Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Atelier denies Liu Hao to put resource talk: Have ulterior motives person ill will is made up write

20220203144238 61fbe9ded613a

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On Feburary 3, liu Hao puts atelier to release statement to respond to Liu Hao to put resource talk in gregarious platform, say to be put about Liu Hao ginseng act ” Chongqing forest 2020 ” ” night life ” ” mom’s gift ” ill will of the person that the content that waits for the film all is have ulterior motives is made up write, not agree with badly with the fact. Express to already entrusted this incident lawyer processing, be opposite stoutly the network is violent 0 patient.

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Subsequently, liu Hao puts atelier to state related transmit and express: “Ask everybody not to eat melon, do not believe melon, everything with work formal Guan Xuan is accurate. Everything with work formal Guan Xuan is accurate..

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It is reported, early before, the net passes Liu Hao to put piece perform exposure of scheme of check of work of much ministry movie and TV, the netizen evaluates in succession: “This resource is too good also ” . Atelier responds to full text to be as follows:

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