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Original title: Knife of the bold in snow goes: South the lower reaches of the Changjiang River riding a crane that Hong Xi resembles, spent 700 years fully Before knife of the bold in teleplay snow goes paragraph time is already great ending, return according to the plan of the novel far the degree of short of big ending, range estimation still can have the 2nd season inside besides leading role Xu Feng year the love with Jiang Ni, xu Feng year the love that eldest sister Xu Zhihu and fierce wash an elephant when mountain torrents, be brushstroke has been taken only inside teleplay actually these two love, the brushstroke that must going up is thick Mo Chongcai calculates inside origianl work. After all the preexistence that fierce washs an elephant when mountain torrents can be neat black frame and Lv Dongxuan

20220203134717 61fbdce5673e2

The big final result with final teleplay did not broadcast Hong Xi resembles the picture south lower reaches of the Changjiang River riding a crane, but broad netizen is hit ” south lower reaches of the Changjiang River riding a crane, stride Ba He ” not common also saying says the love story that barrage understands these two with respect to card why does this Hong Xi want south elephantine lower reaches of the Changjiang River ” ride a crane, be opposite in lotus peak in those days because of Xu Zhihu only Hong Xi elephant says ” want to ride a crane ” , hong Xi elephant was written down all the time Hong Xi elephant went now Changjiang Delta, after seeing Xu Zhihu, fumble the ground says: “Xu Zhihu, I like you, had liked you 700 years, this did not like your longer person than me all one’s life ” , these words, hong Xi hid 700 years fully in the heart like Tibet

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Then Xu Zhihu follows Hong Xi to all over auspicious land like view riding a crane, two people went the Xi Shu of old times, admired grand Zhu Hai; Went the Xi Chu of old times, saw relics of Xi Lei wall, two people went capital, hong Xi resembles the force with oneself to hit a Lin Jun of the capital men and horses thrown off their feet-utterly routed, make full city person look at each other in speechless despair. . . . . .

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Two people returned the fierce of original acquaintance to spend a peak when Shan Xiaolian finally, , two people first time encounters, dan Hong washs an elephant for Xu Zhihu this one red garment, turned two worlds just when Xu Zhihu is this generation only, xu Zhihu already the disease is not curable, life before long final Hong Xi is resembled be opposite when hill in fierce day impawn, wish to repair 300 years again for correct path of heaven and earth, the merits and virtues that uses oneself 700 years, hope to change Hu Feisheng of the fat that get Xu only

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Xu Zhihu assented Hong Xi is resembled, be willing to wait for him 300 years, then Xu Zhihu is wearing a red clothes, riding Huang He to fly to day door. Hong Xi is resembled subsequently arms solved oneself, after 300 years, two people can encounter again. . . . . . When this paragraph is being read in origianl work, touch indeed, but did not appear inside teleplay come out this setting, hope the 2nd season when can pat this classical ” south lower reaches of the Changjiang River riding a crane ” , after all this one act is the very classical setting in the novel # of travel of knife of the bold in # snow

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