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Original title: 3 do not have garment of work bright and beautiful under, dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed pursues make a person asphyxial! Rely on acting of Song Yun of Ren Jialun Tan to save completely Do not have conduct propaganda, do not have heat, do not have discharge, return cut plan, be historical bequeath drama even ” under bright and beautiful garment ” by what can is counterattack successful? That must be Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun’s contribution. This drama is a basis of blue lion homonymic adapt, the inchoate work that is advance river period, those who tell is female catch fast Yuan Jin because law case is acquainted,Xia Hejin garment defends Liu Yi, from original cannot see go up each other the story of strange sincere feeling of final each other. Such story looks early nowadays already not fresh, but the vermicelli made from bean starch that has read this book fortunately is not little, when also filming the message of this drama comes out accordingly, origianl work party people very excited still.

20220203152639 61fbf42fae936

If exploit a victory pursues and attack the viewing rate of this drama,affirm very good, after all this is honest vermicelli made from bean starch, regrettablly when killed blueness 18 years to do not have noise all the time, till a year half hind just go up eventually line, because this has vermicelli made from bean starch,also spit groove they had boiled grandma of bright and beautiful garment from girl of bright and beautiful garment. Treat external condition, we see two great main actors again, male advocate Liu Yi by Ren Jialun personate, in all fairness is before this he gave ” big Tang Rongyao ” , do not have too much masterpiece, horn of original wide smooth Wang Yi has let him somewhat improvement, who knows him to admit whose publicly actually flower year marring too early, not only marring too early still is become early dad, is this the road of the flow that stops this oneself?

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Still have female advocate the impression that Tan Songyun gives authority is melting person is set all the time, it seems that all the more denounce happy event, but from ” best we ” later also masterpiece of it doesn’t matter, in fact the person selected with original play staff also is not them, female advocate of original make choice of by ” Yan Xi strategy ” the Wu Jin character that have one’s moment, regrettablly she at that time does not have schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, because this refused,invite this about. Make fun of through trying later, the director saw Tan Songyun the first times maintain her, male host chooses what make choice of decides first also is Chen Xiao, but the person of conflagration should be grabbed, apparent is the play staff was not grabbed, but direct fortunately saw ” big Tang Rongyao ” wide smooth king, this ability had what scatter candy to us ” 6 yuan a jin of shrimp ” Cp.

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Can of He Yangying ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” also have only than what dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed pursues ” under bright and beautiful garment ” , will see that boat that Tan Songyun, Ren Jialun takes first, it is so difficult really to direct true condition to film? Still that cannot bear orthoptic snake, can you suck elder sister of young lady of cure celestial being is this really certainly? Still Ren Jialun asks Tan Songyun to take shrimp dumpling side, was to answer really today summer those who say that: At ordinary times do you have a meal does so simple be slipshod in work go? However this still is not most absolutely, still that pallet penetralia escapes the elaborate scheme in, the director had not played penetralia to escape absolutely game, but after seeing so pallet palace, it is really those who answered vermicelli made from bean starch to say that: ” under bright and beautiful garment ” all capital are beautiful was in on the main actor’s acting!

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Ren Jialun’s dress is mere in front the 18th collect changed many 20 clothes, be worthy of really is everybody the childe elder brother of one’s previous experience, the most important is each charge for the making of sth. is excellent, plus the play staff dozen of light of designed modulation and tonal, let every pairs of picture look very good-looking, random check can regard as one piece the wallpaper of computer. But no matter how Ren Jialun is handsome, cannot hold back a director, well drama of suspense crack a criminal case does not have what old scene at all, take a magnifier to become his with respect to authority autopsy, the most crucial is still can see one pile thread, because this kind of technology is called,track art, of course these may be play staff end, understandable still, but a what ghost is gut affusion?

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Hit Japanese pirates to make 45 part, such teleplay viewing rate is returned by what can violent wind rises 4.7 billion, became a dark horse in net drama? In the final analysis still holds the post of Jia Lun and Tan Songyun’s contribution. Say Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun relied on acting to save ” under bright and beautiful garment ” , that their acting after all where is good? Actually the person of the two people in this drama is set even if common ancient occasionally gut, today summer is capable to love to act like a spoiled child, male advocate Liu Yi is cruel and evil childe, but it is not good however that these say easily act, tan Songyun has acted is Gu Ling choice is odd, those who act is bad it is foolish Bai Tian. An expression of same Jia Lunru fruit too exert oneself to do sth. too, that is fat, too exorbitant cold that is face paralysis, rely on the Ren Jialun that the eyes drives, is there much firm after all when he handles a case absolutely?

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Cruel torture beat is his strategy only, the eyes is convict of dead dead gaze at more, want to give him it seems that ate, this should be the shudder gas field that everybody says, even if all sorts of rancorring face camera lens, also be a pair of stranger not close expression, as if the murderous look that lying between screen to be able to experience him, take him what construct collect field oneself so, although was immersed in love, also be in the brim that look for trouble insanity explores everyday. Than nowadays summer is not careful the arm that came up against him, instantly open clean addiction mode, listen at the same time today summerly nag still can flap ceaselessly at the same time him arm, such cold-shouldering but more than, but he every time expression is handled differently however, do not believe me review rapidly.

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Say our lovely Tan Songyun again next, original she disguises as a man when arresting a suspect, was boodled two metal bars, put light to final be reluctant to part from two original, can let a person see she is hit what abacus. Follow when handling a case beside Liu Yi later, readily an adult also is limp and numb calling a person, but he but more than meeting is right act like a spoiled child, also do not keep out even the woman her glamour, their play is too sufficient really. This is not pout glare also or the face does not have expression possible, they give a person most resonant still sense, that issue came, after you enter pit, went? The welcome leaves a message.

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