reductive and legionary the life… the camera lens of 1/3 essence of life is cut went down, those who stay is high-quality goods, it is must link and gut, hope everybody sees play seriously. Hope everybody sees play seriously..

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Although the actor is mixed one numerous advocate achieve personnel to stand to praise his in succession, to this drama that is 100 percent satisfactory, self-conscious the crystallization that each camera lens is effort of hardship of whole play staff, be craftsmanship make, of conscience make, audience however not buy it, say groovy voice by the area, “Love is redundant really, still love end from the beginning. ” ” now besides pull honour, what can you still do? ” …

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Talk about individual view, I can see this play seriously, but the feeling that won’t glance broomcorn, Changjiang Delta is asked for more absolutely makes fun of. Old Qian Qiongyao north and south of drama fashionable great river, “Come out, affection why content? Teach photograph of life and death to make continuously ” , so much the exceedingly sentimental, love bridge that lament to heaven and knock one’s head on earth paragraph, the audience looked apathetic, ” ace army ” medium amative bridge paragraph, its move person and impressive rate to precious jade than fining jade drama still was differred do not tell how many class. When broomcorn, Changjiang Delta ask forring 2 people burst into tears when two two-phase look, how many audience feels extremely comical to mix only aversion to cold? Is this the failure with gut and actor the biggest play?

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Borrow money to buy 20 skirt, still send the comrade-in-arms’ girlfriend, the comrade-in-arms’ girlfriend is returned can one face is happy and be intoxicated the ground is being enjoyed be liked by the man besides the boy friend and go after, is not be frightened to run by this frantic activity or be one face black line. Broomcorn gets the clue that serious injury is unusual shock originally in fight a flood, because Changjiang Delta ask forring wears marriage gauze,go out to give a person in the corridor of the hospital a kind of weird sense now however. Normal person should be not Mian is defended endlessly patient is taken care of in ward, as the soldier, won’t think broomcorn can hear him to want to be met when bridegroom magical heal? Mouth-to-mouth ground feeds water is to let National People’s Congress shake more at first, everyman is not done so not sensible, the writer that also has cerebral damage only can be in the novel so write cheat cheat amative head the reader of wisdom barrier. Anyhow, after-thought removes broomcorn and Changjiang Delta to ask for now, I return have one’s mind stuffed with is they fall in love, wind,flowers,snow and moon those things, what result was produced on the career as to them, do not have any impression however.

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Comment on like a netizen: “Most is to ask leading role to start a career seriously in barrage. ” be, see army brigade play be in the majority with the male, which male likes to looked to talk about the feeling of 20 old, nondescripts, willfully make a trouble to make fun of? 3 main actors start a career well, fight side-by-side on battlefield, education goes deep revolutionary friendly feelings, the advance side by side- do two or more things at once in the life, doesn’t the feeling between the comrade-in-arms also meaningful more for a long time than love? However apparent ” ace army ” advocate achieve personnel to the audience aesthetic and savour existence very big misunderstanding.

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The sodden stalk that if worn-out shoes,with old Qian Qiongyao drama abandons, want to capture now the heart of the audience, too too self-confident, too too madcap! The audience sees play seriously, advocate the esteem that achieves personnel to also should give an audience minimum, act blindly at least, self-righteous, can advise major viewer to retreat. Overmuch amative clue does not give a person to draw the aesthetic feeling of meaning with poetics not only, still delivered a mistake and absurd dispute view and viewpoint of value, mistake and absurd the theme that arrives to be publicized with this drama is act in a way that defeats one’s purpose.

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Of course, the performance of 2 actors does not have too big question, it is one answers originally only the army brigade drama of hot-blooded Ben Zhang however the amative bridge because of be there just to make up the number paragraph changed to taste, it is regretful really!

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