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Original title: ” the holy fire male wind that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” fabaceous valve opens branch 4.2, qiu Yinong by ridicule the ugliest Zhou Zhi if! King brilliant new edition ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” continuation ” holy fire male wind ” go up formally line. Valve of very rapid pulses leaves gave a mark, the grading of 4.2, compare the first mark tower above of 3.5 is not little several days ago, but still still rot piece. The esteem that depends on pair of origianl work as to the reason with high mark and reductive, the scenario is more whole, this ability is 29 years ago that ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong teachs the founder of a religion ” continuation.

20220203143605 61fbe85599e5e

And the first ” result of 9 open looks ” just break up intactly pat. Of course to ” holy fire male wind ” for still continueing ” result of 9 open looks ” same question, the gut of bouncing type, the oversight of detail, character fictile is feeble, of specially good effect coarse, those who move burlesque is simple wait. Looking from gut is to rescue 6 gates to send first, it is the travel of island glacial fire next, finally is big Zhan Chengkun. And 3 women beside amid Zhang Moji also were to finish respective job, go up in this 3 women role is more complete, affection expression also was highlighted come out, but the acting to 3 actress is really dare not flatter, especially Qiu Yinong and Yun Qianqian. Qiu Yinong by group if,ridicule is the ugliest Zhou Zhi.

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Begin to spit groove so from the first, and went to the 2nd more apparent, after all this one is holding significant position, show share is more. Be this Qiu Yinong also is to going up path of the response before the line:

“The Yan Zhi issue that everybody is discussing all the time, and before if the Zhou Zhi of each version does not prevail really than me, because everybody is too outstanding. My him hope can slowly harden oneself acting, become a good actor. Also hope authority is great attention play itself. Also hope authority is great attention play itself..

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Can seeing Qiu Yinong also is to having his clear acknowledge, she thinks she is not dominant, but she is final stay dot is attention play itself, and what is the itself of play, do not need an actor to be deduced namely? To net blush + glare acting, if leave everybody’s impression,this is Zhi of week of Qiu Yinong edition, before no matter be black,be being changed, black still after changing, qiu Yinong did not present a Zhou Zhi to be like this some appearance, no matter be weak, strong still, the sense that gives a person on her deduction is inflexible, whole and facial it is to do not have administrative levels feeling and emotive extremely, do not look to give a person’s real sadness, anger, black after changing, be in glare eyeball acts in a play almost. Cite a case, in jail, eradicate that paragraph of play that lets Zhou Zhi be like the oath that send poison, going up from story level have pulling force undoubtedly, but fall in Qiu Yinong’s performance, let a person not have feeling. This is the cause that the actor did not support this show.

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Will look from gut, zhou Zhi is like the black change that turn the land is to come more too too abrupt, this omits detail place is brought about, and in black omited as much on the tussle after changing too much, did not show adequately piece black the condition after changing. And before dying finally, it is to help sb to fulfill his wishes more Zhang Moji and Zhao Min, although satisfactory, but appear Utopian however, some try to make sb do sth which he can’t do. Of course is sealed also.

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Small clear of Yun Qianqian edition is in this had become brim person in the ministry, and happiness of its sacrifice ego guards Zhang Moji to still let a person be touched somewhat, this one is in on affective expression is to reach the designated position, but show share had been been not worth, the existence move that lets her also was reduced a lot of, can cover a lot of her issues in getting on.

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Zhao Min of edition of the article Shan that chant is in this is undoubtedly in the ministry most get hurt that, but also went finally, harvested happiness, her ending is best however. And Wen Yongshan did not deduce a Zhao Min this some appearance, the sort of lovely in taking be proud charming, Gao Leng, adore the charming be ashamed under to wanton again to Zhang Moji, what Wen Yongshan shows what come out now too too convergent, and also not be on temperament the sort of outside put, much is effeminate literary wind.

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Will see Zhang Moji of edition of peak of leading role forest again, in the 2nd blemish in the ministry more outstanding, it is whole journey an appearance, did not show the arrangement that gives a person to feel, it is feeble on affection, be in especially treat 3 to having love wife to go up to oneself, those who do not look to give Zhang Moji is deeply anxious, helpless, and appear too too informal, curt.

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Additional ” holy fire male wind ” specially good effect still still relies on to add on behavioral show hold, but appear false again on specially good effect, lost the knight-errant’s wind, became black unreal however. Gut still is rapid, but type of running water Zhang is narrative, everything is to be nodded till, to this knight-errant all corners of the country depict go up even if be satisfied with a smattering of a subject, without the thing that your person shines at the moment, what also cannot enjoy all corners of the country through this film is pleased favour enemy.

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Two ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” it is to be the same as gang forces to pat produce a film to make after all, so the style is consistent, but one is to break up directly pat, one is add is made, there still is distinction on certain level so, but place of above paragraphs of no less than says weakness or too too apparent, serving as a net is passing greatly, but make from the battle array look, this still are existing of bigger question. Without giving thought to how, these two work break up namely pat make coarsely, traffic feelings namely. And Wang Jing still continues to be in sodden piece roam on the road, want to will rot piece undertake after all.

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