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Original title: ” miraculous · is stupid child ” | Easy melt 1000 royal seal just are Spring Festival archives the biggest win the home Wen Muye proved his acumen and strength again, 1000 royal seal are opposite easy melt on the belt mark Shenzhen. Depend on this ” miraculous · stupid child ” , a tension that proves oneself proves his wolf sex. Had seen many point of views early before the Spring Festival, think Spring Festival files is the oldest likelihood winning the home is Shen Teng, also not be to do not have a truth. Just put to now to look, if consider part fictile upper limit, the biggest win family belongs to belong to easy melt 1000 royal seal. The card department of this work is to be full of a surprise really, besides be in ” I am not medical god ” in the person such as the Wang Chuanjun that has cooperated with Wen Muye and Xu Zheng, still spell able Qi Xi and can call treasure class actual strength the Gong Lei of the clique. What belt of these 2 one each is appearing the milk of human kindness is intellectual, one sees a face be worn with respect to hold back a firm is powerful, wen Muye blocks department this set is to play a flower. The story also is special club as expected, although system capacity and upper limit are compared ” I am not medical god ” inferiored a few minutes, but still be the good work that not let sb down blocks department this set, be worth to be tasted.

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This story has the predicament of sibling of 01 scene grand really enough vexed, jing Hao and red of little sister scene depend on each other, mom because heart disease is long-term be in hospital. And when little sisters also suffer from with mom identical first anxiety, the proposal that the doctor gives out is to be the little sister is 8 years old ago become an operation. Two people live in rent a house in, pass very short of moneyly but be full of warmth. Life place approach, jing Hao must want hold together all expenditure of this home, more want try every means to be expended for neat operation of little sister collect, but this is undoubted to a teenager it is a difficult problem. Jing Hao is experienced also in the go through the mill of the life an excellent competence, civil can bargain finds out a road, fierce can turn over a mobile phone independently.

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An accidental opportunity lets him produce the idea that gave to sell overhaul machine, if sell entirely,calculate roughly can earn 900 thousand + . Think to very pleased with oneself is simply him to so, but his in the end or was gotten on by reality one class. This pupil meaning is illegal behavior, what he and bosses sign before is intent sheet only, the cancel totally after coming to the light. Large quantities of one two mobile phones so be bungled in the hand, how does the time of in the future pass? How should the little sister do? These real problems following sb’s heels and come, if change will be afraid of with age person is early broke down.

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However resource is like Jing Hao, one plan do not become second birth one plan, persuade a manufacturer to do a spare parts to reclaim the idea emerge as the times require of industrial catenary, must say, jing Hao is the makings of a deal really. Very fast, he found two noble to oneself: Manager Li Ping and Zhao Zong. But his where can think of, these 2 are noble not only, also be evil person at the same time. His new difficult problem also followings sb’s heels and come, him work that oneself take works, zhao Zong also won’t not be in charge of workshop and worker to subscription already. See here be clear at a glance, do not see Jing Hao age is small, but the difficult problem that he faces and ” I am not medical god ” in those leukaemia patients are likewise intractable. And his brains and ” I am not medical god ” hero Cheng Yong is about the same, because this looks from mental level, ” miraculous · stupid child ” calculate going up is ” I am not medical god ” outspread.

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The predicament of the grand of wolf sex condition of 1000 royal seal has talked about 02 easy melt quite more, return to the subject talks about easy melt the wolf sex of 1000 royal seal. 1000 royal seal use easy melt again his exert to one’s utmost proves what he serves as an actor to spell interest and firm interest, can not thinking is not a war piece the show share that does not have high risk. Wen Muye also is a firm person really, to easy melt 1000 royal seal were arranged a dozen see how painful show share, nevertheless the effect is proper. That share persistence that creates an opportunity to model Jing Hao hard is strong, let easy melt 1000 royal seal are performed by bike the bridge of inadvertent trip paragraph, this still is a foundation only; Arrived the bridge Duan Gan that start running has approached a road madly is fragile let easy melt 1000 royal seal are bumped into by the car, want to be stimulated very much, the sort of giving birth to ache feeling not only be to act.

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This also is not of course most the show share of anxious letting a person, more the show share of anxious is he answers the mobile phone that is stolen to grab, in the heavy truck that attacks to drive into illegal element to it the bridge of dogfight paragraph. From wagon travel 7 crooked 8 those who twist is inertial fly off with illegal element in pairs outside the car, already before two play can not be likened to this kind aches; Engrave then after all from him calculate case, the sort of give birth to the swimmy feeling that after aching to feel and just regained consciousness, rises forcibly macroscopically, sufficient can let an audience be in the times feeling that be worried is aching. However the actor is such originally, not hesitate for effect lifelike all cost. Discipline of small off year is about to bear these, belong to solid it is to be a hard job to easy melt 1000 royal seal.

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Think carefully nevertheless, these look at the bridge Duan Zaiwen that aches also is not head bout arrangement here. It is to taking wolf sex and persistent person to set likewise, had encountered traffic accident again, the nature on Jing Hao’s body is much also the filter lens of a Huang Mao. Although the wolf sex of 1000 royal seal mixes easy melt,that firm interest of chapter eaves is not one and the same, former be those who stem from creation level is dinkum, still have stronger plasticity by temperament; And latter is the firm idea that takes a kind to do not have leeway oneself, conceal inside daily reservation under collect, be a model be absent silent in erupt to be in silent in ruined. It is which kind without giving thought to however, the narrative strength that Wen Muye is full of tension then with him is taken hold so that reach the designated position relatively.

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Kernel of 03 inheritance & does not look " miraculous · stupid child " gut trend and system capacity and " I am not medical god " put in the difference, both is the reality to human nature and ideal level were done respectively actually discuss. ” I am not medical god ” it is the real unfavorable situation that discusses a patient through the business substantially, ” miraculous · stupid child ” apparently the warm blood that those who tell is a teenager goes all out in work and rise bottle small civilian brotherly complex, inside in it is to will get together the actual proposition that money helps was done more dinkum show. Handle a play so, advantage depends on it enough and dinkum and to must going up the teenager’s person is set, won’t appear the issue that shapes miss the target.

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But weakness is apparent also, because the hero is not the businessman that Cheng Yong has Babbitt and human nature at the same time in that way, also accomplish real development hard to the problem of actual level. Accordingly ” miraculous · stupid child ” comparative ” I am not medical god ” be destined much a few minutes of regrets, but this train of thought is here same can carve. After all teenager and the predicament that the businessman that occupies town greatly faces are cannot be the same as day and of language, both be absent substantially same scratch line.

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The lot put in order that includes through the story merely and person set included human arc, tie-in and respective affection sequence of thought, the general lifetime viewpoint of value that crosses disaster wave brother to be in with a kind will finish the inheritance on spirit. And this also is a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success that Wen Muye hold a memorial ceremony for gives fitly, want a play to be able to there is no lack of from be in harmony only deepness and strength. Because this can be in in a such work in the meantime,witness easy melt the mental inheritance of the wolf sex of 1000 royal seal and Wen Muye work, belong to solid the excellent job that is a rare. A work that hope article guides can have the focusing of more and actual level, how does collect card department go, believe your Hold to must live.

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