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Original title: Qin Xiaoxian gets a tunnel to work, zhao Xiaotang this ” abjection ” tile is abandoned have after all why charm Do not love country beautiful woman, love to do what be handled to lay a worker only, such ” Stockholm syndrome is terminal ” emperor, had you seen? Not open-eyed, just opened comedy of sowed ancient costume scene ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” lead your see life.

20220203143327 61fbe7b7d0a54

Read play as the countless Er that seek theatrical work, this drama is at the beginning of Guan Xuanzhi the look that drew me successfully. The reason has 3: It is group of behind the curtain, manufacturing just is to love to surprise art atelier of sesame seed pod, supervise the manufacture of is Guo Degang, the director is to participate in hold had guided ” pass outside Wu Lin ” Qi Xiaohui, brother, ” reliable ” hit on fair screen!

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2 it is cast, this world of crane of hall of crane of Qin Xiaoxian, Zhao Xiaotang, the first month, Cao, Li He east, Zhang Hao , these names are put over there take comedic breath oneself it seems that;

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3 be ” small funny theater first drama ” this Title, it is good that common saying says back is cultivated greatly enjoy the cool, love surprises art the comedic theater that turns by force is added hold, get the better of leading is Upup more. In light of practical effect, it did not make me disappointed as expected, this Spring Festival has ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” marvelous! Fine line, can the emperor ” draw get down from a horse ” the story is such, there was a small czar once upon a time, he does not love to read inadvertently affairs of state, of one mind wants to chase after astral playgoing only, at a loose end does not have a thing to still be played the part of play the part of ghost, for ” princess of peace and tranquility ” become ” mortuary princess ” cheer help strength. One day he discovers to closely in the study accidentally, come to him fated ” Defuwashe ” .

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Here, he had a new name to oneself ” Huang Banjin ” , recumbent oneself all the year round by mother of an emperor ” hit pressure ” a few experience of the bullshit, had cheated shopkeeper Bai Xiaoqing, successful camouflage became a faineant dandy, apply for God assistant successfully, with one action changes to chase after Xing Jinli personally!

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Although,tile is abandoned small, chirping smoke internal heat can see here not less, you should ask possibly, this is small tile is abandoned, have after all why glamour, is the small emperor that can you let see a glory such be dead set? Because be here, small emperor is regarded as no longer that stand high above the masses mascot in palace, be regarded as truly however a person will treat, although faulty, but enough and true.

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Tile abandons the someone else in, each personality is distinct, take oneself laugh at a dot. Shopkeeper Bai Xiaoqing, bright and clear and courageous and resolute, doing to abandon tile all the time do greatly strong and hard, but look at present the difficult degree of this thing, can pursues strong than letting Huang Banjin make a determined effort become aspirant emperor. Renown actor Lan Ling, be proud charming is capricious, because one hides head poem, was hit in public by emperor father’s younger brother the buttock, suffer from from now on on ” dizzy stage disease ” .

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The of short duration in still having theatrical work did not tell a few parts of backside story, like the playwrite of depressed and god-given annals Xin Bao ailments, canopy of melon of dizzy blood chef, all-pervasive charmer Jin Keer, although their experience wants to hit temporarily greatly interrogation, but can abandon into tile, not be absolutely ” the light that saves oil ” . A flock of ” all sorts of people ” the person gets together, this acid bright, who does see know!

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Besides comedy, dare perform degree I breathe out continuously good lord! In this short in 6 collect, of my again and again be shaken by this drama, without him, only ” dare act ” Er. I cite a case, you knew, lan Ling will cover with tiles before abandoning, sent assistant to cover with tiles ahead of schedule abandon ” show state power ” , actor ” make fun of big shop sign ” place on bright face to discuss, I respect him is a Trojan!

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More dare still be in jian hou mian, huang Banjin goes into the street buy food, discovery is outside palace doit a jin leek, the Gong Ren that is embezzled puplic money unexpectedly says 191 jins. How, this paragraph calls everybody ” leek ” bitter memory. Our that is to say, acid comedy this thing, can be Rangwashe all corners of the country gives play understood!

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From the point of existing a few collect, this is above of a passing line, can saying even is an outstanding comedic work, and the platoon of first weeks of 10 collect sows means, it is sincerity really full! Too impatient to wait having a place wants to see follow-up the plot of a play!

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