Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: ” beautiful travel notes ” hind cooperate again, li Shirong 2 build plum radical, will go out perform to overflow revise play Recreation encircles 2 build, always can let Cp pink feel ecstatic, will long to come again nowadays Li Shirong and plum of radical 2 build. According to Han intermediary report, li Shirong and plum radical the 2 new theatrical work that take cooperative Kbs ” lawfully love ” , this also is 2 people are in ” beautiful travel notes ” later cooperate 2 times, tacit understanding is spent is some.

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” lawfully love ” this drama, it is one is overflowed revise play, be adapted according to homonymic caricature and become. Told about be called ” talent of an eccentric person ” before the lawyer of the building host of duty inquisitor one’s previous experience and one’s previous experience of Korea young lady holds coffee hall concurrently in law place together ” Law Coffee ” in the love story that produce. Predicting meeting broadcasts in the line on this year August. Knock at present calm plum radical and Li Shirong act the leading role, li Shirong expresses to still be among the consideration, perceiving a possibility that act is very big.

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2 people cooperate last time ” beautiful travel notes ” , not be to serve as a men and women advocate piece act, do not have Cp show share so. But it is pretty Jing is colourful that the appearance of an actor at that time returns Li Shirong, cp of collaboration of this two people, believe to be able to collide certainly a different scintilla.

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Plum radical is in a few this years all the time deduce a tough guy kind part, the figure that follows him also is accord with of ten split phase. Li Shirong ancient costume not quite OK, change contemporary theatrical work to should be met have compare the modelling with a bit more colourful Jing, still pretty expects.

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