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Original title: Equestrian sky heart writtens guarantee, do not eat chocolate to won’t lose mother, father dies he became confused Everybody has his secret in the heart, this secret is the scar that everybody is not willing to open. Some people can choose to speak out to release force of him heart middling pressure, he can choose some people to conceal this secretly all the time. Everybody knows recreational group competition is very intense, star people the pressure that should face each side. Their heart special suffer, ma Tianyu is a the biggest case.

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Ma Tianyu is introvert, not love and person intercourse, this and his former unripe family has very big concern. Ma Tianyu is born in a very poor country, experiencing the anguish that others had not experienced as a child, ma Tianyu can go to today, it is to rely on him himself to be hit desperately completely those who go all out. Be like,be addicted to of equestrian sky father is betted life, the little brother that uses oneself even goes repaying debt, when the mother knows father gives others the little brother, the mother is thoroughly acedia.

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Mom is the heart knot that Ma Tianyu’s biggest soft costal region also is Ma Tianyu, him Ma Tianyu says not to eat chocolate to won’t lose mother, does Ma Tianyu say what meaning this word is? does mother die to be concerned with oneself? Ma Tianyu likes to eat chocolate very much, in he is 5 years old when, mom takes money to let Ma Tianyu buy the chocolate that likes to eat most, still tell Ma Tianyu to say to buy a sleeping pill at the same time.

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The money horse sky that buys sleeping pill remnant to come down can buy a lot of chocolate, ma Tianyu does not know the mother is what meaning, elated ground goes out buy sleeping pill and chocolate. Innocent Ma Tianyu thinks he can know liked chocolate eventually, thinking of those who come to wait is the message that mother dies. This is very big to equestrian sky blow, if not be he must eat chocolate,Ma Tianyu feels as a child, mother won’t die.

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Do not eat chocolate to won’t lose mother on the contrary, ma Tianyu is this heart knot tired all the time in him heart. Ma Tianyu feels is he kill mother dead, as a child special kink mixes the heart self-condemned. Everybody knows mother die to do not have a relation with Ma Tianyu, mother side is very acedia to the life, want to pulling Ma Tianyu to leave this world together. Ma Tianyu lived to come down, but mom left this world forever however. Ma Tianyu turned a nobody into the child that ache, ma Tianyu’s disposition and he in one’s childhood experience is having very big concern.

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This part does not have father to bring safe sense to Ma Tianyu as a child, to him, him special abhor oneself father, feel he is man of a special carefree. After mother dies, ma Tianyu did not excuse father first and last. Ma Tianyu thinks two people won’t have any be mixed again originally, father dies he became confused.

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That momently Ma Tianyu knows, oneself did not have mom not only, father also left him forever, in equestrian sky heart very afflictive. Although oneself special abhor father, but as long as father is alive still, ma Tianyu feels to there still is a dear one on this world. When father leaves, ma Tianyu feels he is abandoned by the whole world. After husband and wife dies, ma Tianyu just knows true and parting it is what kind of after all experience. Look at the father that be about to die to lie on the bed, ma Tianyu did not cry. Representing Ma Tianyu is an ironhearted person, do not flow to give tear when it is exceeding and painful that the person is in.

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Former unripe family of Ma Tianyu is very miserable, so that caused him this kind of disposition is dissocial now, do not wish to communicate with the person. Ma Tianyu’s childhood is miserable, but present Ma Tianyu is resplendent.

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