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Original title: In Feburary tiger of | of the look up before drama anthology, small screen competition lets a hundred flowers blossom The net inspects introduction: Tiger year already came, winter vacation is entered time, the competition on Dan Xiaoying act still like a raging fire. Look from subject matter, appeared because of the Olympic Winter Games winter abstruse beyond special drama, more subject matter all not identical, it may be said lets a hundred flowers blossom. Teleplay ” old boudoir is sweet “20220203143909 61fbe90d34072 Main actor: Type of Wang Fu Li, Pan Hong, Song Xiaoying, Xu Di, Wu Mian: City / affection director: Qiao Liang sows a time: On Feburary 3, 2022 TV platform: CCTV8 brief introduction: This drama told about 5 disposition is disparate old ladies that live in some block together, call false activity because of and be acquainted and form boudoir honey, after the joys and sorrows in life of all previous classics, final open searchs the old practice of the brigade of life new value. Comment on: This is one once is defended in east inspect has broadcasted drama. Can be taken a fancy to by CCTV rebroadcast, serve as year drama, sure have its outstanding place. The personal details of actors is more luxurious, golden pheasant award, 100 beautiful award, wintersweet award (Thespian award) , flying Apsaras award… professional personage, be worth to expect. ” the name of ice and snow “20220203143909 61fbe90de1cf5 Main actor: Chen Rexuan, Peng Xiaoran; Type of clean of Ou Hao, bridge: City, motion directs: Bai Tao broadcasts time: On Feburary 5, 2022 TV platform: Jiangsu defends inspect, Zhejiang defends inspect, Beijing defends inspect network platform: Love is strange art, Tecent video brief introduction: This by ” reason of love of ice and snow ” (Chen Rexuan, Peng Xiaoran presents as leading role to act the leading role) , ” wintry abstruse dream ” (Ou Hao, Liang Jie presents as leading role to act the leading role) fluctuate a composition. This drama with ” China and winter abstruse 40 years ” give priority to a problem, through telling about the reason of love of ice and snow of a 3 acting people, write prepare for war in the round the course of the Olympic Winter Games, the winter that shows person and natural and harmonious progress abstruse spirit. Comment on: Abstruse time goes to the winter! The arrival of the Olympic Winter Games drove movie and TV to encircle the attention that moves to ice and snow, a fluctuation that is about to appear piece content parts with figure skating and short way fast slippery for the center, it is extremely gigantic the project that views and admire gender, athletics sex, and can they have again on screen what kind of reflect? ” full-dress “20220203143910 61fbe90e9e28d Main actor: Song Jia, Chen He, Yuan chants type of appearance, Zhang Chao: City / vogue / duty field director: 500 broadcast time: On Feburary 6, 2022 TV platform: East defends inspect network platform: Actor cruel brief introduction: ” full-dress ” it is setting with fashionable magazine company, tell about a magazine ” full-dress ” in transition when be faced with a series of stories when chief editor is vacant accidentally. 2016, accompany Internet technology innovation, new media rises abruptly quickly, traditional media is pounded. Fashionable magazine ” full-dress ” in transition when be faced with chief editor accidentally vacant. Having the enormously proud of one’s success of subeditor Chen Kaiyi of solid industry setting, the group appointed Xiao Gong Xue Weixin editor in chief however, she advocates the magazine wants to promote transmission force, want to comply with the market above all. Magazine new way lets Lu Binbin of advertisement chief inspector be able to exhibit boxing foot greatly, but special subject group is challenged because of the independent character of defend content heavily however. Begin oneself the Xin of senior editor Zhao of new media avocation, ” dish bird ” the basic level employee such as editor Li Na also is in him gropingly professional road. To enlarge competition ability and force, ” full-dress ” the exploration that undertaking hardship and transition, entire media confluence comes true in ceaseless innovation. Formed what be a delegate with Chen Kaiyi finally ” new full-dress ” , the new media group that is like Gong Xue to be a delegate and Lu Binbin amount to person broker company for the representing’s network, after receiving confluence to change severally brand-new develop. Comment on: On small screen, theatrical work of fashionable drama, ad office field all has, and this ” full-dress ” it is vogue drama and ” advertisement ” be united in wedlock, from media times, how transition? Await this drama career clue spread out. Network drama ” hello crack shot “20220203143911 61fbe90f5b3d9 Main actor: Type of Hu Yitian, Xing Fei, Ma Saichao, Luo Qiuyun: Motion / sweet bestow favor on a director: Liu Yizhi broadcasts time: On Feburary 2, 2022 network platform: Tecent video brief introduction: The light at the beginning of wash one’s hair of lotus of this drama basis is homonymic novel ” hello, crack shot ” adapt, told about newlywed person of encounter of Shen Qingyuan of group team leader shoots in the match advocate sow Tang Xin, this is right ” former days loves associate ” former days in the dense fog of suspicion in one’s mind of amour, encounter each other story again. Comment on: Sweet bestow favor on drama to go out the most easily all along small explode paragraph, this ” hello crack shot ” also be will sweet bestow favor on give priority to dozen. Two main actors go out respectively before this act to divide green theatrical work high ” send our pure small happiness ” ” send us to warm warm Xiaoshi is smooth ” — small screen memory is in hand, it may be said is from choose horn to go up to be taken first held. ” won’t of love us “20220203143912 61fbe9100b172 Main actor: Jin Chen, princely alien: City / love director: Gao Congkai broadcasts time: On Feburary 8, 2022 network platform: Actor cruel brief introduction: Study abroad the aide that abroad ability does not consider to the Gu Jia heart of successive family property was arranged to become Zhao Jiang Yue by the mother however completely, in with Zhao Jiang Yue get along in the center, gu Jia heart begins to shake, did not think of to be immersed in at this point with Zhao Jiang Yue be in love with in the center, cannot extricate oneself, when should knowing his dream is to become hand of a racing bicycle, zhao Jiang Yuebang aided Gu Jia heart to fulfil his earnest wish, oneself also broke through the bounds of the age with Gu Jia heart, slow don’t go yet arrived one case. Comment on: The subject matter that sister younger brother loves is relatively scarce, be not nevertheless do not be very popular. After all the masses orientaton when dog of every year small wolfhound, small grandma also is becoming a female to watch a movie. ” won’t of love we ” be in about age limit problem when, if why the meeting handles a men and women advocate break through the age to differ, be worth to expect. ” tile abandons all corners of the country “20220203143912 61fbe910ce699 Main actor: Type of Qin Xiaoxian, Zhao Xiaotang: Ancient costume / comedic director: Qi Xiaohui broadcasts time: On Feburary 3, 2022 network platform: Love is strange art brief introduction: Some takes the place of toward some, flourishing age is flourishing, guo Taimin is installed, common people all assist small emperor is brilliant and sagacious. But in fact, small emperor have not take over the reins of government upon coming age, authority holds to be mixed in mother of an emperor in slaughtering complementary hand. Recall Gong You experience to the small emperor of one mind of disinclination of affairs of state, abandon to managing the tile that tick off column, delay pull theater of barnstormer, open very be obsessed with. A day, small emperor discovers a Gong Zhongmi, quiet is felt smooth piece, who expects is the tile with an old close down is abandoned unexpectedly at fine line. Small emperor come across dish the female actor Bai Xiaoqing that next tile abandon, the with each a flock of characteristic strange flower actor in concealing the identity to be abandoned in this tile from now on spread out a paragraph of tea building that be between tears and smiles to manage fun. . . . . . Comment on: Heart cloud company again forward industry of movie and TV explored, after Lu of slippery iron of several big screen, try small screen this. In the battle array, director Qi Xiaohui once had participate in ” pass outside Wu Lin ” filmed experience, the experience that expects this director can is ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” grace a few minutes. Other eliminate above decides the drama of movie and TV of archives time certainly, in Feburary 2022, still have ” the heart is resided ” ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” ” still feed ” ” meet season ” wait for teleplay, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” ” beacon all is in ” ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” ” gentlemen ask stand at attention ” ” Zhu Qing is good ” ” dream Hua Lu ” ” beautiful language is endowed with ” ” east the gentlemen of 8 areas ” wait for network drama net. All of career of contemporary, life all has ancient time, adscititious in January on lunar tail new ” between the world ” , the tiger can say first months year is wonderful confused is shown.

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