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Original title: Does bubble girl fight neither by accident? The Zhang Moji that with 9 this world internal force cure hurts, just be the most terrible existence In ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” terminal, the face about that Zhao Min is like celestial being lightly answers eye it may be said meaningful. A her ” arrive to wait for me mostly ” , let filmgoer wait nearly 30 years however. ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” be over, let filmgoer meaning still was not used up indeed, mix to continuation look for in us in awaiting, years also passes quickly in life endless flow. King brilliant edition is new ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” show, it is a circle of generation person ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” film dream, once Li Lianjie, Qiu Shuzhen and Zhang Min had faded out of moviedom, and of Wang Jing at oneiromancy clinging, why is not recall of golden age of pair of Hong Kong film.

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Brilliant of new edition king ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” network of Yu Quanping station sows cent fluctuation collect, go up collect ” the open look result that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” those who bring our revive an old dream, also undertook fine tuning on gut. Inside the range with reasonable origianl work, what this collect finished origin of pair of result of 9 open looks is newer, right Yan Susu dies change, this accorded with the narrative spread out of next collect, and formed effective nest with the integral rhythm of the story. Of course this avoided by of the unripe hair of branch minor details, let us go to look focusing on leading role body again.

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Although Yun Qianqian, Qiuyi is thick 2 ” brilliant young woman ” be like person meaning very much, but praiseworthy is, below two collect are in on battle array, take the consistency that changes path and video style to go up, finished the narrative regret of one’s early years fitly. And next collect ” the holy fire male wind that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” taking care of marrow of Jin Yong origianl work while, finished focusing of pair of affective of male and female. After all, in ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” in origianl work, zhang Moji’s affection evolves held many content, and make newly taking to person heart hold on apparent very sufficient.

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On Zhao Min is known at the beginning of collect Zhang Moji, had left feeling in the knot inside penetralia predestined relationship. In Zhang Moji playing part character nature becomes true and authentic gradually. And clement magnify gradually in the spread out of gut with amorous strength. Include Zhang Moji and Zhao Min between advocate fall forward situation is difficult, oestrus is jumped over after the arrival that makes in Persia emperor deep justice heavy, after He Zhaomin experienced the episode of island glacial fire, a perfect pair of the feeling that 2 people have mutual affinity and disposition level, after Zhao Min and Zhang Moji experienced a misfortune, had been early in the heart dark make.

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Zhou Zhi is like even if to be in eradicate Shi Taiqian to stand issued poisonous oath, but with Zhang Moji’s behead ceaseless manage returns random favour silk, be in especially black after changing, inner contradiction is even more apparent. Help sb to fulfill his wishes finally in order to die Zhang Moji and Zhao Min, enough sees she is clement Wen Liang’s nature, can how is the tragedy of backside caused? Is this why Zhang Moji amorous the disaster that cause?

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Compared with instantly the shrivelled person in drama of a few knight-errants is set and false affection, the film ” the holy fire male wind that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” affection is abundant and full. Be in those who give an audience reasonable affection strike, in in addition individual destiny and Wu Lin destiny series connection was in one case, early before because Wulinen is complained, zhang Moji’s parents all get killed hereat, can calls Zhang Moji’s childhood tragedy. The demon later teachs the warfare with 6 big groups, even if Zhang Moji conserved one party, but the brutal essence of backside of dividing line of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is done not have abreaction.

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Below the environment of brutal fight closely, each trying to cheat the other, the individual’s dissimilation brought about the tragedy of love finally, the sacrifice that the departure of small clear, Zhou Zhi is like, how many also have the mood with a kind of cool Bei to be in, zhang Moji puts in even if ‘s charge for character of Wu Lin number one, but the person that in still cannot rescueing a heart, loves. On the dead set that is like in Zhou Zhi, I am very admire Wang Jing to direct. And this one ending also was showing a sense it seems that, it is outside retreating house world, just be the best choice of Zhao Min and Zhang Moji probably.

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Of course the advantage of the film depends on its affective rationality not only; Regard a knight-errant as the film after all, what the movement designs is excellent what still highlighted Hong Kong group is adept with major. If say market ” the open look result that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” , zhang Moji defies 6 big groups became important hotspot; So next collect ” the holy fire male wind that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” in tussle is more concentrated satisfy a craving, let an audience have too many visitors or business to deal with.

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On the 6 magical function that with the heaven and earth inside the tower big move moves, island glacial fire alone Zhan Bo Si Sansheng makes, and arrived on congress of lion of massacre of high mountain eyebrow, behavioral show also reached the climax of the film. The 9 this world of 9 shade that Zhang Moji and week Zhi are like defy, result of god of Persia emperor fire and little Lin Jingang are not bad than going all out, make a person dazzling. Wang Jing is being designed in wushu is none ambiguous, of fierce forest ace elegant and along with cooperate all right sincere the movement to the flesh, satisfied our organic requirement, also gifted likewise film of a knight-errant changes athletic simple sense and aesthetic perception duely.

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The flow of the static state of love clew and wushu tussle feels, one static easily, activity is appropriate, became ” the holy fire male wind that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” two big a magic weapon, prop up jointly those who had the motion picture is high grade and wonderful.

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