Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Congratulation? Former husband of Zhong Xin Tong marries tierce! Announce a good news: Feeling is stable Tong of glad of female star bell (A Jiao) announced 2020 and ” Yang Ming of cure bound king ” Lai Hong country divorces, spouse concern is not worth two years of go no further, what Ceng Yin divorces is painful and cruel thin unceasingly Lai Hong country, a photograph of whole family that celebrates birthday with father is basked in in abrupt last year in August net, in photo more appear a long hair woman, but he goes with design block painstakingly of this woman facial, be pointed to namely already had a new sweetheart, and low-key pat procrastinate! 20220203150305 61fbeea92dc73 Transmit happy event suddenly now, have before showing country bilking great is in day namely first day of the lunar year, to this long hair the woman proposes successful, he will enter imply the 3rd paragraph of marriage! According to knowing long hair woman name is Alice, ever held the post of duty empty elder sister, uptodate for face 9 evening the office worker of 5, the message shows overnight is her birthday, when country bilking great and she celebrates birthday, take advantage of an opportunity is displayed get Buddhist monastic discipline to propose, the woman namely nod agree, after the event more the net basks in casket photograph and leave a message: “Yes, I Do. ” successful to be being pointed to to propose, country bilking great replies: “Have stable boy or girl friend at present, wish everybody Happy New Year! ” have no negative marriage dispatch completely! Country bilking great has a special liking to empty elder sister, because Ivy Chao of wife of its the first to be appointed to an office is empty elder sister likewise, hit kind according to morning with Tai Xinglin, reason has ” Hua Hanglin depends on morning ” say, they married 2016, ivy more resign empty elder sister one duty, absorption do housewife, alone marriage lasts insufficient half an year, till bilked great country 2018,shine with A charming marriage, same divorce wind up. 20220203150305 61fbeea9a07e3 The country bilking great that experiences marital failure twice Ceng Shi character never remarries, already lost confidence to marriage! Announce a good news again nowadays, also bless this paragraph to be able to go down for a long time! 20220203150305 61fbeea9d3cdf

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