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Original title: Between the world: Complete an acting is online, only she is exclusive a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting, take antrum to take tone to say a word unsharpness still Teleplay ” between the world ” , once broadcast,get attention fully, because the director is,had gone out not just ” people’s name ” etc a lot of explode the Li Lu of money theatrical work. Because,return, the origianl work novel of this drama, once was in with one action took prize of Lv bridge literature 2019, award of novel of the 2nd Wu Chengen, still have reward of literature of aegis of the 10th cogongrass 3 large award. Of course, the cast with this extremely powerful drama, also expect what the audience opens year of big play to this to the value is pulled full.

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Just, the young animal that saw 10 market at a heat discovers however, ” between the world ” the actor is very fierce really, it is wet behind the ears young actor no matter, also or seasoned old show bone, can say, complete an acting is online. But have unluckily namely so one the individual’s acting is a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting, have more or less so little lets a person give play, do not speak of what the word will take antrum to take tone, spit a word to return insufficient clarity occasionally.

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Wet behind the ears the origianl work novel because of Liang Xiaosheng ” between the world ” , element has ” 50 years Chinese common people lives history ” beautiful praise. So, after teleplay is patted, inevitable meeting has time span of about 50 years. And the teenager period of the one numerous leading role in drama, natural meeting performs art group newlywed person puerily to go out by appearance act.

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The young newlywed person that seeing these children is circle of movie and TV, acting can be a top conspicuous, not allow absolutely small gaze. Other our for the moment is not carried, with respect to the 3 sibling that take Zhou Jia, their teenager period, but left very deep impression to the audience. Above all, we say the Jiang Guanna of the person that act of teenager Zhou Bingkun first. He is local born and bred Shaanxi person originally, but have grumous and northeast flavor in this ” between the world ” in, behave so that can encircle however can nod.

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teenager Zhou Bingkun frank and simple and honest, kind-hearted and honest individual character characteristic, explained naturally come out. Actually, in this drama, 3 children of Zhou Jia, zhou Bingkun is can represent Everyman most that. He reads little, do not have the ideal with too old what. Compare with other staff photograph, even, do not consider be eager to make progress a bit.

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So, the common peace this mortal world that wants a teenager Zhou Bingkun acts not make public, do not leak trace, still need certain difficulty. And Jiang Guanna held marrow completely this a little bit, the Zhou Bingkun person with accurate essence set a characteristic to show come out. Next, the Ma Fan of the person that act that we say teenager Zhou Rong again is fourth.

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The equestrian every man that was born 2001 is genuine Jilin province person, current, read at central Thespian institute. ” between the world ” the first teleplay work that is Ma Fan man, before this, she once participated in a film that acted to act the leading role by Zhang Reyun ” withdraw from 21 centuries safety ” . Although, equestrian every man does not have the experience taking sport of how many, but her diagonal is deduced lubriciously and understand, however very essence of life is accurate. Especially the one begin in this drama, the Zhou Rong of equestrian every fourth personate, brushing boiler, clear away the appearance of the kitchen, all the more offend an eye naturally.

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Connect wherefrom years passes comer to look, can be unable to bear or endure praise, this deft movement, setting, follow the common people be exactly the same at that time simply. Not only such, what equestrian every man returns Jiang Zhourong to go up personally is beautiful, stubborn, dare love to dare be hated, use a few brief show merely depict come out. Let Zhou Rong this part is fresh, clever, have differentiate extremely high spend come to the audience before.

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And in this one numerous field of wet behind the ears duty of movie and TV ” young newlywed person ” in, miao Zuixi is joyous, still belong to Xiao Tong of Feng of the person that act. Say interesting also, seedling the first feel, zhou Zheng of this child appearance, there is share to need not color between forehead, the grand that takes oneself like that gas. But look at look at, feel again this piece of face how so look familiar? Think back to carefully to just discover, 2021, the revolutionary history drama that broadcasts by CCTV ” big decisive battle ” medium Liu Jiaomin, be him!

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Write down, in this drama, chen Jie and Liu Jiaomin make a person that paragraph clutch the battleground love of wrist, let a seedling shed not little tear! Additional, feng Xiao Tong also is ” itinerate inspection team ” the Zheng Rui in ah! That stubborn, the mouth disrelishs the Feng Sen Zhizi with straight system.

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Want to know, the director of this drama also is Li Lu, since same a director, be willing 2 times to enable same an actor. Enough explains, the actor’s acting, be approved above all in director eye. And Feng Xiao Tong also did not make a director disappointed, get on teenager Zhou Bingyi personally the sort of, composed air, sober and objective, serious situation is serious justice part characteristic, explanation gets incisively and vividly, lifelike, left very deep impression to the audience.

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Actual strength is superior a realistic teleplay work that spans 50 years, besides the teenager person with beautiful sunshine, nature is little also not the young times of high-spirited and vigorous. Turn when camera lens, taking us to come to the young period of leading role, the eye of the audience is admired by Jing again. The young Zhou Bingyi that thunder favorable reply acts, coming on the stage is to take off a northeast fellow alive.

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The northeast that lies partly lies, of big pancake of face of corn of big big impediment voracious, still have the cotton hat that adorns on the head, a when even if be,wear on the body big wool pants of a gules department waits a lot of detail a moment. Applaud again and again without what do not let audience gasp in admiration, this is not the northeast person of that time! From talking accent, to the temperament in every act, arrive again in the frown and smile of the a bit, it is the elite on part body entirely, a bit is not poor.

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Tell the truth, the seedling never still has seen the role that sticks a face so with origianl work novel, the Zhou Bingkun of personate of thunder favorable reply, what go from inside the book namely simply is same. If say, thunder favorable reply is the crackajack delegate of young period actor, so, act the acting of Mr. Sarina of week mother Li Suhua, it is elder people the actor’s delegate. Do not know why, see Li Suhua appear, you can be unable to bear or endure feel warm.

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Especially when she laughs, one kind controls the land hard, the kind move that says not clear path is unidentified can arise spontaneously. Seem, mr. Sa Rina, not be to be in in this drama act in a play. Live in drama however, resemble the aunt of neighbour home, very natural, very honest, very daily life. Tell the truth, one the individual’s acting, had done not have individual characteristic, blend in a part completely in the center later, the audience can discover, this person is real like be to seem beside us.

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What the sort of generation brings into feeling place is glad, cannot be described with the language. Anyhow, the Li Suhua that no matter Sa day is graceful,the teacher acts, the small expression of the appearance of what is made in drama. Or the tearful eyes dancing when sending family off, or the sincere words and earnest wishes when the family when longing to spend the New Year reunions, or see the son comes back, mount child cheek that pair trembles softhearted hand is waited a moment.

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Can let an audience feel heart of a jab deep-feltly, hard of be pacified in all the force of affection. Of course, besides thunder favorable reply and Sarina two actors are actual strength besides conspicuous actor. The expression of someone else also can be encircled can nod, praiseworthy. Wind wind fire, the Qiao Chunyan with candid disposition, let explanation of yellow small bud get written in a forceful hand, lifelike.

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Upright not A, the week mark with hot disposition is strong, by the strong wind that fourth Mr. Yong Dai deduced householder model. On Zhou Bingyi body hardheaded, slow and steady, kind-hearted loyally, bai Qing allowing a surname is shown incisively and vividly. And on body of beautiful of Zheng of Yan Tao general struggle with but, bei suffering and stubborn, it is to use 1 ∶ more of 1 answer quarter means, deduce with meticulous care, vivid and natural.

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Can so say! ” between the world ” this drama is complete really really an acting is online ah! What Dan Lingmiao absolutely did not think of is, the show that has a person makes a person however to one’s great diappointment. In all fairness of exclusive a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting, ” between the world ” medium cast shows too let a person feel a surprise. Even if be a footy young actor, get part depict thorough marrow. For instance: The teenager in drama acts Han Haolin brightly. Everybody knows, this child performed work of a lot of famous movie and TV.

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Especially 2019, he is in the film ” I and my motherland ” in the wintry winter of personate one horn, because of one ” swing a tear ” one battle becomes famous, by audience place hep. And this, han Haolin is in ” between the world ” in the light that act, it is a blind. He gets on bright body the sort of eye blind heart not the condition of blind, rich soul colorific was deduced, make an audience impressive. The drivel trace that connects part nose below is clear and visible.

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The Han Haolin with so small age is behaved so outstandingly, the seedling is true did not think of, the acting of Mr. Zhang Kaili is met ” to turn over ” . The Qu Xiuzhen of a cadre that what she acts in this drama is soy factory. It is a little perceptual that this person looks in the seedling. Otherwise, she also won’t because of Zhou Bingkun they a few a few informal complaint, say howlingly. But Miao Shi is some do not understand, a little perceptual cadre person is set, return conference speech to take antrum to take tone, the about that places a leader?

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Because think the word that do one’s utmost,occasionally conversation does not know is antrum is round, still say speech fast too fast, have actually when spitting a word not to eat please. Do not believe, everybody can be answered see this play, the show share of Mr. Zhang Kaili, the seedling says such. Besides, in origianl work novel, qu Xiuzhen is each child short, very lovely little old lady. Stature height we cannot ask, but lovely these two words, the true Qu Xiuzhen that explains with Mr. Zhang Kaili does not have the least bit relation.

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Always feel, the characteristic of the modern drama on Zhang Kaili body is bright, suit Qu Xiuzhen not quite this part. So, miao Cai says, ” between the world ” complete an acting is online, only Mr. Zhang Kaili is exclusive a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting, take antrum to take tone, now and then, say a word unsharpness still. Not bad, show share is not much, negligible not plan. To this, how does everybody look? The welcome leaves a message discuss ha! (note: Reason discussion, exit is become dirty person please circuitous, leave a Sukhavati to network world. )

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