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Original title: Xue Di is beautiful: BE ending has a story additionally one time, the net passes HE extract to may be given off Han drama ” Xue Di is beautiful ” the tragedy with creed of a kind of hero is tonal fell heavy curtain, the love story of the War of Resistance Against Japan of referenced our country, ” traitor ” the miserable intense ending of Lin Nan sheng and Zhu Yizhen, complete a BE that get offline let rectify department theatrical work to envelop deep sorrow in full-bodied Bei in the mood. Review the history of that paragraph of showing the utmost fortitude, complete member get offline is why the history originally appearance? In that paragraph of history, the likelihood is so omnipotent without drama of movie and TV, but all experience are be accumulated in the painful episode that sacrifices in countless people and become. This made the BE style of historical drama already, ” Xue Di is beautiful ” period setting moves in Korea democracy the hardest hour, namely dark 1987 years, however this drama is in the stage photo before, very much detail is not tragic ending.

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Not little netizen claims, this drama has 18 market originally, but all sorts of boycott because of pickle countryman, final TV station and playwrite at top speed cutout cutout is decreased, scrape together went out to cater to the tragic ending of Korea history. The history of a paragraph of dignified is tragic, can pound the heart of each audiences, those sacrifice are for happiness battle, can let an audience arise spontaneously to that paragraph of history more an awe-stricken heart, value present life more thereby. The heroic creed in the history is tonal, there perhaps is artistic quality to unplug in drama of movie and TV tall, more it is the esteem to a paragraph of history and recall however.

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But in Korea ” Xue Di is spent ” in this drama, from HGR boycott signs off after this drama, the TV station begins to allege this is drama of a love nevertheless, do not put in the part that beautification installs ministry of look forward to. Can be in ending, the happiness that does not have love drama is perfect, it is instead in mark of bake in a pan, the trend is whole member get offline, still defame Korea again and again, this style runs a bit moved. ” Xue Di is spent ” the variable that one drama has a lot of, it is to be in what have twice in drama to add more more, let gut shift to an earlier date a week big ending, hypothesis netizen says originally this drama has 18 market, that shifts to an earlier date namely two collect big ending.

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A good theatrical work, the TV station can lengthen gut because of viewing rate, resemble Han opera ” sleeve red edge ” increased one volume, if viewing rate is more hot, can resemble ” attic ” have the first season, the 2nd season, the 3rd season, will look according to these lessons drawn from others’ mistakes, ” Xue Di is beautiful ” add have a story additionally one time more. Have on the net pass, at present ” Xue Di is spent ” in polling, exceed the word of 4000 tickets, with respect to meeting general originally the ending extract of HE is given off, let this drama be in originally the heavy curtain below story contrail decline.

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This drama is the work that playwrite comes out with ten years of elaborate go through the mill, but from inside broadcasted gut however flaw 100, it is clear that a lot of things were not explained. Jiang Qingya was taking 300 million dollar to leave, did not have however any sequel, and those people of the ministry that install look forward to also are the camera lens that shine and passes nevertheless.

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So this all everything resembles is the BE that abrupt prevents not as good as, is why TV station and playwrite lower his head to the public opinion impetus of boycott? TV station JTBC, when the boycott that faces compatriots, not hesitate the weapon that took law, prosecute the person of those start a rumour, ased if to had gotten triumphal fruit in those days, but go up in ending, lowered his head to the public opinion of boycott however.

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The gut of follow-up HE whether give off? Playwrite should be met hope this work according to originally set is perfect appear before the audience, is not the brash ending of scrape together. After all Han drama has certain audience group in Korea not only, there is bigger audience group on more alive bound, also have hearsay nevertheless, of HE extract watch the fee with need bigger brushstroke, this lets a lot of audiences becoming aware the TV station lowered this head to money.

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Of extract of your expectation HE broadcast? The sad injury lung of BE ending, can you have a story another time? Expect ~ please

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