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Original title: Suspense drama lacked new idea to cause sodden remaining part 2021, raise the price of the commodities besides new material, how many still play a way It may be said was Chinese suspense drama 2021 ” good year ” , subject matter raised the price of the commodities topic for discussion of affection, psychology, science fiction, family, society, but mostly ” old wine new bottle ” lack is surprizing, with wind up of gloomy public praise, hard answer quarter ” silent truth ” , ” secret corner ” creates summit summit. Time hope suspense drama is swift and violent a few years, raise the price of the commodities besides new material, how many kinds does suspense drama still have to play a way?

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Did a long time, crucial figure is report of evening paper of sealed Qi Lu unexpectedly, zhao Liying, Xiao Yang, Dong Zijian acts the leading role ” who is a murderer ” was 2021 of suspense drama receive Guan Zhi to make, this drama tells about the serial fierce record that produces in sea boat city together, in the truth dusty after 17 years, shen Yu (Zhao Liying is acted the role of) , Leng Xiaobing (Xiao Yang is acted the role of) , Xia Mu (Dong Zijian is acted the role of) reach the people that having countless ties connection with this unsettled case, brave is fought in battle of wits in, let the truth rise to surface gradually. As gut be over, of sea boat case only then the person that make tomb figure thes whole thing comes to light eventually, he is ocean of Shenyang of Shenyang rain father once disease suffers from, conceal is old beside Shen Yu.

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The murderer procrastinates two market just appear a body finally, of early days with all possible means deal with makes audience head hole big leave, active ” push fierce ” , thinking of however is ” sealed ” character, while the audience feels unexpected, much rarer to the feeling of drama anthology dot ” anticlimactic ” disappointed feeling. Chase after compared with conventional crack a criminal case fierce, ” who is a murderer ” more resemble ” reductive case ” play, through Xia Mu, Shen Yu, Leng Xiaobing the angle of these 3 victims is medley give case complete picture, with the character relation general story is reductive come out. ” who is a murderer ” advocate hit ” psychological suspense ” drama anthology is qualification on affection processing, zhao Liying is chained and thrown into prison in ending, let the flaw that the audience overlooks drama anthology to go up in the structure temporarily, all one’s life by ” love ” ruined girl was spoken ” the person’s lifetime, only so long, well living ” , move toward later gloomy, cannot not make audience in all affection.

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Bureau let a person enter pit, the truth however not essence of life is collected had 2020 ” secret corner ” , ” silent truth ” the suspense theatrical work that gives a group so, caused an audience to be opposite the interest of anthology of this type drama, amount of drama of suspense of much 2021 platform is not decreased, more good year of drama of the suspense that be called by industry. Till second half of the year just broadcasted in succession 2021,do not pass ” mist of anise booth mystery ” , ” deadly desire ” , ” who is a murderer ” wait for suspense drama, not be the drama anthology that core is with inference on traditional sense, although subject matter is diversiform, but did not see picture ” secret corner ” , ” silent truth ” such your people are made surprizingly.

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Happen in Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes ” mist of anise booth mystery ” , advocate call domestic ethics, suspense more resembling is carbon; ” deadly desire ” it is suspense of adventure of light science fiction, introduce ” App is cursed ” new idea; A tough guy sends inference ” double explore ” impressions is pretty good still, the police officer that the life sheds group play and hard inference, most initial subject matter is absorbing actually, but disclose the case fact that come out not wonderful.

Solid inference, just be to close inspect send get the better of a magic weapon to answer look at China these year suspense drama, although ceaseless innovation plays a way, but a magic weapon of traditional get the upper hand of that strong inferential element still is theatrical work of this one type. 2017 ” white night is chased after fierce ” set in the person on the exploration that did capacity of twin brother exchange, a tough guy that Guan Hongfeng of the elder brother in drama is a tradition appoints a police officer, expert of crack a criminal case, sagacious and adept, little brother Guan Hongyu is to oppose type leading role, serious situation is serious justice however wisdom of it doesn’t matter, two are full of the character barge against of originality, the trend of the destiny makes the audience is cared.

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Set besides the person of innovation, ” white night is chased after fierce ” the key that wins public praise or the core that depend on suspense drama — inference is solid, reel off raw silk from cocoons pares chrysalis ground is reductive the truth, arrange the play code of twin exchange capacity in every case at the same time. Narrative not was out of line, clever detail, intense conflict, Zhang Chi has spent rhythm all to take hold reach the designated position. Of the same age broadcasts ” the blame that does not have card ” of development suspense drama another narrative, police at the same time layout at the same time crack a criminal case, the human nature that intermediate drag in goes to and affection are pestered likewise fascinating.

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2020 ” secret corner ” subject matter is ” dark black evil child ” , bring more to envisage a space; ” silent truth ” was to dig softness of people heart innermost and secret anguish. Although ” secret corner ” , ” silent truth ” the morality that humanitarian consideration of expression accords with an audience appeals to beg, but a magic weapon of drama anthology get the upper hand of still is the inference that annulus annulus photograph buckles, humanitarian consideration just abounded the affection chroma of anthology of drama of these two suspense.

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