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Original title: Amorous feelings she 10 thousand kinds, give all corners of the country again or do not have adversary Before two days talk about a pig with everybody 8 give up, as a result area of a bit comment gives me very happy. The Gao Cuilan that boast cover is next is beautiful, it is to reading aloud essence of bones of the dead to have enterprise, we card male are 3 old pigs put which? I am not rare lays bare you! The fact proves, the mankind is boundless to the belle’s enthusiasm, ” on the west travel notes ” as teem with a belle group a fertile soil that resemble, nature also cannot escape to be relapsed to push lightly. This not, connect some time ago a ” aunt drama ” , can allow succubus essence fan people place is ecstatic. Sanded carve small playlet ” the aunt’s world ” the ground sows quiet silence, after knowing after a lot of talents, become aware: The main actor aunt inside, it is actually ” on the west travel notes ” the Tian Zhu’s princess in + essence thing Jade Hare-the moon, in those days sweet jade of song empress Li Ling. 20220203134935 61fbdd6f4f4f9 It is whose ~ sends an aunt to come to the side of us ~ my Ke Taixi sees emeritus aunt happily be amused with boudoir honey everyday frowsty child, go to play save money have a holiday ability be willing to part with or use is chased after at a heat. The presiding aunt that Li Ling jade performs, leading the old lady in the village people Yong Pan height, taste with health care bagman and young groups small people battle of wits fights brave, it is the good life after oneself are 40 years simply. Exclusive cannot answer of quarter, reckon be an aunt is fine-looking. Once hum move ” the tile in Shaliwasha ” the bunny essence that sways along with wind, wearing pink kit start now square dance, personally more forceful than me. 20220203134935 61fbdd6f870ed Also not Linzhong puts a song, also do not seduce elder brother of drive younger brother, main job becomes senile owner gives in village arbor people attend a meeting. Disillusion? Also did not see. In eye of a lot of netizens, your aunt still is your aunt, succubus essence performs an aunt… female still also alluring woman. Be the sort of, even if letting a person should hit difference to judge to drama, also should leave ” amorous feelings of Li Ling jade 10 thousand kinds ” succubus essence. 20220203134935 61fbdd6fb60ba Because,be probably childhood filter lens, it is one’s early years performs an alluring woman to sing probably sweet the energy spirit look of the song is sufficient still. Li Ling jade performs an aunt to come, always let a person feel to have where money incorrect board. Small slant cent curl is combing, small amice is being built, pearl headgear three-piece suit is being worn, love red to hear with the net of handsome old man also dynamic ground is troubled by, look at that to call an eye wave to be on the move smoke inspects fawn on to go. 20220203134936 61fbdd7027139 You look, reality seemed to repeat the worldly iron rule of that indisputable again: What fairy elder sister what belle disguise or mask of an evildoer, final metropolis slowly be born, turn the community beside you into the aunt. What fortunately Li Ling jade changes this is amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds of edition. This ability plaints in somebody beauty late evening while, let more person feel surprizing. The alluring woman elder sister that is infatuated with previously, age became old temperamental also and conspicuous, acted again so ground connection gas denounces happy heroine again, even what bicycle? Think again and she is same batch from ” on the west travel notes ” in the beautiful woman that takes, faded out of recreational group mostly, like Li Ling jade still is in so act in a play, it seems that very few. Even if is right once indulged ” on the west travel notes ” for the audience, their name, how had not been also mentioned for a long time. Remain a most intense whole concept only, still imprint in everybody from beginning to end in brain. Good-looking. 20220203134936 61fbdd70dbf97 Not be the sort of need slow-motion Gif ability highlights calm case, mix colors, cut those who come out is good-looking; And ” red Lou Meng ” in line of the sort of modelling, story and character destiny are bound be together surely, the artistic beauty that brings up jointly is not quite same also. ” on the west travel notes ” the belle show share in is not much, resemble the essence thing Jade Hare-the moon of personate of Li Ling jade, had been inside story line compares a complex, return drag in to arrive after all country of Zhu of day of true and false the princess’ gut. Role of other major woman, show share is most also with respect to 9 collect, little nevertheless one makes fun of, a few minutes. Stay in memory so, it is Jing grand dekko. As long as thick thick glance, can feel the immediate impact that gives birth to sweet, bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration to live scene. 20220203134937 61fbdd711ce91 The concussion on the vision is tremendous — after all inside from fairy of bewitching precise and penetrating, arrive from queen princess, notting have is not be bored with of pink of apricot eye Xiu Mei, sweet cheek, assemble is worn the bob that full head is like the cloud, dropping all over 18k Jin Heliang shakes the big gem of of all kinds that shake. 20220203134938 61fbdd72eb057 Leng Buding thinks, seem to return blind of a bit easy face, essence of spider of essence of lute of what scorpion essence is foolish foolish cent is not clear. But ” on the west travel notes ” the most mystical place, depending on it is what take readily is endless those who use not the belle treasure of exhaust, between different type, the United States gets a style each different. Sheet is an alluring woman, with respect to cent this plants seed thing Jade Hare-the moon charming is affectedly sweet lively model, with essence of bones of the dead such scheming 8 dark, awe-inspiring careers. 20220203134939 61fbdd7326171 In fairy elder sister, have the goddess in the moon that does not eat terrestrial cooked food, also have the small apricot celestial being with clever amorous feelings. 20220203134939 61fbdd733f2f0 Who looks foolish adscititious money of elder sister of higher primary school of old lover of 8 give up is little jasper, with daughter country such dignified air riches and honour spends king. Nonexistent what arrives from fairy the fall between countrywoman, decent villain in drama is not had is not to let a person halloo ” elder sister I am OK ” exist. The little servant girl that connects walk-on is little celestial being child, had not come on the stage each country empress of a few minutes, grow appearance is comelily mostly, still be famous any better the fine actor that has a last name. Remember too on beside old gentleman, those who have a fleshy cheek small dimple make a fire boy. Main drama share is to be in Sun Wu is empty by furnace of coop make pills of immortality later, igneous fan fan big. 20220203134939 61fbdd7361594 Fleshy cheek little boy is called Xu Qing, when year 14. At that time, everything is returned have not budding. Too on old gentleman is busy burn a monkey, the audience is busy the wool of a concern grandson monkey fastens burn anxious, refine of moment of piercing eye what comes out. Him Lian Xuqing also has not enough time to want, one day she can be covered from the Xiaolong that make a fire, evolution arrives the sexy goddess with recreational accepted today group. 20220203134939 61fbdd737d13a Oh right, again compensatory a very hot knowledge, after Chi Guohuang of car of the personate in drama, it is famous artist Mr. Zhao Lirong. Wine of 981 cups palace jade fluid, empress empress or imperial concubine of the first rank should be OK drink on one whole crock everyday. 20220203134939 61fbdd7396b3d Director Yang Jie for collect neat team of this side beauty, the cross-stitch work in group of the chorus from each district, opera eye. She favores opera actor, feel they ” put on ancient costume to have figure, the performance is particularly exquisite ” . Widely known has been before Li Ling jade is beginning to act in a play is sweet song empress, ” on the west travel notes ” show that one year, her special ” sweet sweet ” sales volume broke through 8 million dishes. 20220203134939 61fbdd73b1658 What a lot of people do not know is, some earlier when, she still has learned Japan and southeast Asia song and dance in Oriental chorus, what had sung 3 years in group of Beijing Shaoxing opera is small unripe. Professional ability can say is can hit quite, what that time is sung and actor acts is typical. But put ” on the west travel notes ” in the play staff, still do not calculate really on special punch a hole. 8 give up are in old lover Gao Cuilan of Gao Laozhuang, shandong of one’s previous experience of actor Wei Huili saves Beijing opera courtyard, it is the day of n/COL the head of a family name of the theater. 20220203134939 61fbdd73cda38 “Essence of bones of the dead ” Yang Chunxia of the person that act, it is artist of famous Beijing opera performance, the person morale seventies is not as low as star. 20220203134939 61fbdd73e8ba4 She is in Beijing opera ” azalea hill ” in the Ke Xianggong that act alls over great river north and south, full ave of stage photo, poster is being hanged. Get on even the hair end in play slightly the bingle modelling that become warped ” Ke Xiang head ” , also be being contended for by young son’s wife of countless old girls cut with the paragraph. 20220203134940 61fbdd741dba4 Still remember ” on the west travel notes ” the first collect? The Tang Dynasty close woman of the monk upstairs stands in high embroider to cast removed big-leaf hydrangea, in be bungled the appearance that oneself did not come to is public. From now on Datangduo a bonze, all fokelore had front. 20220203134940 61fbdd7430c0e The actor that casts big-leaf hydrangea calls Ma Lan, artist of famous yellow plum play, country one stage actor. 22 years old when, suffer invite on CCTV spring evening has performed classical yellow Mei Huxuan paragraph ” female emperor’s son-in-law ” . 20220203134940 61fbdd749e5f1 Equestrian Lan Zaichun the performance somebody in the evening once exposed to the sun piece, she is ” on the west travel notes ” in the most expensive actor. The Ma Lan when switching on the mobile phone is having main show outerly, everywhere funds the play staff of have too many problems to deal with, still wrapped a private plane to receive for her specially, for altogether camera lens of 3 minutes. In professional career of Ma Lan, opera art holds big head, the actor still is after all ” avocation ” . But forgive is such, she is in another CCTV big play ” Yan Fengying ” in the main actor that carries program, returned to take the optimal actress of golden eagle award and flying Apsaras award. 20220203134940 61fbdd74b3fd6 2007, ma Lan obtained the Asia that performs artistic center to issue by Lincoln the most crackajack actor is lifelong achievement award. Should break the personal details that pulls her and award really, ” on the west travel notes ” it is a when have an eye least of all among them probably. Meanwhile, these year get attention fully, still have the amour of she and writer Yu Qiuyu and marriage. The Ma Lan when marrying has 24 years old only, yu Qiuyu however already 40, old husband and young wife’s combination caused not small censure. Two people at that time be on terms of intimacy, it is to write a letter to talk about art, it is to have a meal watch a show, speak of ode of poetic word song from star moon, home of more than your work is hit finally decided an idea, want He Malan to go to artistic life in all. The rich guest content that keeps according to him Yu Qiuyu, in those days after marriage, because Ma Lan’s job cannot leave a theater, he returns the post that resigned he is in Shanghai, two people are resident Hefei, the denominate that occupy place is ” orchid room rain highs ” . One up-to-date, still somebody is guessing why they didn’t want the child, resemble looking so Xiang Jingru guest. 20220203134940 61fbdd74d45f6 Yu Qiuyu and life of Ma Lan love are fixed eyes upon like Ma Lan, it is the Zhu Lin with personate daughter kingly country. The red that is a belle probably is heard this provoking attention, on the other hand, because,also be ” on the west travel notes ” honest too too classical, the masses always meets a not self-conscious actor and part person set bind be together surely. Specific symptom performs Mr. Zun Dabin of avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to see, before be about to go up, close according to ” pray blessing ” . 20220203134940 61fbdd74ed2ca See Zhu Ling, also envisage her herself not self-consciously into spoony belle. Hear the Eight Diagrams from all sorts of hearsay, red in, search the dribs and drabs that can set echo to go up with the person. 20220203134941 61fbdd750f5db As the Tang Dynasty the strongest stumbling block on road of go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of monk Western Paradise, 1000 charming the daughter country of 100 fawn on is kingly, the daring rich bonze that took out submissively land for a time laughs. Can calls the straight ball in homebred drama originator, idea is bad the summit summit player of level aesthetic field. 20220203134941 61fbdd7590b19 This who supports so that live? And outside play, zhu Lin and act the Tang Dynasty the red that the monk’s Xu Shaohua also was passed ten years is heard. Hearsay of in the bookshops is, king is performing daughter country to performing his to also eat every heart, but already had a room because of Xu Shaohua, can fall only beautiful intended running water is merciless, “More than 20 years hard expect, did not marry a person all the time. ” big probability is the gossip that CP of audience crack with teeth in mouth spreads, but bluff many people. The meaning in drama is made the same score hard, the head that passes countless people outside play fills and fabricate, more became ” the infatuation outside the play in spruce kingly play one, slow-witted bonze from only then come to indissoluble eventually amorous feelings ” tasteful big play. 20220203134942 61fbdd7694833 For years put together art ” artistic life ” reunion 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” the old cast, zhu Lin to camera lens slowly sentence, “Elder brother of drive younger brother, will not in good health. ” implicative caption ” affection is swim on the west, unfinished love reason ” 8 big character, to the audience people sharp crack sth between the teeth is mad. 20220203134942 61fbdd76ac43c But what everybody does not know is, be in early Zhu Lin is entered ” on the west travel notes ” before the play staff, had married. Come out with Xu Shaohua so the red that last long is heard, because,the half is at that time ” place of common feelings of people to ” , half also because her disposition is low-key, how to come out to clarify, interviewing in say, “Why bother went breaking them (amusement is written down) rice bowl ” . 5 years of Zhu Lin 2 marriage, the 2nd husband is an alien, she also faded out of recreation to encircle gradually. Although still performing a few roles brokenly, but it is the costar in time show mostly, did not arouse what spray. Be in for instance ” harships closes on the west ” in to Sun Lihe Chen Kun is made match, feudal everybody grows personate Xie Lu, turned special v&n bastinado into the acerbity mother-in-law of young an affectionate couple from the queen that chase after love. 20220203134942 61fbdd76d374c Right 3 what be worn by Sun Liwan is occurrence stagewise of Zhu Lin last time, it is to appearanced 2014 perform a stage play, one hangs down aging nun figure. After this, do not have the mail message of respect of movie and TV again. 20220203134942 61fbdd76e985f Personate Bodhisattva of clever auspicious of 3 female immortal ” pity pity ” He Qing, be in ” on the west travel notes ” in it is an embarrass pig only the small part of 8 give up. 20220203134943 61fbdd770cbd9 At that time also nobody can expect, she can be in later the classical beauty that performs 4 great famous work. Film edition ” red Lou Meng ” Qin Keqing, 94 edition ” the Three Kingdoms ” the Xiaoqiao in, 98 edition ” Shui Hu is passed ” the Li Shishi in, a classical woman role with an amorous tenderness, all is He Qing goes out act. 20220203134943 61fbdd7721e2a Outside play, he Qing is the love long-distance running that with the actor Liu Wei undertook 5 years first, go up again and again the program scatters candy. Liu Wei is in on ” Lu Yu has about ” when the setting that him description dates with He Qing, see her, ” drop set in ” . 20220203134943 61fbdd773c00d But until because He Qing acts ” wind carry on one’s shoulder is complained ” , met Xu Yajun. Right, namely ” people’s name ” in the Xu Yajun of personate Qi Tongwei, return at that time young. Bag bag turns circuit, thinking of He Qing is final is to followed Xu Yajun to stride marriage. 20220203403582 This paragraph of marriage was maintained all the time 2003, finally still is divorce wind up. Two people established new family severally now, he Qing reappears once more after the 2nd marriage, had been age of more than 40 years old. She also resembles mostly actress is same, in ancient costume drama and city drama, perform the mother that had young actress. 20220203403583 He Qing is in ” the mother-in-law also is Mom ” in the mother of personate Dong Xuan so sneak away look, the life contrail of a few actress, seem part is similar. And same batch from ” on the west travel notes ” in walk out of, still be in the beauty of the job in circle of movie and TV nowadays people, poor also do not leave. Famous, act in a play, had had affection history, be troubled by Guo Fei to hear, marry divorce, act in a play then again. Just making fun of act less more, the part is more and more onefold also. Gradually, like most common actress, from perform beautiful young son’s wife, perform the Mom of beautiful son’s wife all the way, change the such-and-such madam in countless burnt drama, some aunt, some madam. 20220203403584 The appearance of the part compares play body even more ambiguous, leave a name in cast only. Only the person of pa Mom generation passes TV, can spin sound ” oh — ” . “This is Li Ling jade, is this Zhu Lin… is age so old now? Is this Zhu Lin… is age so old now?? 20220203403585 Li Ling jade is in ” the man that grips rainbow ” in even if of personate river madam chooses to walk into belong to Xiaonian light people idol play battlefield, also carry do not remove what interest to make the world, teach Xiaonian with acting light was an upright person. It is only not result nevertheless, had performed law-abidingly cannot with male the bitter affection woman that 2 photographs identify. Can resemble Li Ling jade is same, meet be angry of an agile charming not to chatter, everyday makeup look the community aunt part with dye-in-the-wood look of spirit of delicate, energy, had calculated what can yield this audience love most probably ” ending ” . 20220203403586 If you go examining the data of Li Ling jade, can discover she is sowed besides ability ” the aunt’s world ” , act to have quite recently famous spent work, it is the motion picture that shows before a few years ” gallop life ” . In the part name in the film, cry ” Zhu Chunjuan ” . But to this name, I consider no matter broke a head, did not remember have so a person. Go back finally look, just see inside had appeared a boss that sponsors motorcycle race to leading role, zhu Chunjuan is the boss’ girlfriend. Boss requirement leading role, it is OK to want to take assistance to expend, but must give the name of my girlfriend imprint in contest to take on. 20220203403587 It is editing and rearrangement of out later period probably those who go up think, have other reason probably, anyhow from only then to eventually, zhu Chunjuan had not shown a face truly. This is Li Ling the full play share that jade assumes in this film ” : A name. 20220203403588 And ” on the west travel notes ” in more beauty, feel even such existence it seems that already ” disappear ” . Only about a hundred degrees of 100 divisions, claw uses up recreational trumpet, ability is medley the fragmentary information that gives life of a few their in the future. Essence of bones of the dead now already more than 70 years old, 4 Dai Tongtang, enjoying her emeritus life. Be called ” history on elder sister of the most beautiful goddess in the moon ” Qiu Peining, still once was in adjoining 87 edition ” red Lou Meng ” the play staff should cross log. 20220203403589 Later also is to experience marriage twice, settle in abroad all the year round. More than 30 years past, know her only nowadays is some group president, social status is not low, but recent situation becomes a puzzle. 20220203403590 The Li Yunjuan of the person that act of scorpion essence, ever was the Dao Madan’s actor of Beijing opera field. Ginseng act ” on the west travel notes ” hind, 10 years also land add add was patted 10 come department work, exited recreation to encircle thoroughly in millennium around, phonic ask is not had again on Internet. 20220203403591 In ” on the west travel notes ” in take the place of first in essence of 7 female group, spiders, still one wears C of red skirt station Yao Jia. She went out to perform this one play only, turn to became producer all right next. 20220203403592 Letting what the person did not think of is, she accomplished the director of center of buying operation of Hunan station program all the way, now have been the president of company of a movie and TV. Make from 9 give a little attention to ” big bright dynasty 1566 ” , to idol play ” see meteor shower together ” , have her figure rear. If not be to gather up painstakingly, can be in without the person when seeing these play, from the scroll caption of titles trailer, look for that once ” spider essence ” Yao Jia. 20220203403593 The work that Yao Jia holds the position of production but this kind of small part changes body bright article female advocate play, still be minority after all. Once sleeved in the garment in the film turn over the fairy that fly, go into business is in business, firm fall to the ground; Once the queen that sad condition closes, experience nowadays for two times marriage, 1000 sail pass. Young utility man encircles stand firm in recreation calcaneal, succubus essence from behind the curtain of the trend before the stage, became a hand to hold the producer of resource, all-powerful. Somebody still manages the center of circle personally, somebody has retreated house brim. Return somebody, escape of choice face about joins a crowd, be in the place besides people look, establish a career and family. Caring even is fetching cry or laugh, be be forgotten, still arouse sigh. Heat of · a week reviews · beauty people, will not in good health ↓ ↓ ↓

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