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Original title: ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” head sow, the story explodes laugh, qin Xiaoxian acting is pretty good, establish the scene theatrical work that gets On Feburary 3 evening, teleplay ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” in original video platform the line on 6 collect, formal open head sow mode. Often make up holding in the arms ” have a try ” state of mind, viewed a few market, feel abruptly, this theatrical work is good still, should compare forecast in the center a lot of better. Early before, this group ever also had filmed work of not little drama of movie and TV, laugh at a dot mostly far-fetched, the performance is awkward, character role and story content all do not stand. This ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” , laugh at a dot not only relatively concentrated, and not beyond the mark and far-fetched, and the person of scene drama is set weave, stand so that live. Adscititious go up main actor Qin Xiaoxian, was actor and part to come true to unite, accordingly, how is the performance right.

20220203143715 61fbe89bc0b15

Say part story stands so that live first this on one hand, this is ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” interesting most major premise condition. To scene comedy, the most important is establish an effective story setting, next establish mutual ” make judge ” character role disposition concerns. ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” in the center, story setting is palace adytum and civilian tile shed two point, hero should move back and forth at this two place in setting. Among the environment of an ancient costume, a small emperor should move back and forth between setting of this two place, it is to have actually in those days ” Qianlong is small take illicit visit write down ” shadow is in inside, playwrite people the content vacuum that can create is very big. Tile is abandoned in the center, it is the place to go of all sorts of people, can from a small clue one can see that is coming.

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In addition, among scene comedy between role of character of be particular about make each other judge relation. ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” the gut that passes a few part, basically built this kind of part between each other are made judge relation. For instance, between small emperor and young join a regular shift or class, can build each other well make judge. Small emperor and Wang Zhong king between this chancellery, also be a model each other are made judge relation. Small emperor and tile abandon characters, it is ” beg cruel ” relation. Tile is abandoned in the center the disposition feature of a few parts, also be very clear, have complementary, have make judge. The part disposition of this scene drama is tie-in, and in those days ” Wu Lin hotel ” still one go all out. Apparent, ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” chief editor drama Mr. Shu Huan, of special still know the business. An outstanding playwrite is the first, collective creates comedy of a scene, should compare really not quite the playwrite of know the business holds the position of total write strong too much. Change character, although a so not interesting subject matter is mixed content, meet the write a play of know the business, also can pass technical the method undertakes redeeming, implementation ” patchy move can look ” the effect. Watch instead ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” , interesting flavour sex also is on subject matter content. Comedy is artistic, most the laugh of effective chooses production way, it is acid. And should realize satirize, must establish an authority. This go up, ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” those who do is very pure. Might as well paradigmatic.

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For instance, among the gut that has broadcasted in this drama, mix to speaking royally acid, very effective. Old emperor is daily diligent and conscientious reads, who knows, study inside have close way actually, can connect tile to abandon in the center go. Small emperor is being forced read, wang Zhong king is all sorts of advise more, who knows, this him goods does Wang Zhong king however day of indulge in dissipation. And even Yu Mingming is opera name horn, do not have method to appearance however, had had appearance scared disease is waited a moment. In ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” in the center, modelled a lot of authority, but always go one by one disintegrate, realized very pretty good comedy finally to laugh at a dot. I am bungled in small emperor dizzy the bridge of Wang Zhong king paragraph when, feel the playwrite of this teleplay too know the business. The package trembles not only flat and strong, and can tremble to go up in drop, realized acid strength upgrade. Similar case, still have between this teleplay work many. Apparent, tile is abandoned in the center, it is the civilian all corners of the country of a miniature edition, if this small emperor can pass all corners of the country of this miniature edition to see more civilian content, and form contrast with palace adytum, and arise finally to him ringing to the shadow, the Thespian value of this teleplay also came true.

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Talk about the performance of the person such as Qin Xiaoxian finally. This group before among work, the biggest question can perform him only namely, won’t enter a part. This, in ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” in the center, convenience condition of Qin Xiaoxian is, the performance condition of oneself is ” the fool of energy drive spirit ” , and content is made in drama in the center, also as it happens should be performed so ” the small emperor of energy drive spirit ” . So, the person that he needs to get on his in comic dialogue arena only sets performance manner to move teleplay come among camera lens can. Apparent, qin Xiaoxian of this teleplay promising measures the meaning that makes personally. Work of drama of movie and TV, especially among comedic work, have a lot of, playwrite is made personally for actor quantity, not be to let an actor leave his comedy to perform a style to present new role, when letting playwrite produce a part however, there is an actress first in brain before arena performs a style, produce a part next according to this style. Shu Huan arranges troupe line, understand this reason apparently. So, small emperor after this part comes out, among the play, make for Qin Xiaoxian namely. After this teleplay, qin Xiaoxian is occupied ” the fool of energy drive spirit ” person of drama of this movie and TV is set, estimation can have many play to be willing to look for him later.

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The last few years, nice scene theatrical work is not much. because of such, of Shu Huan playwrite this ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” , because laugh at a dot many, the story also stands so that live, should meet so become relatively hot drama to make. (civil / Ma Qingyun)

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