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Original title: 5 are rivalled ” Sibadakesi ” yellow cruel beautiful theatrical work, ” authority swims ” on a list of names posted up, ” Rome ” true I am in recently review ” the game of influence ” , feel spectacle is too great really, although be to review, but the figure relationship in drama is daedal, pursue for high-definition relation occasionally, I often suspend watching, go finding a lot of wonderful articles to undertake watching on the net, view comparative drama market next again. And before one paragraph is reviewed ” Sibadakesi ” when, those who experience is atrocious, in in that way servile society, the relation between person and person, a lot of moment are a kind of fierce and cruel deterrence action is maintained only. So called freedom, also be the person accord that masters power merely the small favor of certain and specific person just.

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Recommend a few to be able to be rivalled today ” Sibadakesi ” beautiful theatrical work, although not be to like to write this kind article very much, but everybody also should be experienced, spend the New Year this paragraph of time is too busy write an article to need busy in the evening after be over, go smoking time to write again. The word does not say more, recommend directly: 1, ” the game of influence ” I wrote this drama begin, reviewing now, still let a person feel to shake. The character inside is too much, who is leading role, who is costar, perhaps the director divides a lot of moment to not be clear about.

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This resembles is real life, in big trend of the society, have dominant effect all the time without who, just be the lane in historical tide wet, country acting someone just goes, also be this one meaning. Recommend everybody strongly still to smoke time to review this classic beautiful theatrical work, if feel character concern is troubled, OK also the authority that see a netizen give everybody summary with me more swims concern plan. 2, ” Rome ” this drama and ” Sibadakesi ” the concern that having fluctuation echo, be the slave uprising that Sibadakesi leads, just have an opportunity Rangkelasu such plutocrat attends a war, then produced the 3 tycoons situation with Roman earlier empire.

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And triumphant because execute slave uprising have rendered great service,scattering also is, just accomplished oneself one of 3 tycoons position, be in next next in influence contention, be defeated Pang Pei, became the dictator of Roman empire. And in triumphant scatter after be being died by thorn, house old thinking accedes triumphant the legacy that scatter, laid the martial foundation of Roman empire. 3, ” Hei Fan ” this drama the public praise of the first season is general, but arrived,the 2nd season appears like that unexpectedly public praise explodes the situation of canopy, feeling letting a person very questioningly. Then before paragraph I go to time seriously saw the 2nd season, really pretty good.

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This drama captain beautification became Flint to think aspiring pirate, not be for loot, however to take coquettish autonomy, let those pirate live in this joy, request the fame of pirate thereby, become a trader. 4, ” excited ” a beautiful theatrical work that heat sows recently, be worthy of is the classical beauty drama that HBO manufactures, the 2nd season is rolled out bring those who come from media person to connect a comment, it is a very significant theatrical work really.

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Especially the 2nd season at the beginning introduce, to male advocate growing course is told about very clearly, also let a person feel stare tongue-tied, original rice country is so called free, be actually such covering road? And HBO takes theatrical work very bold really also, it is to overturn completely a cognitive drama, the friend scarcely that has time wants to miss. 5, ” black eat black ” this drama is me since a long time, the feeling is the most adjacent ” Sibadakesi ” a drama, male advocate very bold and powerful also, can rival the Sibadakesi that leads slave uprising completely. And superintendent of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad heart still has a bit to let a person gasp in admiration, that is the true name that everybody is like not to know him what be.

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The name that always says me like Sibadakesi is not Sibadakesi, but he does not have organic meeting actually,speak oneself true name. Nevertheless a lot of friends say ” black eat black ” sodden end, I also did not see finally, favorite friend still can try to look. Acknowledgment is read.

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