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Original title: ” between the world ” in under cover a pair of kin, aunt is one stage actor, nephew is one of 6 gentleman ” between the world ” it is span of a time very big, the big play with numerous part, every part personality is distinct, let a person look photographic.

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Want to had filmed a such teleplay, doing not have a few brushes was to not be competent the director of this teleplay works, so teleplay invited a nation Li Lu of one stage director comes hold guide. Perhaps arrive nowadays, can have not little audience as before to Li Lu this name is very new, but the work that mentions him, that is certain reverberate like thunder, for instance ” people’s name ” .

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In industry of movie and TV, li Lu is having very high prestige, so the actor hopes to be able to be joined act on his work, because of such, teleplay ability calls together the actor with fine so much to assemble in. Teleplay around move 5 people spread out Zhou Jia, the actress that must say this family is chosen well, the Home Zhou parents that sees fourth Yong Dai and Sa Rina personate, let an audience look at the feeling that a kind of memory is killed, because of their masterly acting, be opposite parents of exquisite consideration depict of children lifelike.

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Parents is outstanding, tiger father does not have a dog child, 3 children are likewise outstanding, home Zhou 3 children part personate of favorable reply of You Xinbai blueness, Song Jia, thunder, 3 people explain the personality with distinct everybody incisively and vividly. As the development of gut, with the character related Zhou Jiaxi breath embark upon a political venture, for instance: Zheng Juan, 6 gentleman.

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Come on stage in succession as the actor, the deep feeling of the audience is open-eyed increasing, for instance Zhou Jia 5 personate actor, sarina is winner of the vole after inspecting the first person still is a country at the same time country of one stage actor, Xin Baiqing one stage actor, Song Jia is namely also be after the shadow after inspecting, connect the youngest Lei Jia. In thinking of the part that comes on stage in succession, same by the actor personate of heavyweight, for instance Zheng beautifuls personate of this part You Yantao, yan Tao is an actor of the vole after inspecting likewise, want to know current movie and TV is encircled, winner of the vole after inspecting has 4 person that above average only, did not think of to there are 2 in this teleplay, very doughty really.

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” between the world ” it is to adapt the homonymic novel from Liang Xiaosheng, the audience that has seen origianl work knows, be in next among gut, the part that still has a heavyweight is about to come on stage, this part is Jin Yueji. Jin Yueji is Hao Dongmei’s mother, zhou Bingyi’s mother-in-law, also be a mother that does broken heart for children, this part You Songchun beautiful personate.

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Mention Song Chunli, the accepted actual strength that is circle of movie and TV then sends an actor, all sorts of honor after shadow backsight were taken, still be a country one stage actor, still held the position of Chinese film to perform institutional vice-chairman. These personate crosses year of Song Chunli a lot of mom parts, after believing she comes on the stage, same meeting becomes very the role that gives prize. Speak of Song Chunli, there still is an actor and him in drama origin is very deep, this actor is Song Chuyan, because Song Chunli is close aunt of Song Chuyan.

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Song Chuyan is in drama personate grandson overtakes, there is a very good combination in drama, that is ” 6 gentleman ” , this 6 individual have a common goal, the relationship is particularly so good. Grandson overtake even if among them one of 6 gentleman, although broadcast now come on the stage in drama anthology not much, but explain the young image with a simple and honest right goodness or very reach the designated position. Song Chuyan went out 2002, the old actor that has been a play age 20 years, although have famous degree of very tall aunt, but he is to be in the condition with not red a favourite by sb in power of a kind of play all the time however.

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Although Song Chunli is very successful on the career, especially these year, in drama of movie and TV often the part of personate mom type, make an audience accepted ” mom specialist ” , but there is a regret in the life, because she takes sport busily all the time,that is, she is trashy all the time want the child, wait when wanting the child, had missed first-rate to bear the age. Because do not have the child, be like,Song Chunli is inspected all the time to nephew oneself piece, explode according to media makings nowadays already the nephew ultra come over, 2 people already Mu Zixiang said.

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As elder, also be the elder that performs art bound at the same time, song Chunli is right all the time Song Chuyan’s career very guide and support, in wanting Song Chunli to enter the theatrical work of movie and TV that perform only, total meeting discovers Song Chuyan’s form. These has cooperated work has year of 2 people ” get married establish line of business ” ” I am not a murderer ” ” if come happily ” ” I am veteran ” ” public security bureau grows ” ” 18 Trojan ” ” Wang Zhaojun ” ” oath of redness of skin ” , nowadays ” between the world ” it is brother’s son of this pair of aunt cooperates the 13rd times. Look Song Chunli is to be very fond of by every means really to this nephew, otherwise also won’t so much of guide and support second, looking ” between the world ” this teleplay when, the performance of which actor most move you?

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