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Original title: The teleplay that check was about to show Feburary, every drama gut is wonderful, you most expect which As the arrival of New Year, each young associate people be enmeshed in as before look spring in late joyance, have a few teleplay, sowing in heat in, still have a few teleplay, will be in this year broadcasted Feburary, bring different surprise to everybody, accordingly, everybody also was full of to this expect, and the person energy of life of these teleplay is opposite for, very tall still, most propbably opens the gut after sowing to also can bring different experience to everybody, below by small write everybody introduction Feburary wait for sow drama. One, ” dream Hua Lu ” ” dream Hua Lu ” Jing Menghua of renown another name for Kaifeng pursues, it is theatrical work of sign of encourage of ancient costume of a female, this drama acts the leading role by Liu Yifei old dawn, the Yan Zhi that regards ancient costume as the bound takes on, got of many people love, plus this drama premonitory make very excellent, accordingly, a lot of people expect to wear this drama can broadcast at an early date, did not wear leather filter looking glass plus this drama, tonal also let a person times feeling is cozy, gut also has a hotspot very, can get so of many people expect not exceptional, drama is sowed in current heat in, ” surmount ” and ” germinant ” public praise all the time very pretty good, ” lens twin city ” after be being sowed, got many difference are judged, good be in from the back before drama love wonderful, eye comes round to say to also be pretty good, do not know namely ” dream China is recorded ” gut how, nevertheless, look at present premonitory for, this drama should not too poor, after all of this drama making still is pretty intention, when also believing this drama is broadcasting can public praise and viewing rate double close!

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2, ” beautiful language is endowed with ” as drama of feeling of talk of an ancient costume, the hotspot of this drama also is rife, especially female advocate decay and male advocate the love between, the person that can let like this theatrical work more very much looks more jump over above, and this drama is however at the beginning of good year 5 calm archives, this to liking the person of this drama for, it is a good news undoubtedly, also hope this drama can have the viewing rate of good public praise, face of bun of ugly to seeing ancient costume male He Ya female advocate for the audience, yan Zhigao’s men and women advocate can make them new have the fun that seeks theatrical work, resembling is Qiao Xin and Xu Zhengxi such acting clique, can cooperate piece perform this theatrical work, public praise and viewing rate also are not Chang Lingren to expect, these year, the talk feeling drama that heat sows is absent a few, but most public praise flatly, still have a few theatrical work all the time not lukewarm not fire, and ” beautiful language is endowed with ” hold theatrical work as a tall Yan Zhigu, still got of many people expect, after also hoping to broadcast, won’t disappoint audience people expect!

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3, ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” this drama acts the leading role by Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi, two people are perform art circle when Gong Mingxing, regard feeling of talk of a city as drama, had not left sow got of a lot of people expect, heat also is resided all the time do not fall high, accordingly, a lot of people also are to be full of to this drama expect, the top that Xiao Zhan encircles as recreation flows, most propbably is very much the person is not new, his ” Chen Qing makes ” , ” fight Luo Daliu ” , ” wolf highness ” still have ” ace army ” sow got of many people reputably, acting also got countless audiences approbate, yang Zi goes out as Tong Xing, acting all the time very pretty good, she is main ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , ” female psychology division ” , ” dear has deep love for ” also became year to explode paragraph teleplay, accordingly, this drama drives the viewing rate after sowing too won’t poor, also hope gut won’t invite an audience people disappointed.

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4, ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” as drama of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of a celestial being, this drama is done not have little be paid close attention to, but the muscle garment in former voice actor’s lines of Ren Jialun and prevue, still sufferred many audiences spit groove, especially muscle garment, make a person casual recalled talk feeling theatrical work ” green Qing Zijin ” picture, the Luo Qiu of personate of Fan Shi Zuo wears the picture of muscle garment behindhand, aroused countless people more spit groove, mix plus set gut Yan Zhi is not tall female advocate, it is to let the public praise of this drama attack more street, and Ren Jialun is in this drama the long meaning of personate, although the appearance of an actor is beautiful, but actor’s lines strength still needs farther promotion, nevertheless, audience people still was full of to this drama expect, the street does not attack after also hoping this drama broadcasts, not disappoint audience people expectation.

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5, ” won’t of love we ” this drama is decided archives and on Feburary 8, to liking the person of city affection drama for, also be a kind lucky, this drama basically was told about accede innocently the assistant that the Gu Jia heart of family property is arranged to become Zhao Jiang Yue by the mother, two people the story that an angle dreams, although this drama has not broadcasted, but heat also is resided all the time do not fall high, the Yan Zhi of Jin Chen and princely different is very tall also, the part of two people is comfortable deserve to spend very pretty good also, the meeting after knowing to broadcast namely has what kind of echo, also hope the public praise of this drama won’t be too poor, can give the young associate that likes to see play people bring joy!

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