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Original title: Between the world: 2 marriage plute, 60 years old again ” face-lifting ” , of wintry plum ” tasteful ” too cruel heart Teleplay ” between the world ” it is a god-given an excellent work, this teleplay has time to feel very much, saw what the behind the curtain acts the leading role to everybody interview, open-armed also part, they are to want to pass their, develop the old practice of on one generation come out, although go up,the story of generation has gone, but should be not forgotten however, the dress in drama, prop and setting, very true, also brought a memory to kill to the audience, many audiences express, oneself are in the process that watchs teleplay, as if the elder member of family that saw oneself.

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Plum of the winter in drama this part, also be worth everybody to pay close attention to, remember be in origianl work, zhou Rong to wintry plum the description of this part, although wintry plum is the governor’s daughter, also belong to size elder sister, but on her body, do not have too much noble breath really, do what business special ground connection is angry, also have the heart that be the same as manage very much, the likelihood also is accordingly, zhou Rong and Zhou Bingyi prefer wintry plum, but the marriage of wintry plum and Zhou Bingyi, also encountered a lot of problems actually.

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In teleplay, we saw the one side that two favor deep desire cuts, the Zhou Bingyi in drama, forgoed rising opportunity for wintry plum, wintry plum also understands Zhou Bingyi is right oneself this is good, but in origianl work, beyond the mark hand ever also was made among wintry plum and Zhou Bingyi, after big environment is comfortable, the mother of wintry plum and father also are rehabilitated, but the father of wintry plum because the body is bad, had died before rehabilitate, the mother of wintry plum also had a celebrated position, also provided many helps to this two people later.

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Still in the country when, the heart of wintry plum, still be more self-abased actually, but in returning original home with the mother later, the sort of superior move on wintry plum body, also be shown gradually, him Zhou Bingyi is clear also, he is belonged to now live under another’s roof, he lets his family come to wintry plum home rarely, it is after all in this home, zhou Bingyi is uneasy, he is very afraid also can let him look down on of wintry plum family, wintry Maine is the reason of the body, also do not have the child all the time, if wintry plum gives birth to the child, may have life risk, zhou Bingyi is the person of a big love, he does not care about himself to whether have son, he wants to perform real deeds only.

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Zhou Bingyi also died because of cancer of the stomach later, wintry plum is painful, defend so much after all year, wintry plum is sentient also to Zhou Bingyi exist, but this is not represented, wintry plum won’t consider for oneself later, die in Zhou Bingyi before long, wintry plum encountered next allowing the husband, her 2 marriage husband, already more than 70 years old, but look very young, in the business that has oneself domestic and internationally, these year also live in abroad all the time, children was brought up now, oneself are alone also, want to seek a partner so.

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Below the friend’s introduction, wintry Mei Shunli married plute man into chapter ground, wintry plum also goes Korea became face-lifting operation, although wintry plum already many years old 60, but the reason because of the operation, look young have 56 years old at least, in eye of a lot of people, wintry plum is very tasteful, the husband just just went before long, marry a person at once, the backside with tasteful plum of little imagine winter, the reason also compares cruel heart, this is including the Zhou Bingyi love to wintry plum, mortal words of the deceased of Zhou Bingyi, hope wintry plum can seek a new partner namely, after all two people do not have the child, the life of wintry plum continues even.

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